The man who gave jitters to D Gang Don

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The man who gave jitters to D Gang Don

Post by Lex » Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:46 pm

Chotta...., the man who parted ways with his boss "D", gives scares to his Gang

We will see the noted person's natal chart, through BTR, K.P.System, who created hiccups for a person who is hiding in our cross-border shared country, and he is put on International look out roundup notice by International Counter Terrorism agencies of respective countries.

The details available through Investigation various websites
1. His Mother died in April 2014
2. His mother was Spiritual
3.He had studied then old SSLC, todays equivalent to First Year Junior College ( 9th cusp significators with 11th cusp issues)
4. His father worked in Govt run cloth mill, though also linked to a Pharmaceutical company ( Shukra/Chandra/Ravi or 8th cusp to look into)
5. He is now on CAPD , continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis, so he is not taking Hemo-Dialysis ( Osama Bin was also a Dialysis patient).... Shukra issue
6. His first job...selling movie tickets in black... Shukra and Rahu
7. He fled India ( so 12th cusp in Movable sign or common sign..connections to Rahu/Shani/ Shukra)
3rd 9th and 12th assessment
8. Even the person hiding in nearby country with their Army backing him, has fear and gets terrified news on him, so his 8th cusp sub Kuja?

...Lets see BTR...contd

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Re: The man who gave jitters to D Gang Don

Post by Lex » Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:59 am


BTR of Chotta Rajan, he christened the name of Rajan ( his real name Ravindra Nikalje), his boss then, Rajan NAIR was a gangster and a bootlegger, he died, hence the name

Born in Tilak Nagar, ancestor properties with a huge villa in Phaltan, Phalltan is a place in Satara, the Rojwada or King living place, the then Phaltan king heir of Great Maratha, his great Great Great Grand son, I had a chance to speak when I was in Pune.

Lets come back to the fugitive, who been apprehended by Bali security personnel a week ago in Bali, our Intelligence sleuths and Cops are in Bali to get him extradiated to India

Today is Tuesday, Kuja, in the Celestial map, at the time of casting K.P.Natal chart of Chotta, with K.P.Ayan, the latitude I was in, the rising lagna was in Guru's sign in Utiratathi nk in sub of Rahu, with Ketu in lagna and Kuja, Rahu, Shukra aspects, Chandra was transiting in Chandra's sign today and deposited in Pushyam nk.

The following are Chotta Rajan's details of depositions, please read as, Grahas, bhava, in nakshatra of in sub of

Ravi - Vrischika - Jyesta - Shukra

Chandra - Mesha - Krittika- Ravi

Shani - Vrischika - Jyesta - Chandra

Guru - Kanya -Chitra - Budha

Budha - Vrischika - Moolam - Shani

Ketu - Meena - Bharani - Ravi

Kuja - Thula - Visakam- Budha

Rahu - Kanya - Swati - Shukra

Shukra - Dhanur - Uttarashada- Budha

Cusps depositions, please read as, cusp no, bhava, in nakshatra of, in sub of resply

Lagna cusp - Meena - Utiratathi nk- Rahu

II cusp - Mesha - Bharani nk - Kuja

III cusp - Rishabham - Rohini - Shani

IV cusp - Mithunam - Ardra - Shani

V cusp - Karkata - Pushyam - Budha

VI cusp - Simha - Magham - Rahu

VII cusp - Kanya - Hastam - Rahu

VIII Cusp - Thula - Swati - Ravi

IX Cusp - Vrischika - Anuradha nk - Guru

X Cusp - Dhanur - Moolam - Shani

XI Cusp - Makara - Uttarashada - Budha

XII Cusp - Kumbha - Satabhista- Rahu

Lets see his nature, characteristics etc

from lagna sputa cusp

Will have naughty smile, not tall, limbs will be slender, appearance will be grace, eyebrows thick, nose will be bulged or even like a bird..parrot

Mental equilibrium will be stable but when gives a jolt will react fast, looks for contracts and comparisons, very forceful criticizer, over careful, would like to move continuously, intuition will be correct, interested in gathering information, easy going but shrewd, likes to interact or engage with more often with opposite sex

Heath 6th cusp sub in a sign deposited in Thula.... connected to kidneys and 8th cusp deposition in a nakshatra of Rahu, 6th and 8th are connected and 12th sub also connected... very aggressive disease...Continuous Prophylactic measures needed... He is on CAPD, continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis... His Kidneys or Kidney function lost or Nephrons fails to work as Brain communicates, his nephrons fails to respond


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Re: The man who gave jitters to D Gang Don

Post by Lex » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:39 am


2nd cusp sub is Kuja and Kuja is bhava lord and Kuja in 8th ( Thula bhava) conjunct with Rahu
..income is not aligned with Government law or illegitimate or unlawful earnings ( his 11th cusp sub is also Budha , who is deposited in Moolam, Ketu in Second in Nirayana rasi but goes to lagnabhava, and Kuja aspects Ketu so does Guru in nirayana rasi

Lets see is this Chart alive ?

Lagna Sputa cusp in Utiratati nk in sub of Rahu
Rahu in Nirayana rasi in 8th but goes to 7th, Rahu is a significator of badaka and marakastana but Rahu's deposition in the sub is Shukra, Shukra is not a significator of marakastana and badakstana
2nd Mesha Chandra is occupant and Kuja is sign lord... Chandra, Guru
Chandra is not a significator of badakstana ( Rahu has aspect of Chandra, Rahu is not deposited in Chandra), Guru is conjunct with Rahu both goes to Badakstana and Marakstana, Rahu is not deposited in Guru's star,

Chart is a live chart

Lets see time of birth is correct

Lagna sputa cusp Shani in 9th bhava in Jyesta nakshatra, Budha is 4th lord and sub Rahu conjoined with Kuja, 9th lord ( Kuja itself deposited in sub of Budha)

Deposition of Chandra, Chandra gets aspects from Kuja, 9th lord, and conjoined with Ketu ( Ketu represents Kuja) and in chart, Janma nk is Krittika, Ravi .. in his chart Ravi and Shani are in rapt joint results

Shani as discussed above

Time of birth is correct both frm lagna as well as Rasi

Lets see his education
Fourth cusp sub is Shani
11th significator Shani
Shani is deposited in Budha
Budha in 9th in Bhava but Budha is closely conjunct with 10th cusp... more of 10th results

His 9th cusp sub is Guru and Guru in Chitra nk
Kuja in 8th
Guru primarily give results ofKuja in 8th, 9th lord is Kuja ( Ketu will give result of Chandra and Kuja from 8th)
11th significations sShani and Ravi ( conjunct in rapt)..Kuja only connection to 11th is aspecting 11th cusp
The only bad aspect on 11th cusp is sublord of 9th, Guru, his lagna lord, Chandra getting a bad aspect of 2nd cusp sub lord, 2nd and 9th lord Kuja
Chandra is deposited in Ravi's star

In Chandra dasa, he could complete his education upto School level ( refer my previous posts)

Lets see his Profession
10th cusp falls in Dhanur in Moolam nk in sub of Shani
Ketu we have discussed ( about illegitimate source), Shani is 11th and 12th lord in 9th
9th is normal Zodiac's Eight bhava ( mystery, unknown)
Shani in Jyesta nk
Budha in 10th but goes to 9th, but strongly connected to 10th cusp
Now Shukra joining in 10th bhava ( Kuja aspects Shukra in Nirayana Rasi)
Shukra in Ravi's star and Ravi and Shani are in rapt conjunction
We have in his chart Rahu in Shukra's sign, 8th sign
Rahu becomes agent of Shukra ( connected to Film ticket black marketing), Rahu conjunct with Kuja and as well Guru and Rahu gets aspect from Chandra , 5th lord... Rahu gives momentum to his 10th cusp of various activities undertook pertaining illegitimate work
Kuja+Ketu... Gun
Kuja+ Rahu+ Shukra+Chandra...Mind related to habit forming substance dealings
Rahu+ Shukra... Film
Ketu+Shukra+ Kuja+Budha... Land, Buildings dealings
Shukra+ Rahu+Chandra... Discotheque, Bar etc


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Re: The man who gave jitters to D Gang Don

Post by Lex » Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:51 pm


His mother death happened in Feb 2014

4th cusp falls in Mithunam
Maraka and badaka significators
Chandra, Ketu,Guru, Kuja ( and Rahu for Shukra)
Chandra is weak significator
Today's ruling planets
Guru in sub of Budha and Guru in Kuja's star
( Both Guru and Kuja are conjunct with Rahu, both Kuja and Guru aspect Ketu and Ketu in Shukra's star ( Shukra is badakastana and Marakstana bhava)
Both Guru and Shukra in sub of Budha, Budha is in rapt conjunction with Badkastana and Marakstana cusp of his mother

Guru becomes a strong significator connected to Ruling planet
Rahu is another significator and as well as today's significator

Guru dasa and Rahu bhukti Shukra antara.. she left abode

Guru was transiting over lagna ( lord of maraka and badaka) and Rahu was in Libra ( Shukra's sign) conjunct with Shani ( 8th lord) and 12th lord Shukra in Marakastana and badakstana sign.

Lets see his Late father's 10th cusp

in simha sign, Ravi in Magham nk in sub of Rahu
in his chart Ravi and Shani are in rapt conjunction
Ravi stands for Government
Ketu uniform karaka ( his father's 6th cusp in Shukra's star and in sub of Kuja)
Simha sign also stands for Remedy ( medicine, Ravi is Karaka)
Ketu also stands for traditional medicine
Rahu in sign of Shukra, Shukra also a medicine karaka
Rahu getting aspected by Chandra
Denoting Clothes
His father's profession connected to mill, Pharmaceuical and Govt owned, he was a worker)... Ravi and SHANI are in Rapt conjunction

7th cusp sub is Rahu and Rahu is in 7th itself
Rahu conjunct with Kuja... 2nd significator so also Guru
Shukra is closely in rapt conjunction conjunct with 11th cusp, and Rahu represents Shukra
Marriage promised

5th cusp sub is Budha and Budha in Moolam
Ketu in 2nd in nirayana rasi, however Ketu is closely in rapt conjunction with 2nd cusp and also conjunct with Chandra, 5th lord, 11th cusp sub is Budha and Budha in Ketu's star
...Progeny blessed

On that day he was apprehended in Bali by Cops at that time
the lagna was transiting into 11th cusp in his natal chart
his 8th cusp and 7th cusp needs a look at that that time
Ravi was transiting in 8th cusp in his natal chart ( Swati nk) and Rahu in 8th natal chart)
Rahu represents Shukra in natal chart was transiting on that day in 7th, Budha sign
Rahu+ Shukra denotes intelliegence and that day Rahu deposited in Ravi and Ravi was in Rahu's star...Government Intelligence agency
Guru+ Shukra+Kuja( latter twos were in rapt conjunction) in transit was in his 6th house of natal chart both were signifying Shukra in 10th ,7,8, 2,3,9,1
It seems it is not preplanned or stage managed by Government agencies, so he was caught by intelligence inputs

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Re: The man who gave jitters to D Gang Don

Post by Lex » Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:40 am

As predicted in the previous post, Chotta Rajan didn't surrender, it was his slip of tongue that divulged his identity to Bali's Airport intelligence personnel, he disclosed original name, he was caught

Slip of Tongue..Karaka Shukra? or one of 3 nakshatra lords in his Rishabham bhava in his chart?

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