How to Conquer Dusthanas 8th and 3rd?

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How to Conquer Dusthanas 8th and 3rd?

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 10 Nov 2018

Hi Learned Members

Now we know the 11th to a House A (call it House B) is the main destroyor of A if B is done in excess. House A elements slowly get accretised by House B elements. Just like we are so enamoured by gains (the 11th house) that our personality (the 1st) slowly changes.

Hence the 12th to House A (call it House C) is the one to look out for if we want to minimise (give loss to) the elements of House A IMMEDIATELY. But unfortunately the 12th to 8th is the 7th, a death house, and 12th to 3rd is the 2nd, another death house.

8th represents a chronic situation, a stalemate. So to overcome the 8th, we expose up ourselves, the 7th, and your vulnerable spots get displayed. It is something like a die-die situation.

3rd is your courage to tackle things head-on with forbearance, courage and strategy. All this saps a lot of our energy and effort. 2nd (which is 12th to the 3rd) is nothing of the sort. It represents your family and your articles that you hold dear including your clothings, all of which that can get in your way. (Remember there was an American ballad dancer, who while sitting in a car, her extra long scarf got caught in the wheel of the car and her head got snapped). 2nd also rules the food you take, the main progenitor of causing poison in your body (6th is the 5th of the 2nd, meaning the food we eat get digested, for better or worse, remembering the dictum that you need poison to fight poison, to maintain a balanced and healthy diet; higher deities do not really need to eat like us).

Now what we want is for no dusthana rulers (including the 3rd, a minor dusthana, the maraka houses 7th and 2nd) is that they must not sit in kendras or trikonas. But they can sit in another dusthana (Vipareet Raja Yoga) or the 11th (the house of gains).

What if the 7th or 2nd ruler sits in a kendra or trikona in its own sign? As you know, if a dusthana ruler sits in a dusthans in its own sign, it may not always be effective in countering dusthana effects (exaltation also) because what is happening here is that the negativity is boiling under the cauldron lid and the lid may just fly off at any moment. So same with the maraka planet sitting in its own sign in kendra or trikona in its own sign (remember the two anecdotes I gave to you earlier).

The concept of kendrapathi dosha, a natural benefic ruling a kendra, is somewhat different, because here the weakness is that the natural benefic is too lax in ruling a kendra, so by sitting in its own sign in that kendra, its ruling powers is enhanced due to close proximity so to speak.

If you look at my chart, you can see how my 7th and 3rd is handled. But first let's look at the other dusthanas' rulers.

5th and 9th is empty.

1st sits Venus, the 11th ruler, which is 12th to the 12th. 11th is also 6th to the 6th (an added bonus, since this is not the main topic of this thread).

Rahu in 1st has characteristics of Venus and Moon primarily and secondarily that of Mars and Saturn
(and Moon also but Rahu is already in Cancer) since it is aspected by them. Venus, Moon and Mars rule positive non-makara houses.

Saturn rules 7th, a makara house, and the 8th a dusthana. As Saturn sits in its own sign in the 7th, the 8th dusthana effects is also evaded. But the 7th?

Well Saturn gives its previous house 6th effects AFTER the 7th house effects where it sit. When Saturn plomps in the 6th, it get honours (Saturn in 6th). Vipareet Raja Yoga also exists (Saturn rules the 8th). It then exchanges sign with Jupiter resulting in it being in its own sign in the 8th. Here it is godd because it is already cleansed beforehand by the Vipareet Raja Yoga.

How about my 3rd? The 2nd (12th to 3rd) ruler Sun sits on the 12th. So the maraka of the 2nd gets cleansed by being in a dusthana of the 12th (also by being aspected by Jupiter undergoing a Viparret Raja Yoga, but only during the 1st half of life since Jupiter exchanges sign with Saturn; Jupiter ruling 9th meaning my father, always keep track of the food I eat, 12th represents the high metabolism of my body which breaks down the food I eat ).

Then basing on the dispositor of the dispositor concept in scriptures, the dispositor of the Sun is Mercury which sits on the 11th.......the house of gains!!!!!

Another added bonus is that my Moon, the Lagna ruler and Atmakaraka, is in the kendra, and the 1st is 12th to the 2nd, so obliterating any further 2nd house effects as well.

Mac Khoo Hock Leong

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