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Presenters at the conference. In the front row: Deepak Bisaria (far left), K.N. Rao (2nd from left), Gayatri Vasudev (6th from left), David Frawley (7th from left), Sivananda Murthy (3rd from right), James Kelleher (far right). Edith Hathaway is behind David Frawley in the back row.

This following article presents some highlighted sections from K.N. Rao's 23 page presentation that he gave at the World Conference on Mundane Astrology, held October 1-4, 2010 in Vishakhpatnam, India. The entire text can be read in the Nov-Dec issue of theJournal of Astrology.

Mundane astrology is the study of astrology as it affects nations and countries, and includes the study of weather, earth changes, and wars between countries. Some of the other presenters were Gayatri Vasudev, Deepak Bisaria, Dr. David Frawley, James Kelleher, and Edith Hathaway. The main organizer of the conference was Sri Sivananda Murthy. When K.N. Rao finished his nearly 2 hour presentation, he received a standing ovation.

A Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World
By K.N. Rao

Doomsday Predictions

Originally when the idea of this conference was conveyed to me, I thought that we were also required to discuss the doomsday
prediction based on the Mayan calendar. Let me deal with it briefly.

As far as I am concerned, I am not aware of any combination to predict astrologically the end of the world. These predictions generally refer to Nostradamus which India’s idiot boxes (TV's) in
the Hindi speaking areas pick up and panic is spread only to boost the TRP (Television Rating Points) of Indian television channels. Let me refer to one such instance of 1999 August which I had to discuss in Moscow in May 1999 along with Mr. Campion in an international conference on mundane astrology. I said that nothing would happen except some minor war and that we all would be alive. I have had to discuss it even in television
where I said that I was aware of no such prediction made by a Hindu astrologer on the basis of Hindu astrology. The one I know of and has been quoted is of the saint Soordas, about a catastrophic war after 1900 but not the end of the world. But none predicted the end of the world. It is only about part destruction or khanda pralaya if the worst view is taken. Two world wars were khanda pralaya.

Why Such Fears?

It is natural for us to have apprehensions about disasters somewhere or the other of different magnitudes in many parts of the world and even the fear of some nuclear misadventure
by some reckless nations. Even that will not be the end of the world but some destruction some ,loss of life and property. I am referring here only to man made disasters and not natural disasters which keep taking place always all round the year. As a
Hindu I know that many years of Kaliyuga have to elapse and strong negative tendencies have to manifest more and more, rapacity, violence, wars, terrorism, lack of idealism etc.

Such fears exist because of many reasons which I will divide into three: terrorism, small wars and big wars, which can even be nuclear.

Medium Size and Small Wars

Astrological study of wars and disasters has given us some parameters. Now see the aggressive intentions visible
in the horoscope of nations which also shows how it can fall into aggressive mood and policy and also suffer. See the importance of
placement of Mars in a nation’s horoscope.

When do rulers or leaders of nations face or wage war? The horoscope of the rulers/dictators of nations (if available) give us clear ideas of when they will attack, go to war, wage a war, or
suffer a war.

But whether it is terrorism, small wars or big wars, the role of Saturn, Mars and Rahu and Ketu, their opposition, conjunction,
kendra (angular) position become a cardinal principal from astrological point of view. Many of these could also be seen on different chakras particularly on Sanghatta rashi and nakshatra chakras and of course koorma chakra combined with it. Chaitra Shukla pratipada, soorya veedhi charts along with fortnight new Moon and full Moon charts should be invariably analysed. Then if the correct horoscopes of nations, and leaders, whether elected or dictators, are available, our astrological analysis will be sound.

In India we have had two very distinguished astrologers who gave brilliant predictions during their time, Sri Hardeo Sharmaji and Dr. B.V.Raman. Late S.K. Kelkar too did it with considerable success but later specialised in prediction of earthquakes. An excellent book on mundane astrology by late Shri M.S. Mehta and Kumari
Radhika Rao gives many of these time tested techniques entitled, Time Tested Techniques of Mundane Astrology.

But to make such predictions the astrologer must have an up to date knowledge of national and international events along with
a sound knowledge of national and world history. Surprisingly, late Hardeoji, who had no knowledge of English and had very little
knowledge of international events, made brilliant predictions about some international events mainly like the assassination of John Kennedy and stock market disaster of USA of 1987, apart from predicting the outbreak of the second world war four years in advance on the basis of eclipses falling in 1935 to 1939.

Some of the principles which Hardeoji employed are given here:

Parameters of Mundane Astrology to be Tested on Charts

1. Saturn and Rahu/Ketu axis (also called RKA) together.
2. Saturn and Rahu or Ketu in kendras from each other, mostly in
dwiswabhava rashis (mutable signs).
3. Rohini or Vrishabha afflicted.
4. From the time of Varahamihira India has been alloted Makar (Capricorn). It has been found that transit of Saturn in
Makar or Karka (Cancer) has always been a period of great but painful change in Indian history.
5. Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, strangely are times of disaster. Late Hardeo Sharma Shastri Trivedi made brilliant use of this time tested principle.
6. Watch the role of malefics Saturn and Ketu and Mars and Rahu
individually and collectively when in conjunction and when in mutual aspects.
7. Add to these the role of eclipses always.
8. Examine the effects of Saturn-Jupiter conjunction or opposition which mitigates or even saves the situation.
9. Then he used his chakras, which no other astrologer known to me knew how to apply. I have found the hints given in the
Panchangas (almanacs) of late Hardeo Shastri Sharma Trivedi, the famous Vishwa Vijay Panchanga of his time, when he wrote in it as its editor having classical basis. In those predictions I have always found him giving brilliant techniques.

To this I am adding these researches of mine here:

1. The importance of the placement of Mars in the horoscope of a nation.
2. The role of the seventh lord, its mahadasha or antardasha or its conjuction or aspect on other planets in causing strife. These two will be discussed first.
3. The third principle is that for a world catastrophe the transit of Saturn between Meena (Pisces) and Karka (Cancer), particulary from the nakshatra of Saturn to the nakshatra of Saturn has a major role in world catastrophes. It will be discussed last.
4. The placement of Mars in the horosocope of a nation to find out its war mongering tendencies:
4a. The third, sixth , seventh house and the twelfth house placement of Mars shows troubling neighbours, getting involved in
border clashes, getting involved in war and getting involved or suffering as a result of foreign plots.
4b. This can happen if Mars aspects these houses.
4c. This can also happen if Mars aspects the lords of these houses or is conjoined with them.

India's World Mission

Quote by Arnold Toynbee (British historian):

"It is already becoming clear that a chapter which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in self-destruction of the human race. At this supremely dangerous moment in human history , the only way of salvation is the ancient Hindu way. Here we have the attitude and spirit that can
make it possible for the human race to grow together into a single family. So now we turn to India. This spiritual gift, that makes a man human, is still alive in Indian souls. Go on giving the world Indian examples of it. ...The spirit of mutual good-will, esteem, and veritable love ... is the traditional spirit of the religions of the Indian family. This is one of India’s gifts to the world."

This was the vision of Arnold Toynbee who is remembered as the historian of historians. When if it happens at all, will it happen? It is like an inevitable cycle of history and was almost foreseen not by an astrologer or a seer but by Oswald Spengler in his, Decline of the West, more than eighty years ago.

But before discussing that let me state some of my conclusions.

My Conclusions

1. No world war is going to take place in the next decade but as always has happened in human history, many wars, acts of terrorism and natural calamities will keep taking place which will have to be seen comprehensively by a team of astrologers

2. The hotspots of the world will be two triangles, call them the tension triangles of the twenty first century, the first is India-
Pakistan-Afghanistan triangle with Kashmir keeping it hot for many years, as it has been. The second triangle is Israel, Palestine and Iran with Sunni Muslim countries opposing Israel in their own way also fearing Shia domination through the ascendancy of Iran.

Religious fundamentalism will weaken giving rise to the theory of clash of civilizations. A self annihilating crusade is inevitable.

China will continue to do sabre rattling against India, Japan, Taiwan and even Vietnam.

The fear of solar flare up in 2013 when Saturn and Rahu join closely (in Libra) can and will be damaging on the whole. Varahamihira had referred to it, as late Dr. Raman, reminded many times, and the cycle which occurs this time is accompanied with very unfavourable planetary configurations. The warning given
by NASA has to be taken seriously but that is all we can do, as it is neither a bhauma utpat, nor an antarikshi utpat but a graha utpat which cannot be prevented.

India’s Independence Chart

India's Independence Natal Chart

India’s stellar role in promoting peace in world can be noticed in its Independence horoscope. Here Mars is not in third, sixth, seventh or twelfth nor has it any connection with those houses or their lords.

In this horoscope, you can see Jupiter aspecting the tenth house from the lagna and also the Moon which clearly shows its mission.
Then though combust, still the sanyas yoga in the third house of upadesha or preaching has its own significance here. What you see in this horoscope is a sanyasi whose preaching the world will listen to, if she becomes strong as no one hears the preaching of a beggar. In recent ranking, India is said to be the third most powerful country of the world the first being USA and the second China. India is rising fast economically and she has the largest pool of young men, educated and hard working to bring about a renaissance but it will have to be a spiritual renaissance which is bound to happen because India, according the Vishnu Purana, is a karma bhumi (land where new positive karma is created), not a bhoga bhumi (land of enjoyment of worldly pleasures).

When can that happen? Not now when India is one of the most corrupt nations of the world, imitating the west and ignoring
her own great spiritual heritage, the richest, the greatest, the sublimest and most secular and totally non insular. But in this first decade of the twenty first century it is not the India of our dreams, the dreams of that generation of Indians who have seen the sacrifices of patriots in the pre independence struggle in which my father was also sent to the British jail. It is an India which is seeing a generation which Macaulay wanted. Macaulay wrote in his minutes of 2 Feb 1835. “a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect."

When Will India Discover Her Mission?

The essential precondition for the fulfilment of India’s mission will have to follow some historical developments. If civilizations die like a living organism careering towards its doom, as Oswald Spengler thought, the military domination of the west through which it has tormented the rest of the world from the seventeenth century has to diminish, vanish and be challenged. Its brutal domination will have to come to an end at the end of a historical cycle. Rise of China and India have started that era of a big challenge to the west.

Then those progressive barbarians who have been converting the rest of the world religiously without an iota of spirituality must
clash and weaken themselves fulfilling the theory of civilizations, decaying and dying like living organisms--that inevitable clash of civilizations as Samuel Hungtinton called it.

India too will have to suffer a battering, get cured of its biggest infection called, the western civilization and rediscover her great spiriual heritage, her soul and refashion that sword, which Annie Beasant had picturesquely said was broken in the battle of the Mahabharata. For History it is a twinkle but for us mortals it is an impatient wait for decades. I have calculated it as two decades from today. My inferences are based on the Vishnu Purana but the timing is astrological.

I see it happening after 2030 beginning first in the mahadasha of Jupiter of the present cycle of Vimshottari mahadasha and then in the next cycle of Vimshottari dasha and in the mahadasha of Saturn, the ninth lord of dharma and the tenth lord of Karma.  That will be the fulfilment of the vision of Arnold Toynbee. At this moment there is only a glimmer of hope in a strife torn world. After two decades, this glimmer will become a spiritual effulgence for humanity. Vande Mataram ("I bow to thee, Mother")

reprinted with permission