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By Col. A.K. Gour
Written on March 2, 2008 for

Please note that the birth data for both Clinton and Obama has not been confirmed. 

Will the Democrats choose Her or will they choose Him to be their Presidential candidate for the 4th November American Elections of 2008? Both HER and HIM are going to create history. HER - Hillary Clinton would be the first Lady President and HIM - Barack Obama would be the first black President. Let us forecast the result of Democratic convention to be held in June/August where they will nominate their Presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton's Horoscope

Hillary Clinton's Natal Chart
Hillary Clinton's Natal Chart 

Barack Obama's Horoscope

Barack Obama's Natal Chart

Barack Obama's Natal Chart 

It is proposed to examine the two horoscopes in the light of following parameters:-

(a) Is HE/SHE Lucky?: In any election it is better to be lucky than competitive.

(b) The Lagna Nakshatra Lord:
 The lord of Lagna Nakshatra has a relation with the Karma-Sthan. “Karmas” tend to succeed during the Dasha/Antardasha of the Lagna Nakshatra Lord.

(c) The Sun: The American President is the most powerful person in the world. Sun would be crucial in deciding the election for this office.

(d) The “Simhasan” (Lion's seat): 4th house is the “Simhasan”. The stronger it is, the better are the chances of sitting on the throne.

(e) The Jaimini Rajyogas: One needs “Rajyogas” to be the President. Jaimini Rajyogas are an unfailing indicator. Remember, they fructify in conformity with their strength in the Navamsha.

(f) The Dashas: Examine Vimshhotri and Chara dasha for potency in the fulfillment of the efforts to gain power.

The Analysis:

(a) Is HE/SHE Lucky?
He: The 4th house is “Simhasan” and the 9th house is luck. The mutal aspect of the 4th lord Saturn and 9th lord Mercury augurs well for “luck,” supporting the persons bid for the throne. Obama’s lagna lord is Venus. This Venus is within the 9th house. The person is lucky.

SHE: The 9th lord from the lagna is Saturn and the 9th lord from Moon is Mars. Now see Mars and Saturn, the two luck providing lords, conjuct in 2nd house from lagna. She's a lucky and wealthy lady. The lagna lord of the lucky lady is retrograde in fifth house conjunct with fifth lord (Venus) aspected by 11th lord Mars from 2nd house. A Dhana yoga is visible, would it luckily translate into Raja yogas?

HE is luckier being closer to the “Prarabdha” (fate) making ninth house, the lady is closer to her “Poorva Punyas” (past life merit) indicated by her fifth house connections.

(b) The lagna Naksahtra Lord:
The Jupiter for Him and Rahu for Her. Jupiter in His case aspects the 10th house and 10th lord, Moon. Rahu in Her case aspects Jupiter, her 10th Lord in 6th house. Obama is in Jupiters’s maha dasha and Hillary has Rahu’s antar dasha. Both are on the threshold of writing history.

Note an interesting sidelight. Jupiter is debilitated in His case and Rahu is exalted in Hers. Jupiter is with his dispositor getting a “Raja yoga karak Neecha Bhanga” in 4th house of Simhasan. Both Jupiter and his dispositor, yoga karak Saturn, are in the Sun’s nakshatra – Presidency is faintly visible. Rahu on Her case is exalted, is in Sun’s Nakshatra and is the current antar dasha lord in Sun’s maha dasha. She is also close to the Presidency but Obama is closer. [Rahu as lagna nakshatra lord in 12th house has given her much publicized and notorious bedroom. Her 7th lord (Jupiter) with Ketu in 6th house has promoted this discomfiture].

(c) The Sun: Obama has a digbala Sun in his 10th house with 9th lord Mercury - a potent Raja yoga. In stark and telling contrast, Hillary has a debilitated Sun in 5th house with 5th lord (Venus). She is encashing her “poorva punyas” while he is making his “prarabdh”. He is ahead.

(d) The Simhasan 4th house:
 The 4th lord Saturn in 4th house - this house is strong. 4th lord Saturn is retrograde, another source of strength. Jupiter, the 6th lord is conjunct with 4th lord - injects competition with a will to fight. Sun, the 11th lord aspecting from 10th house where Sun is digbala enhances the chances of getting the simhasan. Mercury is the ninth lord and its aspect on fourth lord makes the person lucky. Saturn is the ninth lord from Moon and Sun is the fourth lord from Moon. Strong chances for annexing the throne.

SHE: 4th lord Mercury is in 5th house, kendra lord in trine – gives Raj yoga results. Aspect of Mars (ninth lord from Moon) makes her lucky in competitions. Mars is 6th lord from ascendant. Her claim to “throne” is weaker than Obama’s claim.

(e) The Jaimini Raja yogas: These Raja yogas are formed by interaction of Atma Karak (AK), Amatya karak (AMK), Putra karak (PK), Dara karak (DK) and the 5th lord. Their result conform to the strength in Navamsha.

Let us go directly to the Navamshas.

Barack Obama's Navamsha Chart

Barack Obama's Navamsha Chart

HE: Gemini, a dual sign rises in the Navamsha. Dual signs aspect all other dual signs. Mercury in Virgo, Venus, Sun (AmK), Mars (AK) in 7th house with Moon, Jupiter (Pk) in 10th house ensure that the kendras are influenced by six planets including three Raj yoga karaks. A strong display of power worthy of a presidential aspirant.

Hillary Clinton's Navamsha Chart

Hillary Clinton's Navamsha Chart

SHE: Sagittarius, a dual sign rises in her Navamsha lagna also. She has Sun (PK) in lagna, Saturn (AK) in the 4th house, Mercury (AmK) in 7th house and Jupiter in 10th house. Three raj yoga karaks in kendras here also. She is a worthy opponent. In comparing the two cases, 7th house (pad prapti - attainment of status) is a bit of a give away. He has 3 planets including AK/AmK- the Sun and Mars, a very potent and strong combination in the 7th house aspected by Moon, Jupiter, Mercury from 10th and 4th house. In Her case comparatively, Mercury, who's retrograde as AmK is in the 7th house. It has the aspect of three other planets including two Raja yoga karakas. Her retrograde Mercury is the 7th lord. This is in the Navamsha. Has she already enjoyed the pad (status) by virtue of her husband being the President? Fighting equally, Obama has a slight advantage. 

(f) The Dashas:

Vimshottari dasha - Jupiter/Venus untill July 11, 2008, then Jupiter/ Sun from July 11, 2008 until April 29, 2009. Jupiter, the maha dasha lord, is the 6th lord from the ascendant. Venus, the antar dasha lord, is the 6th lord from the Moon. Benefics as 6th lords tend to be too soft in hard competitions. But these two “Gurus”, being not very amicable to one another, are also burdened by their 8th lordship - Venus is 8th lord from Lagna, and Jupiter is the 8th lord from the Moon. Despite the fact that the dasha of the lagna lord is career promoting, and Venus is lagna lord, and Jupiter is lagna nakhshatra lord; their 8th house connection infuses “unexpectedness” in the issue. Jupiter/ Venus is on until the July 11th - a Democratic Convention after July 11th should see Obama surge and get the Presidential nomination. Jupiter/Sun would ensure it. Sun is 11th lord in 10th house digbala and conjunct 9th lord Mercury producing a potent raj yoga, which aspects the 4th house of Simhasan, where yog karka Saturn is nestling with maha dasha lord and 6th lord Jupiter.

Chara Dasha - Here again for this August 4th 1961 born Obama, July 4th until August 4th 2008 period of Leo/Leo is crucial. Leo is 11th house rashi aspected by DK Saturn and PK Jupiter from Capricorn - the 4th house chara rashi. AK, Mars is placed in Leo. Leo also aspects the 7th house, the house of Pada-Prapti. Maybe he will squeak through.

Vimshottari dasha - Sun/Rahu from January 30, 2008 to December 3, 2008. Sun is her 3rd lord of efforts in 5th house, which further strengthens her efforts as it is the “bhavat bhavam” house of the 3rd. Sun from Moon is 6th lord, which will give strength to compete but is in the 8th house from Moon. There is a “vipreet raj yoga” which may cause her down fall in close competition. The 8th house can and does cause surprises. Rahu is her Nakshatra lagna lord in 12th house. It is transiting in Aquarius her 9th house. So far so good. On May 5, 2008, Rahu would enter Capricorn, the lady’s eighth house. Sun had activated her 8th house from Moon and Rahu on May 5 2008 will activate her 8th house from the ascendant. This lady is looking to be a loser.

Chara dasha - Virgo/Libra from October 26, 2007 until September 25, 2008. Then Virgo/Scorpio from September 25, 2008 until August 25, 2009. Virgo is the dasha of 4th house rashi. It has the aspect of Moon, the DK from 10th house. Her dara (spouse), Bill Clinton is the power, promoting and leading her to this Simhasan in the 4th house. It now becomes evident. Libra is a power packed rashi. It does not appear to match the Obama strength.

The 10/11 test: This principle is that a planet during it dasha/antar dasha gives results in accordance with the strength shown by SAV (Sarvashtakavarga) points in the 10th house from the planet. The quantum of betterment/achievements is indicated by the differential of points between the 10th and 11th houses. (The 11th house should be more than the 10th house for achievements.) This is K.N. Rao’s research from 1995, and has been dealt with in detail in my book, Professions - inclinations, fructifications and career profile.

HIM Jupiter/Sun from July 11, 2008 until April 29, 2009.

Jupiter  30/34
Sun      28/34

In Jupiter/Sun Obama is on a strong wicket. Venus has 33 in 10th house but only 28 in the 11th house from itself. So until July 11th, his 11th house is touch and go.

HER Sun/Rahu from January 30, 2008 to December 3, 2008.

Su        24/41
Ra        25/32

The lady is no pushover. Sun is debilitated lord of 3rd house - it has given good results by bringing her this far in being a powerful person in the world, but would it overcome Obama’s strength in June/August 2008?

Conclusion: I have attempted to examine a current issue from a different point of view and by less used techniques. The travel has been very informative and pleasant - one hopes that one would reach the predicted destination and come June/August a coloured person would be competing for this Presidentship of U.S.A.

I would like to conclude by quoting Valmiki Ramayana- Kishikindha kand, Sarg 12/32, where Ram tells Sugriva:

“You and Bali are so similar in every little thing that I could not differentiate between the two of you and hence I did not shoot.”

These two are also very similar but one of them has to be picked up. Sugreev was differentiated by giving him a garland, and June/August 2008 may provide us a differentiating garland for the winner.

reprinted with permission