Wilhem Dafoe - A Seamless Actor

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Wilhem Dafoe - A Seamless Actor

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 07 Dec 2018

Hi Learned Members

Wilhem Dafoe has been around for many years. I was first introudced to him in the film Body of Lies where he played a seedy lawyer with Madonna in 1993.

His penchant for playing seedy characters include part of the Motorcycle Gang, villians in superheroes flick like Spider-Man, debilitared characters held hostage (The Great Wall) etc.

But he does play saints too but usually the saintless is touched with some affliction and eccentricity or villians that wish to go back to the good path. And he play all his characters in a swashbuckling and heroic fashion whether villians or saints.

Here is the link to his filmography, and you can click on each film to see the details of his role in that film.

https://m.imdb.com/name/nm0000353/filmo ... _=m_nmfm_1

He is a seamless actor. Other roles he play are in war movies like Platoon and even vampire movies.

This year he got to be nominated as Best Leading Actor in a Movie in the Drama Category in tthe Golden Glibes (a frontrunner to the Academy Awards) playing Vincent Van Gorgh in At Eternity's Gate. He played it with such sensitivity that his need to paint clearly shows in his aura and expression, which perfectly blends with the cinematography of the film.

When I saw the trailer of the show, I openly commented in one of the blogs by GoldDerby (one of the reputatable bodies in America that predict Awards Win, that this is the performance to watch, even though the hoo-hah of the movie has died down then, since it was released in the early part of the year, and also gained more fervour in the International Film Festivals' arenas where the European Community has more influence rather than the American Domestic Market because of the character he played, Vincent Van Gorgh.

Here is his astrological chart :


Translated to sidereal positions, he has :

Capricorn Rising
Saturn in Libra
Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer
Moon in Leo
Mercury and Venus in Gemini
Rahu in Sagittarius and Ketu in Gemini

Mercury and Venus as functional benefics in the subservient 6th house, shows his forte as a supporting actor. But he can play lead actor roles too. This is shown by Saturn in Libra exalted in 10th in trine to the 6th, and Mars gets a Neecha Bhanga from Jupiter in the 7th, with the Sun in 7th as well, thus securing the 7th as a house where the rulers of the fire triplicity are situated in his chart, in the king of signs of Cancer ruled by the Moon. And 7th is 2nd to 6th, providing nourishment and support to his wide repertoire of skills of the 6th, where the Rajastic planets are situated.

His prosperity is shown by Rahu in 12th and Keu in 6th, but in a career built-up that is not conventional like having straightforward roles (Rahu and Ketu are debilitated in the the dusthana axis of the 6th and 12th, though Mercury and Venus conjuncting Ketu in the 6th, make him able to manage to pull off all such roles and stay aloat in his career).

6th is skills but you have to look to the 3rd, the house of the arts to see his acting skills (3rd is 10th to the 6th) and 12th to see his ability to imbue empathy and sensivity to the roles he play (12th is 10th to 3rd). So 3rd and 12th is important besides the 6th.

And it turns out both houses are ruled by Jupiter who is in Cancer exalted in the house of the public of the 7th, and also providing Neecha Bhanga to Mars whom Jupiter conjuncts , which rules the 11th of showmanship and the 4th of the throne!!! A planet that rules two dusthanas if exalted (strong), effectively quash all dusthana effects of the two dusthans it rules. In his case, this energy of Jupiter is then transmitted to Mars.

His 1st and 2nd house are ruled by Saturn in Libra exalted in the 10th. He knows how to put to good use his physique, dressing, behaviour to enhance his social image. He is not an abrasive character in real life since Saturn does not receive any aspects from any other planets meaning his Saturn is pure, so he keeps his comments to himself. But Saturn casts a 10th aspect to his Sun, Mars and Jupiter, so he protects his masculine image to a great extent at the same time.

His Sun and Moon exchange signs, so his public image and private feelings of others blend well, as the Moon and the Sun form the pair of lights, each complementing the other. People generally like him.

Best Rgds
Mac Khoo Hock Leong

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