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synchronicity, as defined by psychologist Carl Jung who coined the term, is a 'meaningful coincidence.' According to this definition astrology itself is the study of synchronicities since the planetary positions in the natal chart 'coincidentally' correspond to the native's character traits and life experiences. However, as I've practiced astrology I've noticed that it's not uncommon for me to have two clients back to back with the same ascendants and similar situations going on their life. Therefore, I often find myself repeating the same sentences and making the same points about their chart. Is this a synchronicity? I can't say that it's meaningful to the clients since I don't share that information with them. Is it meaningful to me? Not really, I've just noticed that it happens quite often. Of course, the odds are in favor of this happening at least 1/12th or 8.3% of the time, since there are twelve ascendants. So maybe it's just a coincidence and not ameaningful coincidence. 

However, there have been times when the odds are 'off the chart' in terms of the 'coincidence' between the two clients that I see. For instance, on July 28, 2007 I gave readings to two women back to back who both asked whether they would give birth within the two years, and their charts each showed that:

- They were entering the same dasha Jupiter-Mercury within two weeks of each other.
- Mercury ruled the 5th house of children in both their charts. 
- Jupiter, the karaka of children, was conjunct Mercury in a dusthana house. 

What's makes this even more incredible is that they were born over 5 years from each other, and they had different ascendants. So it wasn't just a matter of being born within a day of each other with the same ascendant. What is the likelihood of that? The odds that I would ever give readings to two woman with such similarities is already miniscule, but to talk to them on the same day is a jaw dropper. Was it a 'meaningful coincidence' to my clients? Again, no because I don't mention it to them. Was it meaningful to me? In a way, yes, because my wife had just become pregnant so the whole issue of childbirth was on my mind. However, I must admit that it's a phenomenon I can't explain. This isn't the first time it's happened, but it was the first time I made note of it. I strike it up as another amazing example of how the mysterious hand of the Divine is operating behind the scenes in our lives. 

Here are the two woman's charts:

Chart #1 - Jupiter-Mercury dasha began Mar 1, 2008:

Natal Chart

Chart #2 - Jupiter-Mercury dasha began Mar 15, 2008:


Natal Chart