Scrutinizing Jupiter's Placement in the Navamsa

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Scrutinizing Jupiter's Placement in the Navamsa

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » Fri May 05, 2017 6:46 pm

Hi learned Members

In Nadi astrology, Jupiter is taken as the significator of the self for the male and for the female, maybe about 30%. Venus is the main significator (about 70%) of the female self.

The Navamsa chart is actually the expansion of the 9th bhava of the Rasi Chart.

Within this 9th bhava, it can be further divided into 12 bhavas all divisional charts do. Of these 12 bhavas, besides the 9th bhava itself which ocrresponds most closely with the nergy of the 9th bhava of the Rasi Chart, the other bhava we as astrologers know to be fiarly important in the Navamsa chart, is the 7th bhava.

So whereas the 7th bhava in the Rasi Chart governs all 7th house affairs like wife, marriage, interaction with the world, eating good food etc., the 7th bhava in the Saptamsa governs personal, sexual relationship with the mate including their physical attributes, this 7th bava being only 1/12th portion of the actual 7th bhava of the Rasi Chart,

and the 7th bhava of the Navamsa chart represents our personal and spiritual relationship with our mate. Venus and Jupiter are the signifcators for the Navamsa but Jupiter deals more with 9th the bhava of the Navamsa and the overall Navamsa as a whole, Venus deals more with the 7th bhava of the Navamsa and the overall Navamsa taking the 7th bhava of the original Navamsa as the Lagna.

Which is why women are more concerned with one-to-one interaction on a personal spiritual basis, whereas men are more concerned with the overall ethics and morality of a relationship, couched usually on a spiritual framework. So although Venus and Jupiter are brahmins, they operation on aidfferent platform as far as spiritual matters are concerned.

But since women are also governed by Jupiter (women also can be religious, some can even take on a leadership role for religion and spiritual matters), Jupiter in the Navamsa (the normal Navamsa that we are used to) can be scrutinized carefully to see the overall evolutionary and spiritual development of the person concerned. The more evolved or spiritual he is, the closer he is living his life according to natural, spiritual and divinatory laws.

In my Rasi chart, Moon is the Atmakaraka, the Lagna Lord and Moon is the most important planet in a chart. It governs all the other planets even though the other planets reolve round the Sun for effulgence. Sun is purusha and Moon is prakriti and the planets are basically are prakriti in nature, show the way how the mundane activities are being carried out on Earth (Sun governs more the signs - it is the other way round for Nadi Astrology where the signs are governed more by the Moon and the Sun the planets).

Yet my Moon in Dhanista does not explain everything about me. In fact my Jupiter's nakshatra in the Navamsa epitomises me more than the Janma Nakshatra in the Rasi (which goes to show even in a divisional chart like Navamsa which can be read as a whole, it has its own set of Nakshatras for planet placements as a separate consideration from that from the Rasi Chart).

My Jupiter is Revati in Navamsa.

I always like to protect tke poor defenceless creatures or animals. I will always guide them to the right path for their fulfillment whether to appease their hunger, or just to comfort them. I am Little Richie, the cartoon comic strip of the little boy who was born from a rich family, and who has all the spare time in the world to help others.

Revati can be said to have the overall whole picture within his grasp. It is the final Nakshatra so it can sees the big picture completely. Thus they make good astrologers, creative directors, marketing strategists, sociologists, global logistics planner (Revati rules transportation) etc.

Jupiter is in Pisces in my Navamsa. This ties in beautifully with Revati because Pisces is the last Rasi just like Revati is the last Nakshatra.

But Jupiter is in the 1st pada of Revati (yes, you can break down the signs in the Navamsa chart into another level of Navamsa together with its necessary 4 padas). The 1st pada of Revati retains some semblance of practicality in the material world for one to at least fulfill one's inner ambition and to achieve success.

Best Regards

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