Mr.Arvind Kejriwal's Birth-time arrival and his Win

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Mr.Arvind Kejriwal's Birth-time arrival and his Win

Post by Lex » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:51 pm

Dear Readers,
The following is the Birth-time arrival method of Mr.Arvind Kejriwal by K.P.System

Our Sages gave importance to nakshatras, let's refresh few Puranas, as always Puranas, Sages and Jyotisham are integral part.
Brahma-Rishi, one of Saptha-Rishi, Vishwamitra Rishi gave to human beings many auspious treasures, one being the foremost, Gayatri Mantra, every sacred thread-wearing person during Trikala Sandhyavandanam meditates with Godess Gayatri mantra. Vishwamitra sage also gave Venkatachala Suprabatam,(Tirumala Balaji Lord) to world, we as young neonate gets before Sunrise by listening to Suprabatam.
Vishwamitra Rishi was in Forest with Lord Rama and Lakshmanan, sage used to look at Horizon for Chitra nakshatra and to note the Sunrise. As Sage sees early morning Chitra nakshatra on the Celestial map, sage wakes up Lord
Kausalya Suprajaa Ramaa Poorva SaMdhyaa Pravartete
Utthista Tha nara Saardoola Kartavayaa Daivamaahnikam
O, Rama, son of Kausalya and dearest to people. The dawn before sunrise is on its way. Rise, O Tiger amongst humans, your Divine duties calling you.
......Saptarishi Vishwamitra gave importance to nakshatra.
Let's see Sundara Kandam, what Sage Valmiki attached importance of nakshatras in His poem
Abducted Seeta mataji by Ravaneswaran(Ravan great bhakt of Lord Shiva, in many of Shiv-slokas reference of Ravan, he later on became a amsa of Lord Shiva), Lord Hanuman set-out to find Mataji in Lanka. Hanumanji reached Lanka at night, Sage Valmiki, beautifully phrased slokas comparing or using similie of Sea towards Sky, Sage says

The Chandra was attractive like a Lotus, Sun like a good Crane and spanned from Pushyam nakshatra to Shravanna was seen. Punarvasu nakshatra appearance like a big fish, Kuja like a Crocodile, Airavatta like an Island and Swati nakshtra like a Swan........( Airavatta, An Elephant , vahaan for Indra, so Sage described Jyesta nakshatra in Scorpio)
Sage Valmiki provides a sequence of nakshatras from West to East in the Celestial map.
......Sage Valmiki gave importance to nakshatras.
Again, Sage Vishwamitra created a mandala, mandala constitutes groups of nakshtras, for Trishanku Heaven, for Satyavrata.
Saptarishi nakshatras..... for Seven Brahma-Rishis
Dhurva nakshatra... Above Saptarishi mandala, Lord Vishnu created for His bhakt, Dhurva, till Earth exists Dhurva star will be guiding humans, afterwards Dhurva will be with Lord Vishnu in Vaikundam.
........lord Vishnu gave importance to nakshatras.

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Re: Mr.Arvind Kejriwal's Birth-time arrival and his Win

Post by Lex » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:29 am

Gurubuyoh Namah
Many of us, when we were in neonatal/baby period, mother or Grandma, takes us in their Hips to open space during night, shows us Chandra and twinkling stars in the sky, narrating puranic stories like how Lord Hanuman swallowed Ravi or How Lord Shiva got Chandra in His Head, or Dhurva attained nakshatra status etc, during feeding of food to us, as baby we try to catch stars by tender baby hand, since stars sparkles. we have brought up through Chandra, Nakshatras... not Raja-yogas of planets
Our nursery teacher taught us... Twinkle Twinkle little Stars.... there were no teaching of planets, Nakshatras comes first than planets
If I tell my Progeny... Ravi or Sun, Chandra or Moon... them as Planets, my school going Progeny will tell me, Hey Dad are you gone Crazy, Sun is a star not planet and Moon is a satellite of Earth, so not a planet.
I can't roger my progeny's education, our Scriptures in reference to Vedas, says both of them as Grahas. Ravi or baby star, and Chandra are very critical in determing Tithis, natural karakas for Father and Mother resply, will always have a say in determining time of birth of a person in the Earth. Raja yogas, life time events etc comes secondary while arriving at rectified birth time.
Our scientists while firing a Planet orbiter, space vehicle to put in a orbital path from Earth, they calculate and seeks 1000s stars in the horizon direction, to successfully run space mission. nakshatras gives a direction for solution and Raja yogas comes secondary.
Our sages never said humans to be idle by analysing yogas manually or through external devices, these are observations for these cases and not carte-blanche way application.
When we do religious Pujas, homams or rituals of departed souls, we do Sankalpa in beginning,
I.e. I am so and so (name), so and so Gotra ......than
....( we state).....Sanskrit year name,.........Dakshinayane/Uttaranayane,.......Ritu's name,........month name in Sanskrit,.....Krishna/Shukla pakshe,........Tithi,............Vasara(day)...........Nakshatra,...........Yoga,.....Karnayuktayam

....see above the order, Nakshatra than comes yoga etc
The above. Listed parameters helps in arriving rectified Birth Day Month year Place time in a natal chart.
Not by adjusting time through computer sofwares.

Method Used : Krishnamurti Padhdhati System, in arriving at rectified Birth-time of Arvind Kejriwal.
Tools used in the process: Drik Panchanga, K.P. Panchang, Raphael's Ephemeries, K.P.Ayanamsa, K.P. Prashna, Google Satellite informations for coordinates, Indian Govt Election site, IIT site,
Now let's move on to Course of Determining Mr.Arvind Kejriwal's time of birth,as we now Know about his Date, Month, Year of his birth, and his place of birth is Siwani, a 32 kms away from Hissar in Haryana.
Sage Varahamihira in Brihat Jataka, elaborately described , if time of birth is not known, Sage gives the method to arrive at from the time of query or urge to analyze
Hence, when urge to analyze happens to astrologer per query, the method follows
1. The Day or Vara.... Lord of the Day
2. Examine the nakshatra,where Chandra got deposited, similarly note Chandra's deposition in nakshatra's sub
3. Note the lord of Rasi
4. Examine the nakshatra where rising lagna got deposited, similarly its sub as well
5. Note the lord of lagna
Nakshatras lord and its sub lord will be arrived
These lords or planets will be the same who govern the sign in which the lagna is, star lord, sub and also subsub.
I had seen analysts used different Birth-time and also the birth place of Arvind Kejriwal. Urge initiated to do a birth-time arrival of Arvind.


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Re: Mr.Arvind Kejriwal's Birth-time arrival and his Win

Post by Lex » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:39 am


t was Monday, I was in some 40kms away from Mumbai, in the noon, I started the process, before that I requested one of Arvind party's supporter, to give me a number between 1 and 249, I told supporter the reason behind the solicitation of K.P.Prashna number.
Monday....Lord Chandra
In the heavenly map, Chandra in Punarvasu and deposited in Chandra's sub
Punarvasu, star Lord is Guru
Guru is retro omitted from Ruling planets
Chandra in Cancer sign but not in Cancer Bhava or Chandra's bhava
Budha is retro
The rising lagna was in Mesha deposited in Bharani nk, Shukra in sub of Kuja

The birth date , month, year and place of birth of Arvind Kejriwal available in Public domain and also affidavit
...16th August, 1968, Siwani
Birth- time of AK( Arvind Kejriwal) is speculated. As one analyst says data got from AK's relative, but there is no evidence such as letter or a document or a email from relative not been seen or not supported. So, evidence not supported, assuming it was a speculated and analyzed of AK's chart, as a assumed time of birth.
Now I have ruling planets and Prashna result( below mentioned), these will guide me
1. Chandra's position, I.e where, in whose nakshatra deposited and thereby sub and subsub
2. To fix the lagna of AK
....Thereby A.K's birth-time determination astrologically and scientifically and logically.
Let me look at Sidereal time and Sayana position of Chandra on 15th August 1968 and as well for 16th August 1968
Again, converting back Nirayana position of Chandra at Siwani time and latitude, and longitude of Chandra at following period
1. At 00.01 hrs of 16th Aug 1968, Chandra's nirayana longitude 26deg07 mins, and at 23.59 hrs of same day, Chandra's longitude..37 deg 59 mins
We know August month, Ravi will always transit from Karkata to Simha
Therefore Chandra on 16th Aug, 1968, was transiting from Mesha to Rishabham
Mesha has Ashwini, Bharani and part of Krittika nakshatras and in Rishabham has part of Krittika, Rohini, and part of Mrigasirsam
At longitude of 26 deg 07 mins, Chandra would have been in Bharani nk, Shukra
At 26 deg 40 mins, Krittika nk commences till it ends Rishabha 40 deg.
So, A.K's Janma nakshatra should be either Bharani or Krittika, if Krittika than , is Krittika in Kuja's sign or Shukra?
The Prashna number came also evaluated.
Before, I go into Prashna revealement, during ruling planets assessment( refer my previous posts) , Chandra was not in her bhava, Chandra was aspected by Ravi , Budha was retro too aspected Chandra.
So it is certain either Ravi in Rohini or Hastam or Shravanna or Chandra in Krittika or Uttaraphaguni or Utharashada
Ravi is not in Ruling planet list of mine, but Ravi aspects Chandra.
Prashna result..Rising. lagna in Simha in Poorvaphalguni and in sub Shani
It is now confirmed Shukra, as Ravi and Shani not in Ruling planet list.
We have seen already on that day Chandra can be either in bharani or Krittika nk

As I said earlier couple of posts prior, Ravi Chandra has lot of say in birth-time, and so also vara I.e Day
Arvind Kejriwal born on 16th Aug, 1968, it was a Friday.
We hindus follows day starts after Sunrise, but here we have to follow International Rules.
A.K. born on Friday, so Shukra will be subsub in either lagna or Rasi.
Always, heavenly map took up the analysis at that time will give lots of direction to K.P.Analysts, I.e. Ruling planets etc.
On Monday, when I took up analysis, as I said earlier too,
Ravi and retro Budha aspects Chandra, but Chandra was not in Cancer bhava
Another aspect was between Kuja on Rahu
So, Kuja and Rahu related in lagna or with Chandra
We have to see
Chandra deposited in Bharani in sub of Rahu or in sub of Kuja
Chandra deposited in Krittika in sub of Rahu or in sub of Kuja
Let's see Chandra in Bharani in sub of Rahu which longitude in Sayana than converting to Nirayana, at Latitude of Siwani
....Chandra in Bharani, Shukra in sub of Rahu... Nirayana. Longitude falls between 18 deg 6 mins and 20 deg 6 mins
....This longitude not applicable for A.K's Janma nakshatra, because 16th Aug 1968 , Chandra was in Mesha at longitude of 26 deg 07 mins nirayana at Siwani Latitude at 00.01 hrs.
Let's see Chandra in Bharani in sub of Kuja.............., same as above
This longitude also not applicable, longitude of Chandra ..17 degs 20 mins to 18 degs 06 mins 40 mins
Therefore, it is established A.K's Chandra is not deposited in Bharani nakshatra.
Again going back to Ruling planets, Shukra is major influential planet, So it is clear Chandra was in Rishabham, Lord Shukra, when A.K. was born in Krittika nakshatra.
It is time to fix A.K's Chandra in Rishabha in Krittika nk, its sub and subsub.


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