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from the appendix in Planets and Travel Abroad by M.S. Mehta

Our friend Chander Gupta gave up the horoscope of Anant Gupta whose parents horoscopes have been in our records for more than eight years now. The specific questions were:

1. The chances existed for the boy to get into a University in the U.S.A. Would it materialize? 

2. Being the only son, the parents were torn between two emotions, going abroad would create the void that separation creates, such emotional vacuity as becomes unbearable when the bond of love and affection is so deep, so real. 

3. When the boy's admission was assured, there were objections from the U.S.A. Embassy in India. Would this last minute hitch be overcome? 

Natal Chart

Dashamsha Chart

His dashas were Venus-Mercury from July 2, 1988-May 5, 1991. 

The first question could be answered at once in the affirmative because:

1. The 5th lord (education) with the 12th lord (foreign country) in the 10th house (career) with other planets showed the promise of education in a foreign country. 

2. The dasha was of Venus and the antardasha is Mercury, the 12th lord. 

The second question was easier to answer without astrology. The parents were so rich and kept visiting foreign countries so often and there would be telephone contact, which would fill the emotional void. It was not like ancient times, when news about loved ones after he departed never or rarely reached you. The romance of separation is a fiction in our age of fast communication. 

The third question about the objection by the U.S. Embassy was easy to answer. The Moon, in transit (at the time of the question), was in the 3rd house of the boy showing travel, being in Virgo, which is also the 12th house in the Dashamsha. 

On December 31st, 1988 he left India when the Moon was again in Virgo in the 3rd house of the birth lagna, and the 12th house of the dashamsha. 

The following features are prominent in the Dashamsha:

1. the 5th lord is in the 12th house. The 7th, 9th, and 12th houses or their lords, must have some connection with the 10th lord for work outside the country and in this case, with the 5th lord for education or alternatively the 9th house (which represents higher education). 

2. Mercury, the antardasha lord, is again the 12th lord promising a foreign trip. 

Now a question may arise as to why we have chosen the 5th lord for education. 

We will give two reasons for choosing the 5th house and the 5th lord for education though some other relevant factors too will have to be taken into account. 

a. The first reason is that Maharishi Parashara refers to Yantra-Mantra katha vidyam (the knowledge of yantras and mantras) when he discusses the 5th house. 

b. It is our experience that the north Indian astrological practice of treating the 5th house for education is sound and has the authoritative backing of Parashara.

reprinted with permission