Pioneer dated Sep19,2015, NETAJI didnt die in plane crash

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Pioneer dated Sep19,2015, NETAJI didnt die in plane crash

Post by Lex » Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:41 pm

An initial look into the 64 confidential police files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose made public on Friday by the Mamata Banerjee Government tended to rubbish the so-called Taihoku plane crash theory on his death, reinforcing the view that he was alive even after 1945.

One of those files suggested that the freedom fighter was alive even after his alleged disappearance from Taihoku. Not only this, some of the letters tend to suggest that some people were apprehensive of Bose’s reappearance on the Indian political horizon. As a result of this, all the Kolkata-bound communiqués of Bose’s kin were either intercepted en route or thoroughly scrutinised before being delivered.

Many of folks through traditional astrology, might have concluded and wrote about the demise of our Freedom Fighter, demise taken place through air-crash

One of the publication, using rectified birth time ( process not shown as dictated or prescribed in Vedic texts), through Progressed Trishamsa chart evaluated and concluded demise took place tallied with the date as declared by then Political Government of the demise of Netaji

I do not read astrology books, how many such books/ journals written by such like minded people through astrology on Netjai's mysterious death/ with copy and paste of birth time reported by someone, without vetting the BTR,

The Bengal Government on Friday declassified 64 such police files which would now be kept at the Kolkata Police Museum for public viewing. “One such file that was key to Netaji’s movements after 1945 till 1968, was destroyed in the year 1972 by then Bengal Chief Minister SS Ray at the behest of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi,” said ChandraKumar Bose.
He said he could only see the cover page of the file and “the remaining portions were mischievously destroyed by the traitors.” He demanded a full-fledged enquiry .

Is de-classified available notes to public view, saying the real picture, why then conclusion of Published Astrology analysis on Netaji, concluding the other way?

PS ..Will analyze throughon Netaji's available data through K.P. System

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Re: Pioneer dated Sep19,2015, NETAJI didnt die in plane cras

Post by Lex » Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:22 pm

Lets test the news of Netaji ,when he was airborne, air accident took place???

Before getting into our Freedom fighter, natal chart,

Today, when the desire to test, as I read today in my office print media report of West Bengal Government going to connect with Central Government in Digital India campaign, to declassify Netaji files through Digital as a part of transparency.

Today Is Wednesady, Budha, the time I was or rather started analyzing research files of Netaji's daughter/ Raphael Ephemeris, K.P. Panchang, in the Heaven's map, the lagna was transiting in Virgo, Budha, in nk of Uttaraphalguni nk in sub of Shani, in rising lagna Rahu, Ravi, Budha ( Budha is vakri today)
Chandra was transiting in Mesha in Ashwini nk, Ketu
Today, Ketu lords for Guru

Lets see Netaji's only one daughter, date of birth and place available in web, but not the time

Mrs Pfaff..........

On her date of birth, Chandra was transiting in Nirayana from Karkata in Aslesha, Budha sub..... (@ Vienna time of 0001 hrs) to Simha in Magham nk, Ketu in sub of..... (@ Vienna time 2359 hrs)

Today Ketu is been aspected by Kuja, Ravi, Budha, and Ketu in Shani's star
In her Chart, Ketu like wise will be conneted with one way or another

Today Shani in Vrischika sign in Shani's star in sub of vakri Budha
similarly, Shani in her chart should be connected by sign or aspect with Kuja, and should be connect to own sign or Ketu


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Re: Pioneer dated Sep19,2015, NETAJI didnt die in plane cras

Post by Lex » Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:52 pm

Before getting into natal chart of late Freedom fighter's daughter chart, lets read an article Published today in Mirror, TOI publication, Pune Edition.....

KOLKATA The family members of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on Friday pressed for the declassification of files on former Prime Minister, the late Lal Bahadur Shastri, to unravel the mystery surrounding his death. The files are kept in India and Russia.

"Lal Bahadur Shastri was one of the greatest sons of India and certainly one of the best prime ministers India has ever had! It is unfortunate that he passed away in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, in the then USSR, on January 11, 1966, under mysterious circumstances. Till today, the truth has been hidden from the nation," Netaji's grand-nephew Chandra Kumar Bose said on a Facebook post.

Bose said Shastri had promised his father Amiya Nath Bose that he would set up a proper inquiry commission on his return from Russia in January 1966.

"Lal Bahadur Shastri had promised Amiya Nath Bose, Netaji's nephew, here in Kolkata on 23 December, 1965, that during his visit to Russia, he would try to find out whether Netaji was in Russia," Bose said in his post.

Shastri was perhaps one of the few Congress leaders of the Jawaharlal Nehru era to make such an announcement that went against the party line. Incidentally, Shastri, too, was born on October 2, the birth date of Mahatma Gandhi, which is widely celebrated by the Congress as well as the country as Gandhi Jayanti.

The late PM was simplicity personified. Pundits say Shastri had no layers and he never deterred from calling a spade a spade.

K.P.Prashna number 171, queries

1. Does the news reported of late Netaji's death through aviation accident?

2. What can be possibilities of Netaji's death?, if not through Aerial route accident.

Today, Saturday, Shani, in the Heaven's map, lagna was transiting, at the time of casting prashna chart, was in Vrichika, Kuja, in Aunradha nk, Shani in sub of Ravi, Shani in lagna ( Shani aspects Kuja, Guru, Shukra), in Guru's sign Ketu lording today and gets aspect from Ravi and Budha( Budha is vakri, omitted), Ravi is lorded by Rahu on behalf of Budha, and today, Chandra in Rishabham in Mrigasirsam nk, Kuja. Except Chandra, and Budha, rest of planets becomes ruling planets

I am not all connected to Netaji, Prashna lagna falls in Dhanur, but,

Lagna sputa cusp falls in Simha in Magham in sub of Shani and Shani in Anuradha

What I have been studied throughout Primary schooling days, about Netaj's death due to Aeroplane crash

Lets test , news is it true or False

7th cusp , analyser's cusp... 9th cusp i.e Simha, will be news hearing etc

It is connected with Shani and Shani in Anuradha

News heard of Netaji's death about air crash, 1 st query, is not True.

Is the 9th cusp, lagna sputa cusp depositions reveals, is the person not alive any more

sub depositions connected to badakstana, markastana and badakstana significator is deposited in marakstana lord, marakstana significator and lord is also maraca significator and further sub is retro and a maraca significator

Native is not alive

Shani falls in Vrichika sign.... Native drowned, another significator Ketu in Meena sign... Poisoned or drowned

8th cusp falls in Meena in Shani's star in sub of Rahu, Rahu in Ravi's star, and Ravi aspects Ketu

Rahu , an agent of Budha

Native was in work related journey( return) from overseas and developed complications

Rahu in Virgo ( not an airy sign, but an Earthy sign), Rahu deposition , Ravi too in Virgo, and Budha too in Virgo

Could have developed Gastro intestinal complications with bleeding, would have been advised for surgery

Ketu denotes traditional medications, might have got poisoned or drowned

The place of death shows very close or infact in home country


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Re: Pioneer dated Sep19,2015, NETAJI didnt die in plane cras

Post by Lex » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:39 am


Lets revisit, Netaji's daughter chart, ( details are available in Web)

K.P. followers and well versed and so also traditional astrologers well versed, when lagna sputa cusp in Nirayana, in depositions can easily calculate the time of birth,

Her lagna sputa cusp falls in Virgo in Hastam in sub of Budha, and Budha in Anuradha nk
Shukra and Ravi are in rapt conjunctions, joint results
Ravi and Budha are in rapt conjunctions, joint results.

Her Mom, non Hindu way married to Netaji
Her Mom work was helping Netaji, in war room as a stenographer and send message to other camps
Her Mom died in Mar 1996

Her grand mother was a veternerian

Her husband a politician
She is University Professor and also represents politics in her country
She studied in India for brief period, her Post Graduation?

Lets test above, with her natal chart
Her Mom worked as a messenger for her father in war room
Her lagna sputa becomes, her mom's Prfessional karma cusp
what it indicates, Lord is Budha, Chandra and again Budha
Personal assistant to somebody, Communication, Virgo stands for litigation, debts, enemy, court clerk, or debt recovery clerk, war room or camp clerk, Oratory writing etc

Her father's house, falls in Rishabham in nk of Rohini in sub of Guru
Her Mom's lagna sputa cusp falls in Guru's sign
Chandra signifies father's cusp apart from Shukra
Shukra is in rapt conjunction with Ravi, who is in turn rapt conjunction with Budha, her mom's 10th cusp lord and also sub is Budha

We will see her Grand mother, a veternerian
Her mom's lagna sputa cusp in Dhanur becomes Grand mother's professional career
..connected to Estates, Designer, Animal Husbandry, Poultry, minister, politician


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Re: Pioneer dated Sep19,2015, NETAJI didnt die in plane cras

Post by Lex » Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:47 am


This week, Netaji's family member had a chat in RCR house with Prime Minister, P.M. assured Central Government will go for De-classification of documents

One of the spokesperson of Ruling party has been saying, saw and read the classified files, Netaji was alive, when the news broke out saying Netaji died in Aerial route accident.

Prashna in my previous post establishes, Netaji died of mysterious way but not through Air-accident or Bird hit accident.

...contd of Netaji's daughter chart reading, K.P.System

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