The Two Main Groups of Planets

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The Two Main Groups of Planets

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:09 pm

Hi Learned Members

From past posts we know that Rahu and Ketu has various affinities and afflictions to the various planets.

General Observation and Also from Scriptures only if it is a Yoga (combination of planets that give consistent results and recorded in the astrological scriptures)

Rahu afflicts more more and Ketu Sun more
Venus with Ketu spoils relationship for this current life
Mercury gets on well with both nodes
Nodes tend to afflict planets if conjuncting them unless the planets are well placed

Puranic Stories

Both lights do not get on well with nodes.
Saturn gets on well with Ketu (Matsya Vishnu incarnation - the fish)

Lal Kitab

Moon tends to cleanse away the sins of the nodes if there is some association with them. Moon is the significator of the 4th and Rahu and Ketu becomes holy when placed in the 4th

Sun and Ketu gives power (Lal Kitab emphasis is on the bhavas as revealed by signs, 6th house ie. Virgo is Ketu's Puccha and Sun does well in houses like 5th, 10th, 12th etc. in Lal Kitab all of which give power when combined with the 6th (in Lal Kitab the 6th-12th axis if there is some link in a good way gives power and is not considered malefic so that if Rahu and Ketu falls in the 6th-12th axis either way is considered good).

Mars and Rahu is neutral and Rahu listens to Mars

Ketu listens to Rahu

Saturn and Rahu is considered bad and there is also an ancestor curse

Mars and Ketu is considered bad and is a sign of a criminal

Nadi Astrology

Moon is the enemy of both nodes and Rahu vice versa. Ketu is neutral to the Moon - this last fact is because Ketu and Moon can be considered as holy per se but Moon rules the mind and Ketu rules something that is ingrained, so the feeling that Ketu has towards Moon is soothing, but the mind tends to vacillate Ketu.

Ketu afflicts Sun. Rahu and Sun is neutral because Sun has already done its job of severing the head of the snake and now Rahu is allotted as king in the night, just like Sun is king during the day. The throne is in Leo and Rahu does well in Leo in Nadi Astrology.

Jaimini Astrology

If you use K N Rao's method of considering temporary significators excluding the nodes, they do not have a big part to play in chart interpretation.

But in general in Parasara Strology, Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are one group of planets AND Mercury, Saturn and Venus are one group of planets. Parasara places a lot of emphasis on functional rulerships and how the trines of each particular bhava, normally tends to promote the affairs of that bhava, so meaning only within the group of that planets concerned can be considered as promoting the affairs of the other planets within the group. Also in terms of temperaments they are consiered compatible, even with Venus and Saturn even both represent the diametrically extreme end in terms of tackling life - one loves frugality and the other luxury BUT then both love riches so Saturn is usually tolerant of Venus attitude towards life unless ertain combinations in the chart exist liek Venus and Saturn both in the 12th can cause real conflict because 12th is both a Yogi House representative of Saturn but 12th also represents spending as a form of renunciation which epitomises Venus. Also Venus and Saturn conflict play out more when both rules the 5th/9th espeicially as 5th/9th is Lakshmi Stanth, Lakshmi tends to give her full effects when her environment there is no conflict of interest or viewpoint ie. she is altruistic.

Rahu is the snake's head so it cannot be in the same group as the Sun as there will be clashes as both want to be king. It also has a taste of the nectar but in a demonic soul so it is precarious for him to be near the devas all the time although Rahu can be trained. Rahu with the demonic group is better because Venus allows co-rulership with Rahu (just like Lakshmi and Saraswati) and the aim of the demonic group is for material fulfillment and fits into Rahu agenda naturally even if a good Rahu in a parituclar chart is also pursing knowledge and spiritual goals.

Ketu is the snake's tail and untouched by the necatar. It is also brainless in away and the Gods love individuals who succumb to them even if they do not know the true meaning of the spiritual path they are leading. So Ketu fits in more with the Sun group than the Venus group.

Thus Sun, Moon, Mars and Ketu represents Shiva, Pravarti, Karikeya and Ganesha. One family. Jupiter represents Dakshinamurthy, the Guru form of Shiva.

Mercury, Venus and Rahu represents Krishna (Vishnu), Lakshmi and Saraswati. One family. Saturn represents Isvara and is more akin to the Absolute Form of Vishnu rather than Shiva, because Vishnu is a householder and is for Lakshmi to join him in order to make culture a success. Thus Venus and Saturn are best friends. Saturn as Isvara representing Shiva is also possible but more challenging because Shiva is an ascetic so the Moon (Pravrati) energies does not blend well with this form of Isvara denoting Shiva (Saturn). Pravarti thus chases Shiva on a personal level first. Only then Shvia becomes a householder.

Saturn of the demon group, thus tend to get on well with the Godly group, to the extent that even Moon helps it to attain its goals as revealed in the Panchami relationship of planets as revealed by Sravanthi Chintamani (and Moon is enemy to Mercury). Saturn and Sun are both enemies but Saturn is born during the absence of light from the Sun (the Sun became a horse where its rays are lost in order to mate with Chaya to beget Saturn) showing Sun's sacrifice for Saturn.

Saturn and Jupiter are neutrals since Jupiter is just a vehicle to disseminate knowledge to the masses about the Absolute (Shiva is Isvara which is Saturn, and Shiva is Dakshinamurthy which is Jupiter).

Saturn and Mars both does well in Capricorn showing their co-operation in all worldly matters (just like Moon and Venus both does well in Taurus showing their co-operation in all financial matters).

Best Regards

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