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Academy award winning actor and director Mel Gibson has been in the news a lot the past couple of weeks since audio tapes emerged of him in a vile and violent rant at his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva back in January. It's a brutal case of domestic violence where he threatens to kill her (put her in a rose garden) and laces his words with lurid racist and sexist profanity. Worse than the verbal abuse, which the audio recordings prove, is the claims by Grigorieva about physical abuse. She says he punched her twice in the face while she held their 2 month old daughter, and then tried to choked her. It was about as ugly as it gets. 

For those who have followed Gibson's movie career this may not come as much of a surprise. Being considered an action 'hero' there's hardly a movie he's in that he doesn't kill somebody. Violence is just about what he does best on the screen, and now there's mounting evidence proving it extends off the screen as well. So what indicates these violent traits in his chart? Let's take a look at his chart: 

Mel Gibson's Horoscope
Mel Gibson's Natal Chart

Notice that he has three planets in Scorpio, Rahu, Saturn and Mars. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of violence. From there Mars aspects the ascendant. I remember my Jyotish guru, K.N. Rao, once saying when I first met him in 1993 that there is always an area of 'restriction' in the chart, and that I should learn to look for it. I took that to mean an area of challenging karma that causes the person problems in their life. It should be pretty clear in Gibson's chart that three malefic planets conjunct in the 6th house (a dusthana house) without any aspect by a benefic, qualifies! The 6th house represents conflict and combative situations. I'd hate to be Gibson's enemy. This is extreme with three malefic planets, in the malefic sign of Mars, and in the 6th house. What's more is that it's in the sign of Scorpio which is a sign that represents extremes of drama and intensity. 

This certainly represents an area of his life where he can go out of control. It's the glaring dark side in Gibson's personality. This is in contrast to his extraordinary Jupiter and Sun parivartana yoga (exchange of signs), and Mercury and Venus conjunction forming a 9th and 10th house raja yoga combination in the 5th house from the Moon. These are his brighter and more charismatic sides. 

Gibson also has his lagna lord, Mercury, in the 8th house conjunct Venus, the 5th lord. Because the 8th house is the house of sex, and Venus and the 5th house indicate romance, this certainly shows Gibson's strong sexual 'urge to merge' shall we say. Add to this combination the aspect from Saturn, the 8th lord, and this combination becomes more intense, secretive, and controlling. Especially consider that Saturn's aspect comes from the 6th house.

Gibson is currently running his Saturn mahadasha, which began June 18, 2008. His Saturn dasha will activate this combination in his chart, with Saturn being flanked on either side by Mars and Rahu. Both of these planets are impulsive and reactive by nature. Now is a time to work (Saturn) on healing his dark perverse side. Psychologically, that would be the best outcome of his Saturn dasha. But it's not only a time when he is prone to more violent and abusive outbursts but also substance abuse since malefic planets can indicate self-destructive tendencies. He once told ABC News, "I would get addicted to anything, anything at all. Doesn't matter what it is--drugs, booze, anything. You name it--coffee, cigarettes, anything." His abusive streak is known to come out while intoxicated, which is common with alcoholics like Gibson. 

Any kind of addiction will make it that more difficult to be in control of himself. This is a major struggle in his Saturn dasha, the planet of control, discipline, and responsibility. Because Saturn is the 9th lord and the 5th lord from the Moon, this is also a time learning and spiritual growth through his personal struggles. All the negative attention he's getting in the media certainly adds pressure (Saturn) for him to change and take responsibility for his actions. I'd expect that he will enter some kind of rehab program, like Tiger Woods did after all his negative media attention. Keith Ablow, MD, Forensic Psychiatrist said of Gibson, "The man on those tapes is full of rage, psychologically disordered and dangerous. He needs immediate psychiatric intervention and comprehensive treatment for years to come."

Transits on January 6, 2010

On January 6th, when the violence broke loose, Gibson was in Sat-Sat-Venus dasha, while Saturn was transiting at 10 degrees of Virgo. Notice that from this point Saturn makes the 3rd house aspect to his natal Saturn, Mars, and Rahu in Scorpio. In addition, Saturn was conjunct his natal Moon (he's in the middle of his Sadhe Saati period) and aspects his lagna. Saturn is a planet of restriction and control and this would suggest that he's trying to exert control (over Grigorieva) because he feels out of control in his life at the same time. Rahu and Ketu transiting over his 1st and 7th house axis and Rahu conjunct his Sun further suggests that his inability to be in control. 

Mel Gibson's Navamsha Chart

His navamsha chart further supports this with Saturn being on the Rahu/Ketu axis and aspected by 6th lord Mercury. Saturn is also hemmed in on either side by fiery malefics Mars and Sun. 

Gibson's Saturn dasha certainly represents a period of struggle personally. Because Saturn in his natal chart also aspects his 10th lord, Jupiter, it can also represent a time when the level of professional success he enjoyed in his Jupiter dasha tapers off. 

If someone has an extremely challenging combination in their chart, like Gibson, are they doomed to enact whatever behaviors are indicated? Not necessarily. It's what we're here for - to learn and grow out of karma producing negative behaviors. If the person is willing to change, they can change. However, extremely malefic combinations represent more fixed karma (dridha karma) and suggests that the path of change is more difficult. But even Gibson emailed Grigorieva the next day on January 7th, and said,"I was not safe for you last night. Could you please call me. I want to tell you how unspeakably sorry I am." At some point the pain becomes so great that we commit to change. With increased conscious awareness the unconscious, reactive behaviors that malefic planets represent can be corrected. It's the best use of our free will in my opinion. 

I had a good laugh at what comedian SF Gate columnist, Mark Morford, had to say in his absurd yet thought provoking article, "Mel Gibson's 10 tips for sexist monsters":

"Many have asked, how does Mel do it? What does it take to become such a gargantuan, sexist, possibly racist, potentially violent monster, or at least give a very convincing appearance of same? Can I do it, too?

Herein, some tips for those looking to hone their own personal ranty hatemongering sexist jerkface skillset:

1. First, last and always: Make lots and lots of money. I mean, truckloads. Mountains. Even more than you are imagining right now. No, no, I mean even more than that. Look, take that amount, multiply it by 100, then smack yourself in the skull with a petrified copy of "Lethal Weapon 4" until swarms of that amount are swirling around your head like bees. We're talking giant, obscene piles of it, strewn about Mel's personal Holy Family Catholic cult compound like piles of James Caviezel's trashed career.

In the parlance of the rich and repellent, Mel's millions -- a large portion of which he made on the sick success of "Passion of the Christ" -- is called "f-- you" money. It completely inures you from the slings and arrows of outrageous bloggers, creditors, film investors and divorce attorneys. It's the kind of money that allows you to do whateverthehell you want, because no one can touch you. Even if the lawyers take half, you'll still have plenty left over to buy lots of Russian hookers, vodka and the femur bone of Michael Jackson. Note: Does having a ton of money automatically make you a raging racist/sexist jerk? Of course not. Does it help? Absolutely."