Criss Angel and Unlimited Possibilities

Magician Criss Angel has become a phenomenon over the past few years. His weekly TV series Mind Freak has stretched the boundaries of what’s possible in the minds of millions of viewers. He’s not only performed magic tricks that have never been done before, but he’s performed them in a new environment – on the street without stage props. Instead of a tuxedo, he typically wears jeans and a t-shirt. Whether you like his appearance or not, you’ll be impressed by his stunts – walking through glass, disappearing, walking on water, levitation or dozens of others. Does he have real siddhis (powers)? or is it just trick photography? or??

He was born Christopher Sarantakos on December 19, 1967 in East Meadow, New York. Unfortunately, I can’t locate a birth time so I’m just using 12 pm noon. Even though the ascendant is unknown, we can learn a lot by studying his chart. 

Natal Chart

Criss Angel’s Vedic astrology chart shows some very interesting planetary positions. You can see that he has a powerful connection between Jupiter and the Sun. Not only does Jupiter in Leo trine the Sun in Sagittarius, but they form a parivartana yogaor exchange of signs – Jupiter is in the Sun’s sign, while the Sun is in Jupiter’s sign. 

Jupiter is a planet of expansion and unlimited possibilities. It represents faith, trust, and optimism and stretches our minds to think ‘outside of the box’ of perceived limitations. When Jupiter aspects the Sun, these qualities are heightened in the soul, represented by the Sun. It gives confidence, leadership, and the ability to constantly stretch boundaries. Jupiter and the Sun are also in fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, which increase the dynamism, determination, and intensity. Just having the Sun in Sagittarius can represent a quality of adventurousness, but with Jupiter’s aspect this is greatly increased. 

You’ll notice that Saturn also aspects the Sun creating the double transit effect of Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn’s aspect from the imaginative and expansive sign of Pisces gives the ability to focus and work hard to manifest his dreams and aspirations. Without Saturn’s aspect to the Sun he wouldn’t have worked the 18 hour days for years to manifest all that he has through his TV series and live shows in Las Vegas. 

I like to look at people’s chart that represent qualities that are worth aspiring towards. Why was Criss Angel born with this phenomenal connection between Jupiter and the Sun? In my opinion, it’s because his soul has been stretching beyond limits for many lifetimes. He has had the faith to think ‘I can’ instead of ‘I can’t’. 

As we enter a new year 2007 I thought we could take a lesson from Criss Angel about positive thinking. We can choose to go beyond our fears and instead think of what’s possible for ourselves and our world.

In an interview Angel said, “I think that when you confront your fears, you grow as a person. People everyday don’t live their lives to the fullest because they’re concerned about getting on planes, they can’t go out of their house, they can’t go on an elevator. There’s so many things that people fear. So, for me, if I can help one person to be able to live their life to the fullest that means a lot to me.”

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Vedic Astrologer, teacher, and writer who lives in Maui, Hawaii.


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Vaughn Paul Manley

Vedic Astrologer, teacher, and writer who lives in Maui, Hawaii.

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