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After Barack Obama was elected president, the first person he chose for a staff position was a Chicago 'tough guy' congressman Rahm Emanuel. The position: Chief of Staff, who is considered the 'gatekeeper' for the president. Nobody can get through to Obama without first battling it out with Emanuel, who's known for his fiery and combative style. It's not a problem for him to say 'no' in abrupt language, with a few expletives thrown in to be sure you get the point. Quite the opposite personality of Obama. 

Just for fun, I did a search for his birth data. I couldn't find a birth time, so I just assigned 12 noon, which means you have to disregard this ascendant. Now see his chart: 

Rahm Emanuel's Vedic Astrology chart
Rahm Emanuel's Natal Chart

Notice that his Moon is at 4 degrees in Scorpio. If he was born before 4:40 am then his Moon would go back into Libra. This is unlikely, given that Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the militant planet, and the Moon would also be conjunct Mars in Scorpio. Mathematically, there's about an 80% chance of the Moon being in Scorpio, but logically I think we can count on it. 

Even without the correct ascendant, we can study his chart using the Moon as the ascendant, chandra lagna. This would place 5 planets in the lagna. Most importantly, Mars would be in its own sign on an angle, forming a ruchaka mahapurusha yoga, further strengthening it. Notice how this powerful Mars is within 2 degrees of Mercury, giving him his sharp and aggressive style of communicating. These fiery qualities are further increased by the Sun's placement in Scorpio. It's also the 10th lord which shows his connection to politics. Jupiter's placement softens the intensity of this combination, and reveals his idealistic side as well. Mercury as the 11th lord shows his associations with powerful people. 

I think it's hilarious that the closest person to Obama is a guy named 'Rahm'. It means that the new president will be chanting a mantra all day, "Ram, can you close the door," "Ram, what's my schedule for the afternoon!" It's also quite interesting when you consider that Obama carries a monkey god charm in his pocket, that many Hindus believe demonstrates that he's a devotee of Hanuman. Click here to read more about this, and how Obama was gifted with a two-foot high, gold-plated statue of Hanuman. 

Barack Obama's money god charm Hanuman 
Obama's monkey god charm