Maraka Kana Stanth - Adjusting the Planet to the Bhava

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Maraka Kana Stanth - Adjusting the Planet to the Bhava

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:38 am

Hi Learned Members

I have earlier posts on Maraka Kana Stanth. Interested readers can search and refer to them.

When a planet is placed in a maraka kana stanth, it does not mean the person would be unsuccessful in life. It just mean that the person would have to work his way around for the natural significations of the planet based on the characteristics of the bhava. But he must not adjust in an excessive manner to the point where it would be detrimental to his welfare.

Not that some planets can naturally adjust to its Maraka Kana Stanth to the point that it is considered a placement of strength in the scriptures, notwithstanding it being in Maraka Kana Stanth.

For example the Sun stand for power and physical felicity being the karakas for the 1st and the 10th. But in the 12th, it tends to be self-effacing. Yet the 12th stands for the 12 ways where the Sun can attain its leadership status amongst man including being a friend, a beacon for others to follow etc. For more details refer to the scriptures.

But done in excess for the Sun in the 12th, the person can lose his authority and also his vitality for life being so caught up in the affairs of others.

Venus in the 6th is another example. Venus, however is know as a perfectionist in the 6th. But it needs to incorporate the Venusian rhythmic of life into work tempo in order to achieve a best fit work mentality for the person to stay in a job or be interested in the work he is doing.

Done in excess, Venusian pleasures take the upperhand over the obligatory duties of the work involved.

Best Regards
Mac Khoo Hock Leong

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