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Questions from the Discussion Board February 14, 2008

Question 1:
I have a few questions on the current article (Surya Lagna and Health Analysis).

Natal Chart

Transits for Feb 13, 2008 

You have mentioned that Mars transiting over the sub-period and sub-sub period lord is one of the causes of the health problems. But why will Mars cause health problems to the person when it has not influence on the lagna or lagna lord in the birth chart?

You have also mentioned that Rahu and Ketu are transiting over the 1-7 axis in the birth chart but what is the reason for it to give health problems as Rahu-Ketu are not significators of health problems in any way? B

Answer to Question 1 from Vaughn Paul
Hi B,
There are two principles here. One principle is that the transits at the time of the dasha are signficant, especially the transits TO the dasha lords or the transits OF the dasha lords. Malefics transiting over dasha lords can represent challenges. Mars is the karaka of the 6th house so its transits can represent 6th house challenges like health problems, conflicts, accidents. Also, Rahu transiting over Jupiter the mahadasha lord can represent health challenges also. Rahu represents hard to diagnose illnesses which this was. The 2nd principle is that malefics transiting over the ascendant or the ascendant lord can represent health problems also. The 1st house is the house of the body and is the primary house of health. Saturn and Ketu transiting over this house for Leo lagnas can be challenging. This is even more challenging because it's the dasha of the 8th lord from the ascendant, the Moon, and the Sun. Vaughn Paul 

Question 2:
Thank you so much for answering my questions but I have a few more questions which I would be glad if you answer.

If a planet in transit aspects the dasha lord is that enough to make the transit effective or does it have to transit over the dasha lord to be effective?

I agree that malefics transiting over dasha lords can represent challenges but shouldn't it be like this that the challenges will be on those areas represented by the houses which are influenced by them. I guess Mars in the chart should give accidents, disease and conflicts to elder brother, friends as it is transiting over the 11th house, conflicts in office as it is on the 10th lord, conflicts with spouse because it on Venus the significator of relationships but why will it affect the persons health when it is not influencing the lagna or lagna lord in the birth chart while in transit? B

Answer to Question 2 from Vaughn Paul
Hi B,
The most important thing to remember is that Transits TO the dasha lord(s) and transits OF the dasha lord(s) are very significant during dasha of the planet. The transit can be either by conjunction or aspect. Conjunctions are generally more powerful.

Yes, Mars transiting over the 11th can pertain to the elder sibling or friends etc. Mars is the karaka of surgery, and actions that require tools, cutting and causing blood. Also, the 8th house is the house of surgery because it corresponds to the 8th sign Scorpio ruled by Mars. The 8th house is also cutting actions and dealing with life threatening situations and chronic illnesses. In this article, the 8th house lord (Jupiter) is involved from the asc, Moon and Sun. Also, the karaka of the 8th house, Saturn, is transiting over the ascendant and Moon and aspecting the mahadasha lord Jupiter. Lastly, Mars's transit over the sub period lords Venus and Mars reinforces the evidence that this event relates to surgery. 

So we're looking for clues to support our case as we're analyzing the chart. Jupiter being the mahadasha lord and the 8th lord from all the alternate lagnas the asc, Moon, and Sun, lays out the initial possibility that during his 16 year Jupiter dasha that surgery could be a possibility. The point of the article was to not forget looking at the chart from Surya lagna when analyzing health. From this angle it becomes more obvious that the Venus sub dasha could be problematic for health for the reasons listed in the article - aspected by the 8th lord Jupiter, and conjunct 12th lord Mars, In addition, Venus is under the influences of maraka houses and lords being in the 2nd house in exchange with the 2nd lord, and conjunct the 7th lord Mars. The transits during the dasha also provide important clues especially the ascendant being transited by Saturn and Ketu/Rahu who also are aspecting the mahadasha lord Jupiter from Leo. Saturn also is the 6th lord and 7th lords from Leo and the karaka of the 8th house so it's aspect on the ascendant and mahadasha lord are especially challenging for health. Lastly Mars, the karaka of surgery, is transiting over the sub period lords giving further clues that health issue could involve surgery. I hope that's clearer now. Vaughn Paul