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The elation for Obama's victory makes this such an amazing time to be alive. Wow. He's now become a symbol of hope and positive change across the world. Even our , joined in the celebration by actually saying "Obama" on election day! "Ba" and "Ma" were the first syllables he started saying two weeks ago, and he actually figured out how to put them together while we were watching his victory speech!

Some people have emailed me about a few factors in Barack Obama's chart that they think should have prevented him from gaining the presidency. For instance, Jupiter was transiting through his 12th house and 8th house from the Moon. This is certainly not a strong position of Jupiter by transit and typically shows obstacles and difficulties. 

There's always pluses and minuses that need to be weighed with every interpretation. My belief is that Obama won because his dasha lords, Jup-Moon-Mercury, are all involved in raja yogas. Jupiter is involved in a neecha banga raja yoga as mentioned in my last article, Sizing Up the US Presidential Elections, his exalted Moon as the 7th lord in the 5th house forms another, and Mercury as the 9th lord in mutual aspect with Saturn the 1st lord forms still another. In addition, these are all natural benefic planets. The fact that Jupiter, the great benefic, aspects both the Moon and Mercury strengthens these yogas, and makes the dasha Jup-Moon-Mercury particularly strong. Jupiter's aspect to the exalted Moon also forms the rare Gauri Yoga mentioned in my first article on Obama's natal chart. His enormous popularity and support is shown by this yoga. This also shows his inspirational appeal that moved millions of people to support his campaign with small donations and volunteer support. 

We can't minimize the power of these yogas to trump a smaller factor like the transit of Jupiter through a dusthana house, or a weak position of a dasha lord in a divisional chart. The hardest things to learn in Jyotish is how much weight to give to the various factors. Astrologers don't ever stop learning this because the actual outcome of every chart becomes another unique research case. Some general rules are that the natal chart is more important than divisional charts, the ascendant is more important than alternate lagnas, and the dashas are more important than transits. But these are only general guidelines. They did appear to play out in the outcome for Obama, because Jupiter's transit through the 12th and 8th from the Moon didn't stop him. Also, the Moon placed in the 12th house in the dashamsha and 6th from Jupiter that I was concerned about in the last article wasn't a deciding factor. 

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