Dr.Abdul Kalam ..A noble soul, K.P.System Research

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Dr.Abdul Kalam ..A noble soul, K.P.System Research

Post by Lex » Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:03 pm

Truly a great soul, India will miss the great scientist, a visionary, students from both academics and professional representing Institutions will miss Dr. Kalam's lectures.
I am too a fan of Dr. Kalam, not that his place of birth not far off from my hometown, but he was a simple man, brilliant Researcher he was, starting as a newspaper delivery boy, studied under street light during his school days, I was told.

Research data mining from Dr.Kalam's official website.Any one interested in knowing birth time of departed soul, please send a request mail to me furnishing the reasons for it.

Materials used in arriving Birth time, through Ruling planets and Prashna, K.P.panchang and Raphael ephemeris.

Dr. Kalam was a Veena player, his now Genelithical chart will also say, I will demonstrate, while I am relatively free

Genethilical chart of late Mr. Ex President of India, as a tribute to the person, who by his sheer graceness lifted up the position of President of India.
Dr. ABJ Kalam sir, Salam saab, , leading scientist, 9th cusp to be analyzed. Bhavas to be connected 9, 11, 10, 2, 3 and Shani needs a connection
Before going, Dr. Kalam was a bachelor till his departure, 7th cusp analysis... Sub is Shani, Shani is in 6th... Negates marriage promise
Let's see Dr Kalam's chart on success in research and new inventions
Shani is in 6th bhava in purvashada nk, 11th lord. Shani aspects 8th cusp, 12th cusp and 3rd. So leenasthanas under control of Shani
..8th house...Person interest in deep studies and Research. Represents also mysteries
..12th.....money or investment made on Research, secret working
6th... ihaloka, interactions, efforts
4th.... my country, matrubhoomi, so therefore 9th becomes service or efforts to motherland, research, invention etc
Dr. Kalam's 3 6 8 12 bhavas under the control of Shani
Lagna sputa cusp sub should be connected to Shani and or whoever be the sublord, connects Shani, and signify 2 6 8 10 12
Late Mr. Ex President, lagna sputa cusp is Guru
Guru in 1 lord of 6 9 in nk of Aslesha, in 3rd 3 and 12 lord and in the sub of Rahu in 8th. Rahu in Shani's star and Shani's bhava
9th cusp sub either shani or who ever be, needs a connection with Shani, and signifyies 2 6 8 9 12
9th cusp sub Guru.... as discussed above
12th cusp sub signifies 6 8 9 10 12 and again Shani connection
12th cusp sub Shukra..in 3rd 4 11 in Swati nk, 8, in sub of Rahu in 8. And Shani in Uttarashada
10th/ 6th cusp sub... 2 6 10 or 8 9 12, and connection with Shani
10th cusp sub Kuja, owner also in Visakam nk, lords 6 9 and in sub of Ketu in 2nd bhava
....no connection with Shani
10th cusp Kuja signifies 1 6 9 10;11, Kuja aspects 11th... He became President of India
6th cusp sub is Chandra in 6, Chandra in Shani's star, 8th lord in sub of Rahu in 8th
Chandra in Shani's star.

...Mr. Ex President of India, late Dr. ABJ Kalam, you have been blessed by Almighty , for you to receive honours and accolades in Research/ Inventions.

Dr. Kalam Saab, my Salam sir.


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Re: Dr.Abdul Kalam ..A noble soul, K.P.System Research

Post by Lex » Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:43 am

Why he was a Veena Player or Rudra Veena Player.... through K.P.System

Dr. Abdul Kalam sir was a Veena or Rudra Veena player or Instrumentalist.

His chart, 5th cusp falls in Vrischika in Jyesta nk in sub of Budha Budha and Ravi are in Rapt conjunction, Budha is deposited in Chitra nk Ravi is lord of 5 of normal zodiac, it gives taste to music, further Budha in rapt conjunction, it isalso influencing Tula, Mesha, Vrischika, and also Gemini Tula, Gemini.. Airy signs Mesha is again sign for Rhythm or alapana like Leo

5th cusp lord in Tula, 5th cusp sub lord deposited in Kuja's star Budha is 3rd lord, connected to 4, 5, 10, 12 Budha and Ravi aspects Rahu, who is an agent of Guru, Guru in Karkata, in Aslesha Rahu in Shani's Star , Shani is lord of Makara and Kumbha, both denotes lower part of legs, Rahuagent of Guru, Guru is lord of Saggi and Meena, denotes thighs and feet part resply Shani in Shukra's star, and Shani aspects 3rd cusp, includes Ravi and Budha, 5th cusp sub isBudha ..3rd house well connected.

5th cusp sub signifies Tula, long ascension sign, Tula is windmill signor balance part Budha is karaka for hand and fingers Budha also denotes beat or Rhythm karaka Shani in Dhanur Veena during playing, can be kept on thighs or at ground level Ravi and Budha are significator of 5th bhava So too Kuja Kuja responsible for Dr.Kalam to go for Veena recital and Kuja in Tula, produceschanges in Rhythms. Ravi and Budha in Virgo(Lorded by Ketu), and Rahu in Meena, notes ofveena recital kept blended

.Last day of his deparure to Heaven's

As always, 5th bhava occupying planet signification or planet transiting 5th house, a potential risk in all respects, for Karkata lagna, why, Visakam,Anuradha and Jyesta nks, ....lord of 6, maraka lord and 8th lordm and 12th lord resply)

8th cusp falls in Kumbha in Satabhista nk and in sub of Budha
..Rahu in 9th in rasi but in 8th bhava, Rahu in nk of Utiratathi, Shani is 8th cusp lord as well as maraka lord in 6th itself. Rahu aspects Budha in 3rd, Budha is 8th cusp sub. Budha in rapt conjunction with Ravi, 2nd lord as well as maraka lord, Rahu too aspects Ravi. Shani, the 8th lord and a maraka lord in Badakstana nk aspects Budha and Maraka lord in 3rd

8th cusp, as described above, in advance, foretold, there going to be an issue

Rahu dasa was running , at the time of Dr.Kalam sir departure to Heavens
8th cusp sub in Hastan, Chandra in Anuradha nk in 5th(refer above 5th house for karkata lagna born natives)
Anuadha nk owned by Shani.. maraka lord
Chandra in 5th in rasi but in 4th bhava, but pretty close to rapt conjunction with 5th bhava

Let's see Monday,27th July 2015, doctor declared dead around 1945 hrs
Monday..lord Chandra..Chandra was in Jyesta nk, Budha in chart conjunction with Ravi, maraka lord, Budha is karaka for communicationt, journey, etc
Lets badaka lord deposition of his chart, Shukra
Shukra in retro in Simha, and deposited in Magham
On that day, Ketu was lording for Guru, and Guru was in Magham too
Guru was 6th lord in the natal chart, both Shukra and Guru was transiting on that day, Maraka sign of natal sign

..As always, any unpleasant things to happen six lords will carry out
Day lord, Chandra , lagna lord of natal chart got into Budha's star, Budha already connected with Ravi and 8th cusp..Rahu in natal chart.
Will wait for Badaka lord or signuficator of Badhaka to arrive
Shukra got into Simha, lord of sign, Ravi.. karaka for heart along with Chandra too
Dasa lord was Rahu in natal chart, in natal chart..Rahu was in 8th bhava..maraka lord's signs, on that day, dasa lord Rahu was in Virgo Sign in nk of Purvaphaguni nk, Ravi, maraka lord of natal chart
On that day, Rahu was lording Virgo on behalf of Budha
Budha and Ravi was in Pushya nk, maraka lord in natal chart, and both were transiting over lagna
It was destined for to loose a Great Soul to Heavens, a person in his school days, studied under street lights and was distributing newspaper to households in Schooling days to support his Father.
Heavens also destined our country and him to become a Great inspritations to academic and professional students to learn from failures to successes, path-bearing Researches in Defense and Medical, lifted the graceness Office of President of India

May the Great person's soul RIP. Dr. Kalam sir..Saalam Sir.

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