Navamsa exaltation and neechabhanga

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Navamsa exaltation and neechabhanga

Post by kmisra24 » Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:38 pm

Dear All,

Warm greetings.

I'm a learner in vedic astrology and have deep interest in this subject.
After having read many books, blogs ..., I can say that I have some basic and fundamental understanding, still I rely on the Gurus and Experts to show me the way, after all learning is for an entire lifetime.

I've picked up a few random kundlis from here and there and trying to understand the deeper correlation between planets and real life experience.
Here is a peculiar case study, that I need your direction around.

D1 (janm kundli) placements:
Rashi = Scorpio, nakshatra = anuradha
Lagna = aries, mars in cancer (4H) - debilitation, jupiter + saturn + rahu in Leo (5H), sun (debilitated) + venus in libra (7H), moon (debilitated) + mercury in scorpio (8H), ketu in aquarius (11H)

D9 (navamsa):
Lagna= cancer, jupiter (exalted) + mercury in cancer (lagna), rahu in leo (2H), moon (debilitated) in scorpio (5H), sun + saturn in saggitarius (6H), mars in capricorn (exalted) 7H, ketu in aquarius (8H), venus in aries (10H)

so it looks like a somewhat weak horoscope
shadbala strengths:
sun = 7.0, moon = 8.21, mars = 6.9, jup = 7.9, saturn = 6.2, mercury = 6.4, venus = 6.3

The interesting thing is the Navamsa

My understanding (requesting your kind inputs) - Please confirm if the analysis is correct
Highlights:(D1 - janm kundli)
- In the kundli, sun, moon and mars are all debilitated, but sun gets neechabhanga due to venus in own house in 7H (libra) (???)
- there is a malavya yoga for venus and a gajakeshari yoga (jupiter in kendra from moon) but with a malefic (saturn / rahu)
- Also, saturn being the lord of 10th and 11th occupies 5th, that too in conjunction with 9th lord jupiter, hence should be good (raja yoga)
- Jupiter the 9th lord in 5th should be good
- 2nd lord (venus) and 5th lord (sun) conjoined in a kendra (7th), should be a good dhana yoga
- Also, mercury (6th lord - dushthana) in 8th (dusthana) should be a good vipreet raja yoga
- Ketu in 11th (aquarius) generally considered good

Highlights (D9 - navamsa)
- Here in D9, jupiter is exalted being in cancer, and so is mars (capricorn), also Jupiter exalted in kendra forms Hamsa yoga, also Mars exalted in kendra forms Ruchaka yoga, jupiter is the 6th and 9th lord, while mars is the 5th lord
- again moon is debilitated but gets a neechabhanga due to sign lord mars exalted in a kendra (???)
- Also, venus (11th lord) in 10th should be good
- Also, saturn (8th lord) in 6th should be a good vipreeta raja yoga (???)

The jataka is running venus mahadasha till 2023 (shani saadesati between 2011 and 2018), sun mahadasha from 2023 - 2029, moon mahadasha from 2029 - 2039, mars mahadasha from 2039 - 2046, rahu dasha from 2046 - 2064 and jupiter mahadasha from 2064 - 2080

What are your initial views about the strength of the navamsa vis-a-vis D1, people say navamsa kundli becomes active after 36 years of age, is it true ?
Does Mars being exalted in D9 cancel its debilitation in D1
Does Moon get its debilitation cancelled in D9 (mars exalted) and hence its' evil effects in D1 go down
Also moon is vargottama, but debilitated in D1 and D9 (neecha cancelled)
Does Jupiter get strengthened and becomes the "Atmakaraka"
What are your views around the life path of the individual ?

Thank you very much

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Re: Navamsa exaltation and neechabhanga

Post by Shrikanth » Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:02 am

Dear kmishra24,

When a planet is debilitated in Rasi chart - it will rely on various other planets (and their placements) to overcome its debility. If Planet X debilitated in House H - then it depends on
1) Lord of House H - should be strong in a quadrant (not debilitated himself)
2) Planet that exalts in House H. he should be in a quadrant from lagna.
3) The dispositor of house where the planet X exalts.
4) Strength in Navamsa.

So for example if Mars debilitates in Cancer
1) Moon (lord of Cancer)
2) Jupiter exalts in Cancer
3) Saturn owns Capricorn where Mars exalts.
4) Mars is exalted in Navamsa.

In your chart - Moon is debilitated and Jup,Sat are in trines not in quadrants.
Mars exalted in D9.
This gives Mars a score of about 25%. weak cancellation
You can do this exercise for others as well.

When a planet that is debilitated but has a strong cancellation and involved in some rajayoga can become quite capable of giving prosperity, wealth, well being and growth,
Planet in debility in Navamsa can bring loss, rejection, problems, unfortunate events during its period.
and Planets in exaltation in Navamsa indicates blessings, sudden reversal and change in fortunes.

As for Moon that is debilitated in D1 and D9 is quite precarious.
Atmakaraka planet is solely defined by the planet that is most traversed in the sign - one with maximum longitude for Rahu it is reversed.
by rough calculations - I'd say Saturn is the Atmakaraka here.

Yes there are some Rajayogas in the Rasi chart. Malavya and also Sun-Venus together and also Jupiter Saturn together.
The person would be keen on good and luxurious things in life best food,clothes, drinks, fashion, gadgets etc.,
passionate, may have love marriage.
With Jupiter - Mercury in the lagna in Navamsa - would have a mature and dignified appearance, very intellectual minded.

Best wishes

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Re: Navamsa exaltation and neechabhanga

Post by VioletTwilight » Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:49 pm

There are couple of more things about the chart that look interesting.

1) Exchange between deb. Mars LL and deb. Moon 4th lord. Although both lords involved are in debilitation, parivarthana is supposed make them "act" like they are in their own house.

2) Moon is not only vargottama debilitated but also in marana karaka sthana. It should be a very weak Moon but parivarthana might have mitigated the Moon-related problems and given a hidden strength.

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Re: Navamsa exaltation and neechabhanga

Post by aganapa2 » Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:46 pm

Can you pl. throw light in how this native's Venus-Sun, Venus-Moon & Venus-Mars have been?

What was the impact? Was 2nd house and 7th house significations impacted? Like issues with self-confidence, problem to mother and relationships. Was there loss/problems with job and income?

I think Venus-sun may have had the max impact like children, loss due to speculation etc.


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Re: Navamsa exaltation and neechabhanga

Post by lightlamp » Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:38 pm

Hello kmisra24,

Why dont you give the birth details ?

It could be close to Oct 24, 1979, 1800 hrs..

when ANGER SPROUTS, wisdom shrinks...( Mars EXALTS where Jupiter DEBILITATES ) !

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Re: Navamsa exaltation and neechabhanga

Post by kmisra24 » Fri May 02, 2014 8:48 pm

Thank you very much for your kind inputs, Shrikanth and VioletTwilight ...

The DoB is as correctly mentioned by lightlamp - 24th Oct 1979, some time between 17:39 and 17:40 hrs in a place called Berhampur Orissa India (19.18N, 84.48E) - Anuradha Nakshatra 4th Pada

Do you think, it's all dark in there for this individual. this person is a self made person with very little / negligible support from family (parents, siblings), managed to rise up so far, but aren't there any silverlinings for him ? for example, debilitation cancellation (say after 34 years of age ...), Anuradha nakshatra people are late bloomers, just like Narendra Modi, who belongs to this nakshatra

I have always sympathized this person and admired his courage / conviction, I want him to rise up...

I think, let's all analyze our viewpoints about this interesting case ...

Thank you all for your kindest support

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