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Media mogul billionaire, Ted Turner, had a difficult year financially in 2001. In May, he paid out 40 million dollars to Jane Fonda in divorce settlement costs. However, this figure was dwarfed when compared to what he lost when his company, Time Warner, merged with America Online (AOL) on January 11, 2001. Immediately AOL stocks fell by about 90%, with Turner himself losing about 7 billion in the deal. Financial analysts mark the end of the dot com era with this disastrous merger. 

You might find it hard to feel sympathetic when a billionaire loses big, but let's have a look at his chart anyway as an exercise in financial astrology. 

Ted Turner's Vedic Astrology Chart
Ted Turner's Natal Chart

In January 2001, Turner was in his Mercury-Moon-Venus dasha. His Mercury dasha began in September 1992, and up until that point, had been a very lucrative dasha. This is not surprising when you see that Mercury is in a parivartana yoga (exchange of signs) with Mars in the 11th house, the house of gains. This is an excellent dhana yoga for wealth between the 1st and 11th lords. However, his sub dasha lord, the Moon, is in the 12th house and in the 12th house from Mercury, the dasha lord. In addition, his sub sub dasha lord, Venus, happens to also be the 12th lord. The 12th house is the house of losses, debts, and expenditures. You may notice that the Moon gets aspected by Jupiter who's the lord of two money houses, the 2nd and 5th. This also forms a dhana yoga between the 2nd, 5th and 9th lords. You might think that this should have prevented major losses during the Moon sub dasha. However, we can't underestimate the potential of a planet placed in the 12th house to cause losses during its dasha. 

Let's see what the Moon's condition is in the navamsha (D9) to get more clues:

Ted Turner's Navamsha Chart

Ted Turner's Navamsha Chart

In addition to the navamsha being the key divisional chart to use generally, it's also specifically important for financial astrology. This is because as the 9th division it is associated with the 9th house, the house of fortune. In Turner's navamsha, the Moon is placed in the 12th house, debilitated in Scorpio, conjunct Ketu, and devoid of any benefic aspect. It can hardly look more bleak for financial gain.

Let's look at the transits on that day, which add some more clues.

Transit Chart for January 11, 2001

Notice how Saturn is aspecting his natal Jupiter by transit to the exact degree. Saturn is the planet of limitation and constriction, which is tightening his pocket book in a major way. Saturn, like Ketu, is a karaka of the 12th house, and can represent loss by its natal position or by transit. Saturn is also in the 8th house from his natal Moon, which is not a favorable placement for Saturn's transit. Saturn and Jupiter, the double transit, being placed in the 7th house indicates the business partnership that was formed. However, notice that Saturn's transit also aspects the dasha lord Mercury, the 11th lord of gains, further constricting the money flow. In addition, Ketu, the karaka of the 12th house of loss is transiting the 2nd house. Lastly, the sub dasha lord Moon is aspected by Mars, the 6th lord by transit, in the 12th house, further indicating debt and misfortune during the Moon sub dasha.

Watch a short interview with Ted Turner about the AOL-Time Warner merger with Michael Eisner: