Hillary Clinton’s Raja Yogas

Dawn of the new millennium saw Hillary Clinton climbing up the steps to stardom. The USA was applauding their 53 year old First Lady, who was soon to become Senator Hillary Clinton. she is a woman accomplished enough to become the president of the most powerful country on earth, a Chakravarti Rani (Empress of the world).

I begin to wonder whether she will become the first American woman ever to sit on that star studded throne! Blessed with a powerful raja yoga, involving her lagna lord Mercury, in her house of purva punya (5th house) very few can obstruct her path to success. 

buddha aditya yoga in addition to the raja yoga in the 5th house made her an outstanding student. It is notable here that two debilitated planets get their debilitation annulled. Sun, the third lord, is debilitated in the 5th house but is with the 5th lord, Venus, while debilitated Mars in Cancer gets aspected by Jupiter. (The Sun conjunct with its debilitation lord, Venus, cancels the debility of the Sun, while Mars being aspected by a planet exalted in Cancer, Jupiter, cancels its debility). More remarkable is the fact that it falls under the great exception given by sage Parashara – debilitated 3rd and 6th lords here become productive of raja yoga results. 

Natal Chart of Hillary Clinton

reprinted with permission 


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K.N. Rao is widely considered to be one of the foremost Vedic astrologers in the world today. He is the architect of a great astrological renaissance, and founder of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan school of astrology in New Delhi, India, the largest astrology school in the world with over 800 students and 25 teachers. He is also the editor of the quarterly magazine, Journal of Astrology, and author of more than twenty five books on Vedic astrology.


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