Rahu Mars conjunction for Simha asc Question

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Rahu Mars conjunction for Simha asc Question

Post by Naturesmelody » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:29 am


I am wondering if someone can shed light on a combination in my chart which baffles me in terms of being positive or negative and its overall implications. I am a Leo ascendant so Mars is a benefic for me but it is in Cancer and in the 12th house and paired with Rahu which is Malific however Rahu paired with a yogakaraka is often deemed ok... It also however strengthens the planet and takes on qualities of the planet ruling the house which is moon, but moon is Rahu's enemy, but my moon is exaulted so would this change effect? And what effect would that have on my Mars, being that Moon is in conflict with Mars or subdues it and makes it uncomfortable and agitated. Which planet wins out and is the effect auspicious? ... as you can see I am a bit confused

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Re: Rahu Mars conjunction for Simha asc Question

Post by Suresh_Chauhan » Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:08 pm

Hi, maleficity of Mars as a natural malefic never gets cancelled. Debilitation (weakness) due to it being in Cancer a watery sign may be modified if a) it is in a kendra from its dispositor b) dispositor is exalted, or c) another exalted planet sat with Mars in 12th house. IN your case, b) applies .... Mars dispositor moon is exalted in 10th house of Taurus. So the debilitation will reduce to some extent.

mars in 12H makes you a "mangalik" from Ascendant, not from Sun, Moon or Venus. The worst case is when a person is mangalik from all four!! Mangalik is not a negative quality, just makes a person stornger, more determined, resolute - very much martian qualities. Now obvsiously these qualities are great in an office, or in politics, but not good for family or spouse relationships. Hence it is said that marital life is affected which is true but you can always work on that with your spouse.

Many scholars like to point out that malefic nature of Mars cannot be cancelled - not by any benefic aspect, not after a certain age, nor because of conjunction with Jupiter/Venus/Moon. Mars is mars, and will always present its fiery rebellious side often - more often if you're like I said mangalik from multiple planets and the ascendant. Also keep in mind that your Ascendant is in a mild kartari dosha where Saturn/mercury are in the 2H and Mars/rahu in 12H putting you, the self in certain "bind" - it places certain constraints on what you can do, what options life presents you etc. Your moon sits alone in 10H with no planet on either side - it will tend to isolate you (self-absorbed, aloof, likes to stay alone, avoid company) because of kemadruma but not so strong in your chart as Moon in a Kendra. Rarely do the full blown effects of a kemadrum dosha manifest in a chart othrewise it will be all doom, poverty, misery for the native. In modern world, it is not possible, we're constantly surrounded by people everywhere in all aspects of our life.

Your Mars dasha ended in 2002 as per Vimshottari system. How was it, any ups and downs? Rahu is going to go on until 2020. Then too a deeper study is only possible when one looks closely at the nakshatras, the cosmic background that envelopes all these planets, their movements and their interactions.

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