Debilitated Saturn in Successful Movie Stars

There is a notable feature in the chart of actress Catherine Zeta-Jones that interests me from a technical standpoint….particularly in the light of an announcement made some months ago that she had signed a contract to do seven films for $100 million.

First let me mention that the Bhavartha Ratnakara is a favorite little Sanskrit treatise of mine that was recommended to me early on by K.N. Rao. Dr. B.V. Raman translated it and added some commentary back in the mid-forties, and I’ve come to regard it as every bit the “jewel” that its title implies. 

The combinations given in it are unique and sometimes fly in the face of standard interpretive principles. For this reason, I am always on the alert for instances where they apply to see if and how they are “working.”

The first part of the treatise gives combinations as they pertain to different lagnas, and the chapter on Sagittarius lagna begins with the following shloka:

“For a person born with Sagittarius lagna, Saturn productes good results and confers Yoga in his dasha if he is in the 5th house.” 

Saturn rules the 2nd house for anyone with Sagittarius lagna, and the combination of the 2nd lord of wealth in the 5th house can be a wealth-giving combination (dana yoga)

But Saturn would also be in its debilitation sign, Aries. Why then would it produce good results and “confer Yoga?” The author of the Bhavartha Ratnakara does not explain himself. 

Is it a matter of “Parashara’s exception” where debilitated planets in or ruling the dusthanas can give raja yoga? Saturn for Sagittarius lagna also rules the 3rd house, considered to be a mild dusthana house. 

Regardless of the astrological logic underlying the combination, the larger question is….”does it hold true?” It appears it did in the life of former President, Ronald Reagan….if you accept Sagittarius as his lagna, like I do. It gives a 4-38 degree of Sagittarius with Saturn in 5th house Aries. He gained the Presidency in his Saturn period.

Ronald Reagan’s Natal Chart

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones also has Sagittarius lagna. Her birth data is as follows:

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Natal Chart

You will see in Zeta-Jones chart that she also has Saturn in the 5th house in Aries. Whereas her great fame as an actress…first in England and now internationally….has come in the period of her extremely exalted 10th lord Mercury….she was something of a child star as well, singing and dancing and appearing on stage as early as age 11 in a production of “Annie.” This came in Saturn-Mercury. She is now running Mercury-Saturn….and is such a sought-after actress that she has a 7 movie, $100 million contract.

Saturn….both in its period and sub-period….is clearly “producing good results and confering Yoga”….just as the Bhavartha Ratnakara states.

It may be important to note that in both her and Ronald Reagan’s chart, Saturn’s dispositor, Mars, is very well placed in the 1st house.

reprinted with permission 

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