Salman Khan, Birth time Arrival..analysis of acquittal case

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Salman Khan, Birth time Arrival..analysis of acquittal case

Post by Lex » Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:16 pm

Birth time arrival of Salman Khan... K.P. System

Let me fix his planets connection BY looking at Heaven's map, my latitude now I was in, today is Friday, Shukra, today, rising lagna ( in nirayana position) in Kumbha, Shani, in Satabhista nk, Rahu and Guru aspects from Simha, today, Chandra in Vrischika, Kuja in Jyesta nk, Budha, today is Amavasya, Ravi and Chandra in rapt conjunction.

Today Rahu reprsents Budha and conjoined with Kuja, and Kuja aspects Ketu

He born in December... Ravi should be transiting in Dhanur ( today Guru in Simha)...connection.. His chart connection of Ravi and Guru through placement or aspect or deposition in sub

Today Shani in Kuja's sign and in own nk, and Shani aspects Shukra sign and Guru... connection of Kuja, Guru, Shukra... aspect or placement or longitudinal depositions
He is now apprx 50 yrs
So in his chart Shani should be in own sign ( may be deposited in Dhanista nk)

Today Guru in Simha, Guru in Ravi's star. and in fag end or traditional parlance word Gandanta , to next sign Virgo, Rahu also catching up Guru today

Guru should be connected to Ravi by aspect and today aspect own sign and rising lagna, so his lagna is influenced or aspect or placement of Guru

Today Chandra in Jyesta nk and in Kuja's sign, today Kuja in Hastam
and Chandra in rapt conjunction with Ravi, today Budha in Ketu, Guru'ssign, Kuja aspect

Today Shani is not in rapt conjunction wth Ravi and Chandra
Chandra in his chart should be deposited in Dhanista in Makara ( Guru doesnt aspect Chandra today, Chandra aspect Shukra's sign today)

Chandra in Dhanista, sub can be Ravi or Chandra and sub sub Shukra???? need to check when I am free

Ravi in Dhanur, today they are in rapt conjunction, so Chandra in his chart in Makara

on that day, Chandra will transit to Kumbha in the afternoon

He has to be born in morning hours

Satabhista nk or Rahu's star in zodiac chart.. in Mithuna, Thula, Kumbha

Mithuna lagna for him is ruled out

So he has to be born in early morning hours

his lagna can be in Swati nk deposition or SAtabhista nk deposition...

...Will come back

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Re: Salman Khan, Birth time Arrival..analysis of acquittal c

Post by Lex » Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:26 am

Salman Khan's Birth time arrival, K.P.Ayanamsa, Born 27, December, 1965, Indore, M.P.

His lagna Sputa cusp falls in Kumbha in Satabhista nk in sub of Shukra and Shukra in Shravanna nakshatra

He is average height

Shukra and Chandra both in Makara... short ascension

Physical appearance... Slender but not stout, long nose, eyes would be deep set inside

Being in Makara sign.. old age potential to develop hunch back

General nature... Practical, Liberal ( Chandra is 7th lord), quick reflex, certain moody behavior, confident, worry about self not be humiliated, at times criminal intent, sometimes greedy

in Shukra's sign, Rahu is placed ( Rahu gets aspect in nirayana rasi from Budha, 8th cuspal lord, placed in normal zodiac's 8th house,conjoined with Ketu), Rahu goes to Aries in Bhava and 180 degrees away similarly Ketu to 9th bhava ( In his chart Rahu represents Shukra and Ravi, while Ketu represents Kuja and Shani)

Lets see his Health

6th cusp falls in Karkata in Pushya in sub of Rahu

Rahu in Krittika nk, but goes to Head sign of normal zodiac

Krittika nk denotes face, fore-head,nose, voice etc

Rahu and Ravi aspect adverse in his chart

while Shukra in Chandra's star gives a bad aspect on 6th cusp along with Kuja

Shukra is badaka for him, both Shani and Budha cast bad aspect on Rishabham cusp

Rahu in Rishabham sign... initiation of sickness related to Throat, face, eye sores, private organs, nose related issues, throat related problems

His Ingeminal neuralgia was reported in August 2011, was suffering since 2004

He is now running Shani Dasa and Chandra Bhukti

When he underwent surgery, Shani Dasa Shukra Bhukti

Shani in lagna in Satabhista nk ( Rahu in 3rd..Rahu is 6th cusp lord) in sub of Chandra ( 6th lord in 12th), Chandra in Dhanista ( Kuja 3rd, 10th in 11th)

Shukra in 12th ( 4th and 9th lord) in Chandra's star in sub of Budha (5th and 8th lord in 9th but close to 10th cusp)

Significators 6th.. Shukra Chandra

signi... 8th... Budha

signi 12th... Chandra Shukra Ketu Shani ( Ketu conjoined with Budha and Ketu represents Kuja and Shani, 1and 12th lord)

He was in theatre for the neuralgia operation in U.S.

He also performed Hair transplant with botox Tx, April 2007

Dasa.. Shani


Karakas for skin are above karakas, Hair is a part of Skin

8th significator... Budha.. refers plurality, connection with Ketu ( Head Kraka, or edit karaka)

His 5th cusp sub is Shukra

It talks about his talent, Shukra is artist karaka, talent karaka also 9th cusp lord ( bhagya stana lord) and Shukra in Chandra's star... He is also a painter


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Re: Salman Khan, Birth time Arrival..analysis of acquittal c

Post by Lex » Sat Dec 12, 2015 4:47 am


We had seen earlier Salman's 6th cusp ( for health issues), his 6th cusp becomes his Dad''s Professional related karmas

His father wrote dialogues/ script for Bollywood great films, Deewar, Sholay etc, along with Javed

His dad's 10th cusp... Chandra sign in Pushya nk in sub of Rahu and Rahu in Krittika ( Rahu gets aspect from Budha, Budha conjoined with Ketu, Ketu writing karaka0, His dad's 5th cusp lord aspect Ketu and Budha)

Rahu represents Shukra too, and his dad's 5th cusp sub too Shukra. His dad's 10th cusp lord aspects 10th so also lagna lord

His Dad married Helen, another yesteryear cine-artist, marriage, 2nd marriage, 1st wife also stays with them

Lets see his dad's 7th cusp longitude deposition sub is Ketu

In dad's ( or Salman's chart), Ketu in 2nd but goes to lagna bhava

Ketu represents Shani ( his dad's 2nd cusp sub is Ravi, and Ravi in Moolam), and Ketu also represents Kuja ( Kuja is his dad's 2nd cusp as well 7th cusp lord), now the important factor to be satisfied apart from the above for 2nd marriage is Ketu conjoined with Budha... Pluralities of wives for Salim, Salman's Dad

We know Salman not yet married, is his marriage promised?

Salman's 7th cusp sub is Ravi, and Ravi in Moolam

Ravi is placed in 11th but goes to 10th

Ketu in 10th but goes to 9th

Ketu representing Kuja... Kuja in 12th and Kuja in Uttarashada

Ketu representing Shani, Shani in 1st and Rahu in 3rd ( Shani aspects Ketu)

Marriage is not promised by Vedic analysis, but he may opt for to marry a Widower

Lets see his 10th cusp ( Kuja cusp lords of 3 and 10 in 11)

Vrischika cusp in sub of Ravi

Ravi in 11th but goes to 10th, Ravi in Ketu's star ( lagna lord aspects 10th cusp )

10th cusp lord Kuja in Ravi's star and in 11th, Budha ( 5th cusp lord) in 10th but goes to 9th

( all grahas Ketu, Budha, Kuja, Rahu... deposited in sub of Shukra)

His Shukra connected career gets him Hero status, Money, recognition, mass followers

He is into Business Ventures of his cloth lines , lets check 7th cusp Ravi in common sign

Ravi in Ketu's star

Ketu represents Kuja and Shani

Ketu deposited in sub of Shukra

Shukra is placed in an Earthy sign

Earthy sign...Shukra..a karaka for Filmy business as well as cloth lines


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Re: Salman Khan, Birth time Arrival..analysis of acquittal c

Post by Lex » Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:52 pm


Salman Khan is paid higher than Hollywood film stars, he is ranked in Fortune list, highest paid actor

Lets see

His point of fortune falls in 2nd bhava.. it explains increased legitimate bank balance will be replenished continuously, attached to family members, fortune also favouring family members. His Fortuna signifies career, from foreign source, from younger brothers( his younger brother directed Dabaang)

His 2nd cusp sub is placed Fixed but goes to movable sign.. steady to large fortunes, signifying 10,7,3,12,1,3,6,11... majority are improved bhavas... enormous and huge wealth through career and Business

His 4th cusp sub in Movable sign.. his house occupies prominent position in the city and it will be in the corner of the road, which is infact, Bandra Bandstand., it will face South West.. ( his resident right opposite to Arabian sea. His 4th cusp sub ccupies a quadraped sign, along with house, Automobiles

Shukra for vehicle
Chandra.. Fluids petroleum products
Kuja in shani's sign... engineering
Shani aspects Ketu( ketu in Kuja's sign).. ignition

Salman Khan has a yacht, parked at Alibaug sea-shore

Already is 4th cusp sub deposited in Chandra, a watery sign lord

Shukra is deposited in sub of Budha ( Ketu conjoined, Shani aspects Ketu) in Vrischika

Vrischika is a water sign ( so he has a yacht)

4th cusp sub and sub is connected with Chandra.and in Shani's sign... also gives him plenty of land at disposal, along with cusp sign lord Shani, Ketu, Kuja involved

...He has huge farme house in Panvel

His acquitted from Vehicle accident case by High court, last week

The day was Thursday, Guru and that Guru in Shukra's star

He is running Shani dasa Chandra Bhukti Shukra antara

In his natal chart. on that day

Shani ( dasa lord) in 9th cusp and own star... in his chart, Shani in lagna cusp ( and in rapt conjunction with lagna sputa cusp, more of 1st house result, less of 12th house, on that day Shani was deposited in sub of Rahu. In his chart Rahu in 3rd ( representing Shukra, Shani and getting aspecting from Budha)..on that day Rahu was transiting in 7th in natal chart and representing Budha and Ravi, conjoined with Kuja ( Rahu in rasi in Virgo... a litigation sign). on that day Ravi was in 9th, and Budha was just touchinh or getting associated with his natal 11th cusp ( on that day Guru was aspecting 11th cusp of his natal chart and also his lagna sputa cusp, in his natal chart Guru in vakri placed in 5th bhava

... transit was talking about litigation sign ( involving a hit and run homicide case)

Bhukti lord, Chandra, his 6th natal cusp lord in 12th, on that day was in 9th in Shani's star

Everything was signifying 6 and 1,

His Shukra, antara lord, in 12th in his natal chart, was transiting in 8th in Swati

The day was Thursday, Guru, in Guru's sign on that day Ketu was lording and in Puratathi nk

In salman's natal chart, Ketu ( natural Justice karaka) was transiting in lagna,Kuja aspecting his 3rd and 10th cuspal lord in 11th natal chart, was in Hastam nk

It indicates his Senior lawyers and Attorneys were very strong to debate and Ketu, Judge delivered the case and acquitted Salman Khan from hit and run homicide case.... Shani and Chandra contributed, both were signifying lagna bhava, and 6th.. which is defeat to prosecution. ( State Govt can take forward reappeal to Apex court)

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