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When I first went to India in 1992 a fellow traveler gave me a tape of the Irish musician Enya. It quickly became my favorite tape and source of solace during the harsh months of traveling in a third world. Now, since our son Jai was born in February, my wife and I have become even bigger fans of Enya since we often play her CD's to put Jai to sleep. Her music is reliably soothing and uplifting no matter which CD we play, which has become quite useful for us as parents!

Recently, I thought I'd try to get her birth data. I wanted to understand what makes her tick as a musician. She composes and performs all her own music, and has sold over 70 million albums worldwide. Unfortunately, I couldn't find her birth time, but I pulled up her chart anyway and just used a 12 noon birth time. This will at least show where the planets are placed even though we won't know the ascendant. 

Enya's Vedic astrology Chart
Enya's Natal Chart

The extraordinary influence in Enya's chart is her Venus at 23 degrees 30 minutes of Pisces. Venus's peak of exaltation is at 27 degrees Pisces, which is often called a "deeply exalted" Venus. The exaltation degrees of planets are part of a brilliant system of planetary strength. When a planet is strong by sign position, especially exalted which is the highest measure of strength, then it tends to manifest the most dignified or highest vibrational frequency of the planet. In Enya's case, it's an additional sign of strength to have her Venus placed before its point of exaltation since this means it's approaching this point, rather than departing from it. 

If Enya was born after 1:25 am then her Moon would be in Gemini - which would be about a 95% chance. This would mean that her exalted Venus forms a malavya mahapurusha yoga from the Moon ascendant or chandra lagna. This is a yoga or combination representing describing her as a great soul related to Venus. Venus is the signficator of music, beauty, and harmony. One would be hard pressed to find any song of Enya's that is jarring in any way or anything but harmonious. Enya's a person that embodies and exudes beauty, which is due to her exalted Venus combined with the malavya mahapurusha yoga. It's also seen by the fact that Venus is the planet with the highest degrees making it the atmakaraka or significator of the soul in her chart. 

Why is Venus exalted in Pisces? It's because its qualities can flourish in Pisces. Venus is the planet of creativity and Pisces is the sign of imagination. Pisces gives Venus free reign to have unlimited creativity because it's a sign of no limits being ruled by expansive Jupiter. To get an idea of the unlimited imagination of the sign of Pisces combined with the images and sounds of natural beauty which Venus represents watch this following video by Enya on YouTube