Alzheimer’s Disease and Mars

Recently I spoke with an ayurvedic physician who told me that Alzheimer’s disease is the result of the constriction of blood flow to the brain, causing memory loss, and disorientation. He also said that the constriction of blood is due to an inflammation of the arteries leading to the brain. In ayurvedic terminology, inflammations are a pitta disorder or an excess of the fire element. In Vedic astrology, inflammations are associated with Mars.

I found this information fascinating, particularly since I had recently written an article entitled, Important Clues from the Previous Dasha, where I discuss the chart of the spiritual leader, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who has a dramatic case of Alzheimers. During her 7-year Mars dasha she basically lost her memory to the point where she had to resign from her organization, the Summit Lighthouse, and now lives with round the clock nursing care. Here is her chart:

Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Natal Chart

Notice how Mars aspects her ascendant, ascendant lord, Mercury, the Sun, and 8th lord Saturn. During the dasha of Mars, the potential for inflammation and pitta or fiery imbalance is heightened. 

Here’s another chart of someone who started showing signs of Alzheimer’s in his Jupiter-Mars dasha in 2002. In his chart, Mars is conjunct Jupiter the dasha lord, and aspects the ascendant and ascendant lord Mercury within 1 degree. It also mutually aspects Saturn, the 6th lord of disease. 

Natal Chart of Alzheimer’s Case 

These examples both show the role that Mars could play in the the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, more research would need to be done to have conclusive evidence, but these examples show at least some convincing evidence that could be useful in the prevention of Alzheimer’s. 

Other researchers have believed that alzheimer’s is the result of long term dehydration of the brain. Dehydration can cause excess pitta and inflammation, since water puts out fire. I mention this research in another article, The Earth as the Basic Remedial Measure.

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