Spirituality Is A Mental Disease

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Re: Spirituality Is A Mental Disease

Post by digitsoftime » Thu Jun 23, 2011 3:29 am

Liebe Dev ji,

Ich bin froh zu wissen das Sie sind gewesen in Deutschland. Ist es hier regnet aller Zeiten :)
I am in TU Munchen now. Even though I am a physicist now I am kind of doing Surface Chemistry, Studying molecules on surfaces and suramolecular self-assembly, charge transfer complexes etc with an STM (Molecular nanoscience). I am here for a year now but I was in many places in Europe for my masters etc..before coming here.
I am not from Chennai. I am from Salem and parents are there. Research is going good so far. We just published a paper in Angewandte Chemie and I am writing one for Nature Chemistry. Lets see if it gets accepted :D
I plan to come back after the phd whether i get a job or not
Did you do Organic chemistry? TUDamstadt is good in chemistry i heard.
Dev wrote: Yes, I have the Subapantuvarali but I have to search. I will do it but how can I send u?
If its small you can just email me. Otherwise you can also upload in some websites life filesearch and send the link..only if its not too much trouble.


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Re: Spirituality Is A Mental Disease

Post by Dev » Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:16 am

Liebe Sunny:

Nice to know about u. Angwendte is a good journal. Nature is too good with high impact factor.
I did PhD from IIT. During my post doc, I also visited England, Scotland Poland, spain and Canada.
You must have been to Swirzerland, Holland and France I suppose. I missed those.
Yes my field is organic electrochemistry. Write more about your research work it is interesting. Chemistry and physics cannot be separated. There are several things in common.
About Subhapantuvarali, how do you upload from a CD? I am not sure. I can try doing if u tell me. Of course I will trace the CD before that.



Re: Spirituality Is A Mental Disease

Post by digitsoftime » Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:56 am

Hi Dev ji,

Nice to know. you have travelled a lot and travel always expands the horizons of the mind and makes people intelligent. You yourself might have seen how people, who behave in a cheap way have their root in lack of breadth, and who lock themselves up in their room and thinks the who world conspires against them.
France is a nice place but I have never been there. I was working Switzerland in the Univ. of Basel before coming here. I studied in Holland and Sweden, and travelled to Belgium, Spain, England, Denmark and Norway. Spain was much to my liking.
About the research work I shall may be write in a pm. It must be too boring for others to read :) But your field Organic Electrochemistry must be very interesting. I always have a liking for electrochemistry because I could never understand it well :mrgreen:
About uploading the file, some CDs are write protected. In that case you may not be able to do much. If not I shall send a link later where you can just upload the file and it will give u a link to download it later. I have not heard much of Simhendramadhyamam. So I am very curious.
Do you like N.Ramani? I think he as great as Lalgudi and others. :)


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Re: Spirituality Is A Mental Disease

Post by Dev » Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:14 am

Hi Sunny:

I was also in the US for post doc. I also visited Nepal.
Yes travel gives a broader perspective and u find people alike everywhere. There are good and bad.
Yes the narrow minded ones here thinking others conspiring against them makes me to laugh at them.
Their negative approach would take them nowhere. Once they fall down heavily, they will realise, but it would be a tough way.

Yes, send PM. Let me read. Yes my field is very nice too, it is organic clubbed to electrochemistry. I shall also write in the PM.

So you have a Swiss account? I should keep away from u then.

Yes I like Ramani very much. In fact I have lots of CDs, one person here recorded and gave me so many.
Simhendramadhyamam is also mela raga with different nishadam from shanmukapriya. Only nishadam is different. I would love to demostrate to you by vocal, violin or keyboard, I play violin and keyboard too.
If I start lecturing on music and if someone has come to learn, my lecture may go on even for 5-6 hours without my knowledge. If he were to be a timid student, he would be missing his lunch or dinner. I would not feel hungry and later on realising I would either eat or even skip. That is my taste for music and skills, about it I dont want to say myself.How nice it would have been if u were near by. I would not stop talking, and u would not stop listening.
OK tell me I will try uploading them. Do u have an idea of how to upload from normal cassette?
Ramani is great but only next to Lalgudi. You know lalgudi has composed so many varnams, tillanas, kritis in sanskrit, telugu, tamil. He is unique. They are extremely popular since they are too pleasant to hear just like his playing.


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Re: Spirituality Is A Mental Disease

Post by revribhav » Sun Sep 15, 2013 3:41 pm

Being spiritual is a feeling,it is the same for me like the feeling of being human

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Re: Spirituality Is A Mental Disease

Post by Pem » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:12 am

Hello All
The teachings of Lord Buddha - this is what I appreciate - and it is a good
habit to practice but is not easy.

i.e. Keeping your thoughts, words and actions as healthy and clean as possible.
Knowing the right from the wrong and the good from the bad.

Also, if there was one commandment to cover all religions we will have a spiritual and peaceful world :

"Like or love they neighbour as thyself"

I think the interpretation of sickness or illness of the mind by the person who made that statement
could be : when it is overdone and without limits or when someone is fanatical about it. It is good
to take a conservative approach to being spiritual and endeavour to find the truth that can bring
inner peace and happiness. I think all these will contribute to the higher evolution of the soul which
is spiritual advancement in comparison to the mental thirst and hunger for materialistic gain. The
latter state will always keep one in infinite dissatisfaction right through life and this could be said to
be a morbid unconscious state.

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. ***Pls check my post Mantras for Planets***

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Re: Spirituality Is A Mental Disease

Post by vaglram » Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:45 pm

I believe spirituality is the growth of soul leading to its destination. Even if mind could desire and be directed towards spirituality, it should be the soul that experiences it while mind unconditionally starts to serve the soul.

Spirituality would seem a disease to a mind that is engaged in materialistic world since soul feeling same divine energy in everything around it (and being a part of it) wouldn't be understood by materialistic mind racing after pleasures.

But if spirituality experienced by soul is used by mind as a marketing tool for its profit and fame, then its a different game altogether.

Maataa Raamo matpithaa Ramachandra-ha |
Swamee Raamo matsakhaa Ramachandra-ha |
Sarvaswam me RamachandrO dayaalu |
Naanyam jaane naiva jaane na jaane ||

Shree raamachandra charaNau sharaNampradhye ||

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