Charles Manson’s Gajakesari Yoga

Gajakesari Yoga is formed when Moon and Jupiter are in anglular positions from each other. This yoga, above others, is praised in classic texts like Sage Mantreshwara’s Phaladeepika by saying the person:

“Will destroy his enemies like a lion. He will address assembly with wisdom and in a noble manner. He will be passionate and emotional in his behaviour. He will enjoy a long life and will attain a high reputation and will be intelligent. He will achieve every thing by his own valour.” 
Mahatma Gandhi certainly embodied the best of these qualities, as was discussed in the article entitled, Mahatma Gandhi’s Gajakesari Yoga, by K.N. Rao. 
However, since the Moon is at an angle from Jupiter approximately 33% of the time, one out of three people will have this yoga, making this a very common planetary combination. 

Natal Chart of Charles Manson

Notice how he also has the Moon with Rahu in the 10th house, and Jupiter in the 7th aspected by benefics Mercury and Venus, like Gandhi. However, the Moon is conjuct Rahu to the same degree, while being in the sign of its enemy, Saturn, and conjunct with Saturn. This is in contrast to Gandhi’s Moon which is in its own sign of Cancer, 15 degrees from Rahu. In Manson’s chart Saturn also aspects Jupiter and every planet in the chart except Mars, the ascendant lord. Also, Gandhi’s ascendant is the peaceable sign of Libra, while Manson’s is the militant sign of Aries. 

The contrast between Gandhi and Manson’s chart demonstrates that ‘all yogas are not created equally.’ We have to analyze the planets involved in the yoga closely as well as the chart as a whole to determine its effects in the person’s life. 

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