Member again - kshantaram/shantaramk now

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Member again - kshantaram/shantaramk now

Post by shantaramk » Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:50 pm

This is kshantaram registered again as shantaramk, forced change; earlier a member here.
my earlier yahoo e-mail was hacked a few years ago, hence had to register with new gmail.

Do not know the implications of being a new member - restrictions etc, the rules as applicable.
whether can be handled as a regular member.

Strange reading requests here are not accompanied by charts as in astrodienst?

A good forum discussing vedic astrology - but find difficulty participating;
posts too are published much later each time. seems no search facility to see one's own posts and responses.

i am into astrology since my school days; and have attended some evening classes lately,
have been participating on various forums since 2006, contributing almost daily.

just thought of sharing and clarifying here and if any help is available on this, regularising membership.

with humble regards and thanks,


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