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“I’m hearing some great things about your consultation accuracy from a lot of people, they can’t thank me enough!!”

~ Kapiel Raaj, KRS Channel

“Wow, you were right on the money! The Univ. of Illinois offered me a job and I start on Jan. 17!!!! This coincides with everything you mentioned. Thank you again for such an insightful and accurate reading. I will certainly keep in touch.”

~ N.S., Fairfield, IA

“Vaughn Paul’s reading of my past career events, future career trends, and my personality were amazingly accurate. He predicted correctly what kind of job I would get and when I would get it. The fact that he was able to do this just by reading my chart without knowing anything about me is testimony to his outstanding knowledge of Vedic Astrology and his intuition. I felt an instant connection with his warm, engaging, and expressive style of consultation. I would heartily recommend Vaughn Paul to anyone.”

~ K.P. Boston, Massachusetts

“Thanks so much for the reading today. You have been absolutely dead on in your analysis. I must give you kudos for a wonderful interpretation and amazingly accurate reading. I look forward to working with you in the future.”
~ C.W., Boston, Massachusetts

“Thank you Vaughn Paul. You have an amazing gift. I’m so glad I contacted you – I am now more certain of what I need to do.”

~ A.C., San Francisco, California

“Thanks for the excellent reading. I’m thrilled. You described my personality traits and the challenges I’m facing to a “T.” I’m just amazed that you could see all that in my chart! You’re obviously very skilled at what you do. You’ll be hearing from me again and quite likely several of my friends too!”

~ J.G., San Francisco, California

“Vaughn Paul’s reading was really a tremendous help to me. The reading was not only stunningly accurate but was also delivered with a great deal of sensitivity, a fact which was very important to me at the time. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.” 

~ G.A., London, England

“I wanted to let you know that thus far your predictions have been correct. We spent a chunk of time analyzing if my negotiations with my former employer would be favorable. In fact, it turned out quite favorably. You said you saw a moderate flow of money, which is true. Also, due to no obstacles in obtaining my next job, it appears as if there would be some assistance from my company. All this turned out the way you predicted.”
~ K.S., San Jose, California

“I would really like very much to consult with you again. I should add that everything you said was spot on. Needless to say, I trust you.”
~ C.T., New York, N.Y.

“These consultations are a wonderful tool for me, both in my spiritual life and in my business. They’re positively life altering.”
~ G.Y., Baltimore, Maryland

“I just read over the notes from your reading for me last July and was amazed at how accurate it was. It was really quite extraordinary and prophetic, and so helpful now as an affirmation of the underlying order of all that’s been transpiring in my life. You read the stars like most of us read the newspaper! I owe you a great deal.”

~ G.G., San Rafael, CA

“Your reading was very, very accurate down to specific details. I feel that your work as a Vedic astrologer is indicative of a wave of the future that is available now. Astrology is a psychic and spiritual science and your work proves it.”

~ A.P., Honolulu, Hawaii

“I thought I would let you know that with God’s grace I passed my final MBBS exams as you predicted back in February and am now a qualified doctor. Thank you for giving me such an accurate reading and prediction. So far the predictions that you have made about my life have been spot on and have all come true. You are really good at what you do!”

~ D.V., London, England

“Thanks so much again for your reading. It was really amazing and helpful. I’ve had readings from other famous Vedic astrologers and psychics and yours was the most accurate and insightful of them all. No one has been able to describe my chart with such depth and clarity. What a gift and blessing!”
~ G.W., Kula, Hawaii

“I have again really benefited by what you shared with me last time… I am deeply appreciative. It was all true what you say as always! I want many to benefit from your ability and wisdom. It does a lot of good to the soul!”

~ B.K., Stockholm, Sweden

“The reading, almost 12 months later is very accurate. I would like to arrange another reading with you very soon.”

~ B.D., Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful, clear, and very helpful reading with you yesterday. You validated some issues, greatly clarified (with specifics!), and gave me serious food for thought in other areas. Wow! You not only have a sensitive nature, Vaughn Paul, but you’re very clear in your interpretation and delivery. I very much appreciated that.”
~ P.L., Sonoma, California

“I am very surprised that everything you told me yesterday is what is really going on in my life …amazing! To be honest, it has been difficult for me to find someone reliable in astrology.”
~ J.C., Rome, Italy

“What you said in your reading has come true! I am coming from Osaka to attend your class in Tokyo!”
~ S. M., Osaka, Japan

“You kept saying that I was going to do a presentation of some kind. You hit that one on the head. I got a call out of the blue from a morning TV show locally and they said that they wanted to interview me. Well it turned out to be the biggest morning TV show in Phoenix! You’re the best!”
~ T.P., Scottsdale, Arizona


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