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After Michael Jackson's death last Thursday, June 25th, I stayed up late working on his chart trying to figure out which of the various birth times that have been claimed to be his made the most sense. 

If you go to the astrodatabank website by clicking here and read the source notes for Michael Jackson you'll see that there are many supposed birth times given: 11:45pm, 7:54am, 3:00am, 1:30am, 12:09pm, 8:47am, 11:53pm, and 10:30pm. 

Take your pick. 

It's entirely possible that he purposely gave out different birth times to keep his celebrity life more private, and confuse astrologers. I started investigating his birth time issue by looking at his chart from just the perspective of the natal chart, without looking at events in his life, the dashas or divisional charts. My opinion is that the 3:00am birth time lines up the best giving him Cancer lagna. Check it out: 

Michael Jackson's  Vedic Horoscope
Michael Jackson's Natal Chart

With Cancer lagna, Venus, the planet of music is in the ascendant, and aspected by Mars who is in its own house in the 10th house. This shows his career drive, ambition, and strength. It forms a ruchaka mahapurusha yoga in its own sign in the 10th house. He was not only a musician but a dancer and Mars/Venus connections are often seen in dancers. 

When you look at the dashas with the 3:00am birth time, he would begin his 16 year Jupiter dasha in November 1967. Notice how powerful his Jupiter is, being placed in an angular house and aspected by Mars, the 10th lord and raja yoga karaka. This mutual aspect with Mars forms a powerful raja yoga between the 9th and 10th lords. Within a year of starting Jupiter dasha he and his brothers became famous as the Jackson 5, performing on TV and signing record deals.



He began his 19 year Saturn dasha in 1983. This obviously becomes an important time period because it spans most of Jackson's bizarre years when he had health problems, changes in appearances, marriages, children, scandals, and lawsuits. Saturn dasha needs to be able to explain all this. And it does. 

Saturn for Cancer lagna rules the 8th house, representing chronic illnesses. In 1986 he was diagnosed with vitiligo, and lupus, both chronic conditions that marked his decline in health. Notice how Saturn also aspects his Sun, the general karaka for health and vitality, and Mercury which represents the skin. The lightening of his skin color was due to vitiligo, at least that's what he claimed (and not skin bleaching). 

Even with his health problems his career still sky-rocketed. Notice how Saturn is also aspected by his powerful Mars from the 10th house. If you look at the dashamsha chart for 3:00am, then you'll see that Saturn is in the 12th house, indicating his career's gradual decline during Saturn dasha. However, it's also aspected by Jupiter, and again forms a raja yoga between the 9th and 10th lords, like he has between Jupiter and Mars in his natal chart. 

Michael Jackson's Dashamsha Chart
Dashamsha Chart 

His Saturn dasha also led him into relationships. This is quite easy to see because Saturn is not only the 7th lord for Cancer lagna, but it is the 7th lord in the 7th house in the navamsha chart. He was first married to Lisa Marie Presley in Saturn-Sun. Notice how the Sun is in the 7th house from the Moon in the navamsha, and aspected by Venus, the karaka for marriage. His next marriage to Deborah Rowe took place in Saturn-Mars. Mars is the 5th lord in the natal chart, and is in the 5th house in the navamsha indicating that his primary motive was to have children, not marriage. Mars is also mutually aspected by Jupiter in the natal chart, the karaka of children, and is in an exchange with Jupiter in the navamsha. 

Michael Jackson's Navamsha Chart
Navamsha Chart

So many bizarre things happened in Saturn dasha, and Saturn is in the mysterious and secretive sign of Scorpio and aspected by Mars, its ruler. Saturn as the 8th lord represents sex, and this is repeated because it is in the 8th sign of Scorpio. It was in Saturn-Venus that the sexual abuse scandals surfaced, with Venus being the planet of romance, and sex (along with Mars). Could he have been a child molester? I think it's certainly possible with Saturn's configuration. We may never know for sure because he was acquitted in court. 

He was obsessed with having children, and fathering them himself. Kind of a scary thought when he could be a child molester. His first child came in Saturn-Mars in Feb 1997, with Mars being the 5th lord in the natal chart, and in the 5th house in the navamsha. Notice in the Saptamsha that both Saturn and Mars aspect the 5th house, where the Moon is placed and Jupiter aspects too. 

Michael Jackson's Saptamsha chart
Saptamsha chart

Jackson died in the Mercury-Sun dasha while the 8th lord of death, Saturn was transiting over them both in Leo. The Sun and Mercury are also in the 2nd house, a maraka (killer) house, with the Sun being a double maraka as the 2nd lord in the 2nd house. 

These are some of the main reasons why I believe Jackson has Cancer lagna and was born at or around 3:00am. I'm willing to be wrong, but it's a great exercise to be able to logically explain events using sound Jyotish principles. Of course, there are other ways that the events could be explained, and some of you may develop your own theories. Hopefully, a verified time will emerge. We'll see. 

Of course, there are many more events that could be discussed: the phenomenal success of Thriller in 1982 (Jupiter-Rahu) etc. 

With all the bizarre twists in Jackson's life and career, I want to remember him as an outstanding performer, not only vocalist but stunning dancer. I remember seeing Michael Jackson in concert with my brother back in the early 1980's before Thriller came out, which was an incredible experience. Check out this well done video covering much of his music and major accomplishments: