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On October 21, 2008, I received an email from a Phillipines lady stating:

"Dear Sir,
Sometime in 2006, you said 2008 would be a fantastic year for me - I would find my life-long partner, and the work I would choose to do would flourish. I am happy to report that both have become true. Rather than join another multinational, I set up the Asian office of a marketing consultancy. We are getting good clinets and assignments. I remain optimistic for the rest of the year and next. I have also re-connected with a former boss. I have known Fergus for 15 years, and have so many things in common. Our friendship, dreams and shared values have become the strong basis of our relationship such that we chose to marry civilly as of October 4. We are having a wedding party with family and friends in Bali on December 14. Thank you!"

This lady belongs to a ruling family of the Phillipines and was the boss of my younger daughter in Bangkok. In September 2006 she asked me about her second marriage. I told her that her second marriage would be towards the end of 2008 and with an office colleague.

Natal Chart and Navamsha

First we confirm the promise of the natal chart.

Second Marriage Natal Chart

Natal Chart

In the birth chart, the 7th house is occupied by 8th lord Jupiter and aspected by Mars. The 7th lord Saturn is in the 6th house on the Rahu/Ketu axis.

Second Marriage Navamsha Chart

Navamsha Chart

In the navamsha the 8th lord, Jupiter again, has come to the 7th house this time on the Rahu/Ketu axis. A break in marriage is confirmed. Her first marriaged ended in Jupiter sub period.

The second marriage is also seen as the 7th lord Saturn aspects the 7th house. Saturn is in the 10th house in the navamsha.

At the time of the consultation the period running was Venus-Jupiter. Jupiter gave break in marriage. The next sub period is of Saturn. Saturn is 7th lord in both the natal chart and the navamsha. This Saturn period is capable of giving marriage. The pratyantar dasha of Ketu started on Aug 24, 2008. Ketu is placed in the 7th house in the navamsha.

Saturn is in the 10th house with the 10th lord Venus in the navamsha. The running dasha of Venus-Saturn are connected in the 10th house and the partner will be related professionally.

Jaimini Chara Dasha
In Jaimini's chara dasha, the period was Aquarius/Aquarius. Darakaraka (planet with lowest degrees) Mars is in the 7th house from Aquarius in the natal chart.

In the navamsha, Mars is in Aries and gives Jaimini aspect to Aquarius. The Aquarius chara dasha was from November 24 2007 to November 24, 2008.

reprinted with permission