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Obama vs. McCain. With only days left before the US election this event is undoubtedly on everyone's mind whether you live in the US or not. The polls are lined up for Obama, but are the stars lined up for the political star? Or are we looking at a another last minute upset by the republicans, and John McCain? There has been a lot of speculation by astrologers East and West about the election this year. The main problem that has kept me reluctant to discuss this has been the discrepancies with the candidates birth times. 

The Issue of Obama and McCain's Birth Times

In the first half of 2008 most astrologers were using a speculated birth time for Barack Obama of about 1:00 pm giving him a Libra ascendant. Then in July, Obama's own website released his with a birth time of 7:24 pm, giving him a 24 degrees Capricorn ascendant. In terms of birth time accuracy it doesn't get any better than a written document, especially a birth certificate. Of course, they can be created in photoshop, but my opinion is that we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. In Obama's case the state of hawaii itself has declared (click to view) that his birth certificate is authentic. This should pretty much settle the question. 

The story of John McCain's birth time is even more convoluted. For many years, 9:00 am was the accepted birth time, giving him Virgo ascendant. However, earlier this year McCain's campaign released an ad (click to view) in which his mother states that he was born about 11 am, giving him Libra ascendant. One week ago, my friend and fellow astrologer Marc Boney emailed me to let me know about a  for McCain giving him a 6:25 pm birth time and a 27 degrees Aquarius ascendant. You can read about this by clicking here.

Here are their natal charts, as well as their navamsha and dashamsha charts, based on these newly released birth certificates:

Barack Obama:

Vimshottari Dasha on election day: Jup-Moon-Mer

Barack Obama's Birth Data

Barack Obama's Vedic Astrology chart


Barack Obama's Natal Chart

Barack Obama's Navamsha chart

Barack Obama's Navamsha Chart (D-9)

Barack Obama's Dashamsha chart

Barack Obama's Dashamsha Chart (D-10)

John McCain:

Vimshottari Dasha on election day: Mer-Mer-Jup 

John McCain's Birth Data

John McCain's Vedic Astrology Chart
John McCain's Natal Chart

John McCain's Navamsha Chart

John McCain's Navamsha Chart

John McCain's Dashamsha Chart

John McCain's Dashamsha Chart

The Obama Edge?

Interestingly, both of these new charts show a strong Saturn in its own sign in the lagna forming a shasha mahapurusha yoga. This alone gives their charts inherent strength, leadership, a hard work ethic, and ability to sacrifice for a greater cause. Obama's slight edge is that he's in a better dasha period, Jup-Moon, versus McCain's Mer-Mer. 

Obama's Jupiter gains directional strength in the lagna, and it's conjunction with Saturn gives it neecha banga raja yoga, or cancellation of debility, among other cancellation factors. Jupiter's aspect to exalted Moon, forming a Gauri Yoga discussed in my recent article on Obama, is the combination that reveals his enormous support and popularity. It also shows his compassionate nature that has won many hearts of the struggling middle class, and his inspirational message of hope, and positive solutions which Jupiter represents. Both Jupiter and the Moon are involved in raja yogas; Jupiter has neecha banga raja yoga, and the Moon is the 7th lord in the 5th house forming a raja yoga. This further strengthens their connection due to Jupiter's aspect.

Jupiter is also tightly mutually aspecting Mercury the 9th lord. This aspect continues in the navamsha chart where Jupiter and Mercury are both improved by sign strength with Jupiter in its own sign and Mercury exalted. This represents his extraordinary oratory skill. 

What concerns me most for Obama is his dashamsha chart. Jupiter is in the 7th house, a powerful angle which is good for gaining a position. However, the Moon is in the 12th house, and in the 6th house from Jupiter. These dusthana positions causes some doubt as to whether he has the strength to attain the presidency, or if he attains it whether he can keep it. 

He moves into Mars sub period on March 24, 2009 for about 1 year, which is a more powerful position in the navamsha and dashamsha charts, aspecting Jupiter in each. However, in the natal chart Mars is with Rahu in the 8th house, and 8th house from Jupiter. This is certainly a dangerous combination that have caused some astrologers to predict, God forbid, an assassination if he is elected. I must agree that this is some possibility especially because Saturn will be transiting over Mars until September 2009. This is followed by a Rahu sub period, showing a continuing trend. Could it also simply represent a lot of intensity and crisis to deal with over the next few years? Yes. 

A McCain Comeback?

McCain is also in a strong dasha of Mercury, which he began in December 2006. There are quite a few pluses and minuses with Mercury. It's conjunct Venus the yogakaraka planet from both the ascendant and the Moon, however, Venus is debilitated. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, however, it's in the 8th house, the house of failure and defeat. It's also debilitated in the navamsha and afflicted by both Mars and Saturn from dusthana houses, 12th and 6th. These mixed indications show both his support and struggles in the Mercury dasha. In the dashamsha chart, Mercury becomes the 1st lord, aspected by the 9th and 10th lords. This certainly could elevate him in the Mercury dasha and is one factor that tells me he could perhaps pull off an upset. 

The day of his inauguration, Aug 29th, Saturn was at 17 degrees Leo, only 4 degrees from his Sun at 13 degrees. Since that time he's received a lot of criticism over his ability to handle the economic crisis, as well as his sound judgment in choosing Sarah Palin is a vice president. 

I'm voting for Barack Obama, but I must say I'm concerned about the difference in their dashamsha charts. McCain's D-10 certainly looks like it could give a high position, whereas it's not as clear in Obama's chart as mentioned above. McCain's Mercury is aspected by 10th and 9th lords Jupiter and Saturn. 

I suspect that his actual birth time could be more than 4 minutes earlier which would move his dashamsha lagna to Taurus from Gemini. He was elected to the senate in January 1987 in his Jupiter-Rahu dasha, and this would place these two planets in his 10th house in the dashamsha. It would also explain better his long run in the senate during his entire Saturn dasha, which began in December 1987. Saturn would then become the 10th lord andyogakaraka placed on an angle. 

If McCain somehow wins the election I think it's because of the power of his dashamsha, and the weakness of Obama's. The other surprise factor is the fact that his Mercury is exalted and forming a raja yoga in the 8th house. When the 8th house is strong like this it can represent sudden reversals and windfalls in his favor. Lastly, he's also in a sub sub dasha of Jupiter, placed in the 10th house. One can certainly make a case for a McCain comeback, but I think it's unlikely. 

The Vice President's Birth Times

Obama's VP, Joe Biden, has a moderately reliable birth time of 8:30 am which comes from "his memory" according to the Astrodatabank software. McCain's VP, Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has two birth times floating around, neither one fully verified. One of 4:40 pm, and the other of 9:43 pm. Only the 4:40 pm time has a source, which says that it comes from "Claudia Dikinis, a friend of Sarah Palin’s." In any case, since there's no source for the other time I'll go with that. 

Here are their birth charts, assuming that they're correct. 

Joe Biden:

Vimshottari Dasha on election day: Jup-Jup-Rahu 

Joe Biden's Birth Data

Joe Biden's Vedic Astrology Chart
Joe Biden's Natal Chart

Joe Biden's Navamsha Chart
Joe Biden's Navamsha Chart

Joe Biden's Dashamsha Chart

Joe Biden's Dashamsha Chart

Sarah Palin:

Vimshottari Dasha on election day: Jup-Ven-Ketu

Sarah Palin's Birth Data

Sarah Palin's Vedic Astrology Chart

Sarah Palin's Natal Chart

Sarah Palin's Navamsha Chart

Sarah Palin's Navamsha Chart

Sarah Palin's Dashamsha Chart

Sarah Palin's Dashamsha Chart

Biden the Clincher? 

Biden's chart is quite spectacular with Jupiter, the 5th lord, exalted in Cancer in the 9th house. Notice that it's alsovargottama, and goes to the 10th house in the navamsha. Wow. Looking further at Jupiter, notice how it tightly aspects his 10th lord Sun in the lagna. This forms a powerful raja yoga between the 5th and 10th lords, involving the karaka of political power, the Sun. Could this get any better? Yes! He just started his Jupiter dasha just over two years ago on Sept 21, 2006, which is certainly great news for Obama supporters. 

He'll be in Jup-Jup-Rahu on election day. Rahu is in the 10th house in the sign of power, Leo, in his natal chart, and receives the aspect of Jupiter by transit, the dasha lord, as well as Saturn, forming the double transit effect in his 10th house. A Rahu dasha is also like the dasha of the Sun, due to its dispositorship, so this also supports a rise in power. In addition, Rahu is in the lagna of the Dashamsha chart, which is a strong position. Could Obama's first executive decision after winning the democratic nomination to choose Biden prove to be the clincher of his campaign? There's great reason to believe so. 

Furthermore, on November 8th Biden will begin his Jup-Sat dasha. Saturn is aspected by the 10th lord Sun, and notice how in the Dashamsha, Saturn becomes the yogakaraka conjunct the 10th lord Moon, forming a raja yoga between the 5th and 10th lords. 

Palin's Last Minute Appeal? 

After all the jokes are over about Palin, you've got to admit that she has certainly stirred up a lot of interest in McCain's campaign. But can she help pull McCain over the edge to victory? I don't think so. Palin's in a Jup-Ven dasha. At first glance, you can see that they're both in the 9th house, and both are strong by sign position, with Jupiter in its own sign and Venus exalted. They also form a raja yoga between the 4th and 9th lords. Okay, that's great and shows her overall appeal, but how does Venus do in the navamsha and dashamsha charts? Not so good. Venus is debilitated in the 8th house with Ketu and the Sun. Ouch. You'll have to ask Todd about how that effects their marriage. 

But this isn't a personal question, it's presidential, especially because she could take over for McCain if he has a relapse of skin cancer. Venus doesn't appear to be boosting her to a great position of power. It's not that powerful in the dashamsha chart, being placed in the mildly dusthana 3rd house, and in the 8th house from Jupiter. She'll also be in a Ketu sub sub period on election day, which doesn't help her, being a planet of disappointment and disillusionment. 

Transits on Election Day

Election Day Transits

Chart of Election Day Transits
Transit Chart for Election Day


What makes political predictions tricky is that the candidates will still have a powerful political position even if they lose. Either Obama or McCain will go back to the Senate, which is not too shabby. Therefore, what we're looking at is - who has the edge in terms of magnitude of power? This is sometimes hard to gauge.

For instance, how many gauri yogas like Obama's has anyone researched? It's a rare yoga so probably not many. Could it alone be more powerful than would be typically surmised? Yes. This could be the key to Obama's edge. The other big edge for Obama is the strength of Biden's chart. 

Lastly, the final clue that seals it for me is that the Moon is transiting to the exact degree over Obama's Jupiter in the lagna on election day (see the transit chart above) in uttarashada nakshatra. As the 7th lord transiting over the dasha lord Jupiter, the Moon shows tremendous support coming to him. He's also in a Mercury sub sub dasha with Mercury being his 9th lord, the planet of fortune and blessing. By transit Mercury is in his 10th house with the Sun and Mars, two planets of power. Yes, I do agree that the stars and planets are lined up for him. Admittedly, I'm not very even-minded about this because I want Barack Obama to win so much anyway! Nevertheless, my prediction: Obama Biden wins!

Take a deep breath democrats and republicans and go vote on election day!