Cristiano Ronaldo gifted a Greek Island to his Manager

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Cristiano Ronaldo gifted a Greek Island to his Manager

Post by Lex » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:56 am

Two days back, CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo, was Best friend for his Manager's wedding ceremony. CR7, gifted a Greek island to his manager as a Wedding Gift.

Let's see through CR7, natal chart, transit , why it was so. (BTR per K.P. System)

Greek island gift is an expensive and liberal gift.

Let's see through Traditional astrology, per our sages

Kalidasa says, judge from 5th house feeding or gift for people affected by natural catastrophe

Jataka Parijata says, Guru in 2nd or Chandra in 9th,or if a native born during cold season, winter, giving

Prithuyasas says, person will shower gifts liberallym if Chandra in 7th bhava, so also Budha in 10th, any house when Ravi, Shukra and Guru conjoined, Chandra in Gemini, Lord Rama's Janma nk, or lagna in Virgo navamsa

Donating or giving gifts like landed property, Jataka Tatwa says, Lord of 9 in 4, tenth lord in kendra, Guru aspects 12th lord.

....contd..let's see CR7 chart

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Re: Cristiano Ronaldo gifted a Greek Island to his Manager

Post by Lex » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:10 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo birthtime arrival.

Today is Tuesday, as my eagerness to study CR7 chart, it was the period of Rahu hora, therefore Rahu should be connected to Kuja and similarly Ketu with Shukra.

Today Tuesday, Kuja, the other ruling planets are Shani, Ketu, Guru, Rahu, Shukra(is retro today), Budha, Chandra. Followed by Prashna to determine, the lagnalord and star lord.

Materials used in arriving Birth time, above processes, Raphael's ephimerisis, K.P.Panchang, ofcourse, research or data pulling out from players of FIFA site, CR7 homepage site.Ayanamsa used here is ofcourse, K.P. Ayanama of the year 1985, Feb, 05, Funchal, Portugal. Time of birth for this mentioned all requirements. There are some folks around, who will seek birth time, without exerting the mental calculations, Budha..karaka required for astrology. Anyone interested in knowing BTR of CR7, please send a request mail to me furnishing the intent and reasons for seeking.

Please read as cusp, bhava sign lord, nakshatra, and in sub of
Lagna cusp- Kuja - Jyesta- Kuja
Second - Guru- Uttarashada- Ravi
Third- Shani- Dhanista- Shukra
Fourth- Guru- Utiratathi- Shukra
Fifth - Kuja- Aswini- Guru
Sixth - Shukra- Krittika- Guru
Seventh- Shukra- Mrigasirsam- Kuja
Eighth - Budha- Punarvasu- Shukra
Nineth - Ravi -Magham- Ravi
Tenth - Budha- Uttaraphalguni -Shukra
Eleventh - Shukra- Swati- Rahu
Twelfth - Kuja- Visakam'- Rahu

Grahas, positions in his natal chart, please read as
Graha, in bhava of, in nk, in sub of resply

Ravi - Guru- Shravanna - Ravi
Chandra- Budha - Pushyam- Guru
Budha - Guru - Shravanna' Rahu
Shukra - Guru - Utiratathi - Shukra
Kuja - Guru- Utiratathi - Shukra
Guru - Guru- Uttarashada - Budha
Shani - Kuja- Annuradha- Shani
(Rahu) - Kuja - Krittika- Rahu
(Ketu) - Shukra' Visakam- Chandra

Lagna sputa cusp in Jyesta in sub of Kuja, Kuja in Shani star. Shani in own nk. No connection with Chaya grahas by aspect etc, therefore the chart is a "live" Genethelical chart.

Let's see time of birth is correct
Kuja and Shukra are in rapt conjunction...joint results
Lagna sputa cusp... Shani is 3rd lord
Shani aspects in Nirayana rasi, Guru and Ravi and Budha too... Guru..4th bhava lord and Ravi 9th lord

Let's see Janma Rasi.. Chandra in Karkata sign only in Pushya nk in sub of Guru, Guru in Uttarashada
Same as above, all aspects his Chandra in the chart.

He had early issue of heavy palpitation of heart, rare heart disorder, correction was done through laser..than he became an athlete
6th cusp in Rishabham in Krittika nk in sub of Guru, and Guru in Uttarashada. Chandra in Karkata but in eighth bhava, his 12th cusp shows defect, in Kuja's cusp ..deposited in sub of Rahu, and Rahu in Krittika...
Ravi.. Lower part of Heart, Chandra.. Connection of chest and upper part of Heart
Significator of 12th are..Chandra, Shukra Kuja Shani
Shani aspects 6th cusp , his own sign but Grahas in second bhava(Ravi, Budha, Guru)
He started with Shani dasa period barely for 10 days, than Budha.. Budha eight lord, also 8th significator, and Chandra badaka lord in 8th bhava
Laser treatment ... Rahu
Rahu is one of the significator for 5th as well as 11th.. Rahu an agent of Kuja, Kuja in rapt conjunction with Shukra, Kuja aspects Ketu in 11th, Shukra's bhava

His father died inSep 2005
9th cusp falls in Simha
Maraka significators...Budha, Chandra, Shani, Kuja, Shukra
Badaka significator..Rahu, Kuja, Shukra, Ketu
(Rahu in Ravi's star, Ketu in Guru's star, Kuja aspects Ketu)

Dasa period running that time, Ketu Rahu Budha/ Ketu

17th June 2010, he became father

2.. Rahu Guru Ketu Budha , 11. Ketu, Shukra Kuja 5 Rahu Kuja Shukra Ketu

Dasa period... Shukra- Shukra- Rahu

.... will come back on his 5th cusp... lord is Kuja

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Re: Cristiano Ronaldo gifted a Greek Island to his Manager

Post by Lex » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:13 pm

CR7, was arrested and jailed by Scotland yard police for an alleged rape charges, charges was dismissed as lack of evidences
...12th cusp falls in Vrischika..sub is Rahu
Also Shani in 12th bhava
..karakas for imprisonment connected.

...will come back

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Re: Cristiano Ronaldo gifted a Greek Island to his Manager

Post by Lex » Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:43 am

What's Heaven's has blessed CR7, through cusp signification(cusp sub etc can't altered, only Almighty can do, it is fixed)
1st cusp...CR7.. will have hurdles, jealousy, will be interested occult science, visitis foreign places, imprisonment, prone for cheating, conspiracy etc. Loves to buy and invest any luxury items. Excellent mental development, frequent short journeys, will be attached to co-borns. Robust health, when efforts put in, success can be predicted. Interest in sports, will be attached to children.

Second cusp....Gains through legacy like family name, own branding, insurance money, excellent additional incentives like bonus, commissions etc. 2nd sub lord in second, CR7 is a rich person

Third cusp.... profits in foreign countries, will learn occult science, highly romantic, secret love, Gains through law suits( he got a huge amount through libel suit), Contact with Foreign folks, likes to engage on sex of opposite gender, happy life. Increase of assets or income, gains huge wealth, victorius over enemies, pretty strong mind, highfocused concentration, very bold and adventure oriented, likes to travel. Big family, quick profits through income, Gains money through litigations, windfall gains easily. Very popular, engaged in Public work programs, pleasure with opposite sex, travelling always, ownes fkeets of vehicles, continous increase in wealth.Ambition will be fulfilled. Connections with higher ups in Government like President, King, Queen, Prime minister etc, excellent friends, Charitable, Very Rich, Luxury and comforts easily attained.

4th cusp sub.....Mother unwell, loss of properties, cheating, can be house arrest, potential danger through Vehicle Education affected. Restlessness, may fall into cheating, like standing Surety to someone/ others. Success in competitive type works. Very wise in investment and purchase. Success in gaining real estates or properties. Relatives supports CR7, will write Will in name of adopted son ( progeny from previous lady, legality or identity of her was withheld by CR7). Excellent gain in Land/ Agricultural wealth/ properties, leading person in respective field, gains from many sources)

5th cusp.... Gains through sports, entertainment, opera, vocal music. Amassess wealth. Quicj judgement, excellent mental balance, intelligent, cheerful, mild mannered, Failures in love affairs.

6th cusp... Financial success. Touring. Achieves success, successful in religious principles( CR7, being a Portuganese, strong Ethics he has in his Religion)

7th cusp.... Divorces, legal expenses on Partners. Gains in communications, correspondence etc( CR7, a footballer..communication/ moving game, CR7 biography publications etc) Enemies surrender, social influences, Disputs with partner or life partner, seperation.

8th cusp... Prone for accidents, very easy to earn money, huge gains through publications, contracts etc

9th cusp... Education suffers, Danger during touring

10th cusp... Job in foreign, prosperity in distant places, Earns through communication( football game is communication) , contract business( clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid etc), earns from them, will also earns by writing ( already his Autobiography), loves his work, successful in work, steady and quick rise in work, commands Respect, respected by public , social as well as Financial successes, very fond of opposite Gender.Achieves staus easily through his work, all round success.

11th cusp.... Huge profits , wins in games, fond of other sex, ambition will be fulfilled, Financially highly placed, enjoys sex with other's life-partner, Gains through travelling, attached to father, Gains through sports, opera, music, very talented artist in Sports/ opera/ music, very prudent investments and gains from investments.

12th cusp....Good profit, saves lots of assets, pursuit in earning money, adopts every method to achieve the Fortune, Touring abroad, Fortune in foreign places, drawn to court or litigations for Fines etc.

...contd transit..on natal chart.. for an Island gift parting

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Re: Cristiano Ronaldo gifted a Greek Island to his Manager

Post by Lex » Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:45 pm

CR7, is been regular blood donors, ratios aren't put in his body unlike other, it may disqualify from being donating blood.

He born on Tuesday, Lord Kuja, I am not saying, since born on Tuesday, a blood donor, but we will see, what was that Gift been parted to his manager through Astrology.


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Re: Cristiano Ronaldo gifted a Greek Island to his Manager

Post by Lex » Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:24 pm

Cristiano left footer one of the brutal as well as his Headers.

1. He does daily 3000 abs..truly a Martian
2. He leaps in the air, defying Gravitational force so much so, to Head the ball, his leap is 5 times more than an adult Cheetah does, Rahu in Mesha sign.. Head sign
3. His freekick, the impact of his toe/foot on the ball creates a propulsion momentum of the ball equivalent to the speed of takeoff an satellite at the time of launch......Kuja and Shukra in Meena both in Shani's star.

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Re: Cristiano Ronaldo gifted a Greek Island to his Manager

Post by Lex » Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:47 pm


All the internatiional dailies, like Mirror, Guardian etc reported a Greek island bought by billionaire Cristiano, and gifted to his Manager, during wedding ceremony, he was Best Friend on Sunday Wedding took place in Portugal.

Let's see through CR7 BTR chart, 8th , 12th, 9th and 5 bhava significators, and let's see timing of this incident

8th signi..... Budha Ravi ( Chandra is occupant of 8th bhava, Chandra is a watery sign lord)
12th signi...Chandra Shukra Kuja Shani ( Kuja is a watery sign lord, rapt conjunction with Shukra,..all property karakas)
9th signi.... Rahu, Guru ( Rahu in own sub and a representativd of Kuja, lagna lord of CR7)
5th signi.... Rahu Kuja Shukra Ketu

The day was Sunday, Ravi in Pushyam, Shani in his chart 12th bhava, that day Ravi was in his 8th
Budha, eighth lord of his natal chart in 8th in Aslesha, own star ( Budha lords his natal chart 8th cusp in Gemini till Simha, Chandra becomes only sign lord, not a cusp lord or bhava lord)
Kuja, that day in Eighth in Punavasu, in natal Guru is 2nd cusp/ bhava lord
Shukra retro that day was in rapt conjunction with Guru, both were in Simha sign, 9th bhava of natal chart, in Magham, Ketu , agent for Shukra in 11th
Rahu was in Virgo, 10th bhava, was in Uttaraphalguni, Ravi was in 2nd in natal chart, Kuja aspects Rahu on that day
Ketu was in Meena sign in Uttiratathi, Shani was in 12th

That day Chandra was transiting in Kumbha to Meena, in Guru's star, both Shukra and Guru aspects Chandra, who an occupant of 8th of natal chart, Guru , 2nd lord , I.e 8th lord for Gift receipient, Shukra, 7th lord, recepient in natal chart

Dasa running Shukra Bhukti Kuja Antara Guru, sookshma Rahu
Shukra.. Kuja.. joint results, as I said earlier, Rahu in 5th in Ravi's star in sub of Rahu

Confirmed Gift of Property(Chandra too involved, watery in nature, since Ravi involved, an Expensive of Royal value).. been gifted

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