Britney Spears and the Arudha Lagna

By Marc Boney, M.A. 

According to the Astrodatabank software, Pop music star Britney Spears was born on December 2, 1981 at 1:30 AM in Mahon, Mississippi. Other sources give 1:26 AM in McComb, Mississippi.

Britney Spears’s Natal Chart

This gives a 9 degree Virgo lagna with the Moon at 18 deg 47 min Capricorn using Lahiri Ayanamsha.

The lagna lord Mercury goes into the 3rd house Scorpio, and therefore the Arudha lagna is three houses from there, counting inclusively….which gives Capricorn as the Arudha lagna.

Aside from having the 10th lord in the 3rd house of performance, one would be hard-pressed to see her spectacular song and dance career just from the normal perspective of the birth lagna.

But early on in my study of Jyotish I was admonished by Shri K.N. Rao to see the career life from the Arudha lagna. From here it could hardly be more obvious.

A vargottama Venus, the planet of music, is with the Moon in the Arudha lagna Capricorn and rules the 10th house Libra from there. Note that this is also the pattern from Chandra lagna. In addition, Jupiter, the 3rd lord of the performing arts, is in the 10th house in Venus’s sign. 

Using Chara dasha, her spectacular stardom at such a young age has all come in the period of Scorpio.

Examine the planetary patterning using Scorpio as a lagna and you find:

1. A powerful 1-10 exchange between the 1st lord Mars and the 10th lord Sun.

2. Both Scorpio (the dasha period) and the 10th from there (Leo) receive the Jaimini sign aspect of the Venus-Moon conjunction which is a special Jaimini raja yoga.

3. The dasha lord Scorpio contains the PK Mercury and the 10th house from there (Leo) contains the AK Mars. Both of these receive Jaimini sign aspect from the DK Venus, forming two more Jaimini raja yogas.

One final observation…..the Chapter on Raja Yoga in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra by sage Parashara gives the following combination:

“If the Moon and a benefic are in the Arudha lagna, as Jupiter is in the 2nd from natal ascendant and both the places are aspected by planets in exaltation or own sign (i.e. are in strength) there will be a Raja Yoga.”

Examine Britney’s chart and you will see that this combination applies in total.

1. The Moon is in the Arudha lagna with the natural benefic, Venus, who is not exalted or in own sign, but is “in strength” being vargottama (located in the same sign in the natal chart as well as the navamsha chart).

2. Her Jupiter is in Libra in the 2nd house from the birth lagna. Jupiter gets the Jaimini sign aspect of Mars. Again, Mars is not exalted or in its own sign, but it is also “in strength” since its dignity is that of Great Friend, and more importantly is involved in an exchange with the Sun.

(Note: In my experience, planets involved in an exchange of signs (parivarthana yoga) give results as if they are “own sign.”)

reprinted with permission


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