Revisiting Planetary War : By Declination or Longtitude

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Khoo Hock Leong
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Revisiting Planetary War : By Declination or Longtitude

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 24 Nov 2018

Hi Learned Members

To recap :

There are many views on in a planetary war, which planet wins the war.

But the two main views are :

The planet with the lower longtitude wins the war.

The planet with the higher declination wins the war, whether south or north of the equator. Also Venus always wins the war.

The above 2nd view is from BPHS.

I read Sam Geppi's post in his website on this topic with interest. In it, he mentioned that Mars has a lower longtitude than Venus for Hitler's chart, and that Hitler took to the path of Mars by being bruta and becoming an officer in the military etc. instead of going into Venus field like the arts etc.

In Hitler's chart, Venus has a higher declination than Mars, plus Venus always wins the war, so Venus should win the planetary war based on the 2nd viewpoint above.

The thing about Venus is that he can be a mighty warrior like Parasu Rama and exterminated all the warrior kings. That is exactly what Hitler done to the kings in Europe during the Baltic era.

Later on Parasu Rama relented and installed some Brahmin kings of his own chosing. These are the puppet kings set up by him which form the Central Axis.

But Rama evolved which represents NATO, the dharma of the 20th century. Hitler's Germany was also the first to discover the making of the atomic bomb but the Allies overtook them with their Manhattan project. This tallies withe fact that when Parasu Rama saw that Rama was a later in carnation of himself (the two represent incarnations of Vishnu at different timelines), he gave Rama his blessing and Parasu Rama retired to his homage.

So Parasu Rama was never defeated by Rama. In fact he was the beneficience giver.

Hitler was also never captured by the allies, and he gave a new world order to the 20th century and his legacy of communism (Neptune which is a higher octave of Venus in some ways, even though for Neptune it is mostly Jupiter) gradually gave way to the modern egalitarianism of the 21st century represented by Venus.

So in my view, the 2nd view of the planetary war principle sxpounded by Parasara is correct.

Best Rgds

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Re: Revisiting Planetary War : By Declination or Longtitude

Post by Bzboy2018 » 26 Nov 2018

Hi mind giving me some insights on my planets and chart?
Wanna know my wealth and purposr of my life.

6th aug 1988

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