How to read navamsa chart?

For discussion on divisional charts: navamsha, drekkana, saptamsha, dashamsha, etc.
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Re: How to read navamsa chart?

Post by Dr Neeraj » Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:35 pm

Dear Mitali
Your question is not naive rather the most fundamental question in Astrology. Though I'm not an authority on Astrology but I wud like to share my understanding.

See In universe, everything in energy. Various rashi and nakshtra are actually understood as the manifestation of energy in one channel. We take Geocentric approach in Astrology where Earth is taken as Center and we have divided entire universe in 360 deg in a span of 12 signs of 30 deg each. There are in total 108 navamsa (12 rashi x 9 navamsa each)

Now whenever a planet is placed in any rashi & nak, there're 3 forces (energy levels) are applicable on it by the lords of the rashi, navamsa & nak. One easy method of ascertaining nak pada is D-9 (Navamsa chart)
Plz note that each navamsa represents one pada of a nak.
Every sign (of 30 deg) contain 9 navamsa (each of 3 deg 20 min) and
one sign also contain 9 pada of nakshatra (Ex: Aries contain 4 pada of Ashwani, 4 pada of Bharni and 1 pada of Kritika).
Ex: Sun placed in 5 deg of Aries will exert 3 energy levels: Mars (sign dispositor), Ven (navamsa dispositor) & Ketu (Nak lord).

Now the big question how to read D-9? Whether we shd talk of aspect, conjunction in D-9?
Technically there's no such things as conjunction or aspect in D-9 as a planet placed at 2 deg of Aries as well as 2 deg of Leo will be in the same navamsa Leo but they are actually 120 deg apart. So neither there is any conjunction not aspect.

But my teachers have taught me that D-9 shd be analysed as a separate chart. May be they have experienced better results if we analyse it as separate chart.

Plz feel free to ask for any doubt.

God bless you

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Re: How to read navamsa chart?

Post by ChandraLagna » Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:55 pm


What Dr. Neeraj mentions is one of the methods in vogue, probably the most widespread.

Treating each divisional chart as an independent chart is an innovation that has crept in probably in last 100-200 years.

There are two other methods of analysis using Divisional charts that are recommended by authoritative texts.

1. Using Amsa lord of divisional chart and checking its placement in rasi chart
2. Using Rasi - tulya Navamsa

Please search on this forum for a thread initiated by Rathore - its boldly titled Varga charts are not to be read as rasi charts.
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