Barack Obama’s Natal Chart Analysis

Now that Barack Obama was formally and enthusiastically nominated as the democratic candidate yesterday in Denver, I wanted to shed some light on his natal chart. But first let’s discuss the dispute going on about his birth time. 

In the first half of 2008 most astrologers were using a speculated birth time for Barack Obama of about 1:00 pm giving him a Libra ascendant. Then in July, Obama’s own website released his with a birth time of 7:24 pm, giving him a 24 degrees Capricorn ascendant. In terms of birth time accuracy it doesn’t get any better than a written document, especially a birth certificate. Of course, they can be created in photoshop, but my opinion is that we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. In Obama’s case the state of hawaii itself has declared that his birth certificate is authentic. 

It’s highly likely that this birth time of 7:24 pm is valid since it would discredit his entire campaign to tamper with the document, and for what purpose? However, the real test of an accurate birth time should be that it describes a person accurately, not only in terms of character traits, but key events. So let’s have a look at his birth chart. 

Barack Obama’s Natal Chart

What stands out in many people’s minds is Obama’s talented oratory skills. Notice how Mercury is powerful in a kendra, and also aspects important personality indicators – ascendant, ascendant lord Saturn, and the Sun. Its tight mutual aspect with Jupiter, the 3rd lord, further heightens his intelligence, wit, communication skills. This mutual aspect even improves in the navamsha where Mercury gets exalted and Jupiter is in its own sign of Pisces. Mercury’s strength is also seen by the raja yoga it forms as the 9th lord in mutual aspect with Saturn, the 1st lord. Additionally, Jupiter is the karaka of the 9th house of law, while Mercury is 9th lord. This mutual aspect sure makes sense for a lawyer, and teacher of law, especially because they both aspect the ascendant, ascendant lord, and Sun. 

Barack Obama’s Navamsha Chart

The other very notable feature is his shasha mahapurusha yoga formed by Saturn placed on an angle in its own sign. It’s further strengthened by being vargottama. This gives him strong leadership abilities and exemplary Saturnian qualities like discipline and responsibility. 

So far so good. It all makes sense. But wait a minute. How about the perplexing placement of a debilitated Jupiter? There are several ways that Jupiter’s debility is cancelled and forms aneecha banga raja yoga. First, it’s conjunct its debilitation lord, Saturn. Second, this forms a raja yoga as the “Great Parashara Exception,” as K.N. Rao calls it, because Jupiter is the 12th lord debilitated, placed in the ascendant and the ascendant lord is in its own sign. A third factor of cancellation of debility is that Mars, the planet exalted in Capricorn, is on an angle from the Moon.

When we first look at his Sun, we might wonder why someone with the Sun as the 8th lord would represent a politician since the Sun is the planet of politics. However, we have to remember that the Sun is gaining from its association with the other planets, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn forming the above mentioned yogas. When we look at his chart from chandra lagna, we see that the Sun’s condition improves as the 4th lord conjunct the 5th lord Mercury, and opposite the 9th and 10th lord Saturn. This forms multiple raja yogas from the Moon. 

Another important feature is that his Moon, the 7th lord, is exalted in Taurus, and aspected by Jupiter. This is a combination for compassion and caring that has won him the trust of many supporters. This forms a rare Gauri Yoga mentioned in the classic text, Phala Deepika, and is due to the Moon being in its own or exalted sign in a kendra or trikona (5, 9) and aspected by Jupiter. Its effect is described as, “Will have a beautiful body and will be a friend of the king. He will possess good qualities and will be blessed with sons. He will belong to an illustrious family. His face will be like a lotus. He will be praised for his successes (over enemies).” This certainly seems to be playing out in Obama’s chart with all the dramatic and widespread support and praise he’s received throughout his campaign. When we look at his dasha sequence we see that he’s been in a Jupiter-Moon dasha since 11/24/07 which will continue until 3/25/09. This dasha activates his special Gauri Yoga and could win him the election in November. More about this in upcoming articles. 


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Vedic Astrologer, teacher, and writer who lives in Maui, Hawaii.


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Vaughn Paul Manley

Vedic Astrologer, teacher, and writer who lives in Maui, Hawaii.

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