The Ascending Sign with Three Yogakarakas - Leo

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The Ascending Sign with Three Yogakarakas - Leo

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 08 Dec 2018

Hi Learned Members

The Ascending Sign Leo is the only chart with three Yogakarakas. Sun ruling 1st, Mars ruling 4th and 9th and Ketu ruling 4th and 5th. All three can be highly spiritusl given the right conditions in the chart.

This makes Leo highly spiritual, with the 4th house of Vedic doubly emphasised, since it is ruled by both Mars and Ketu, the two Yogakarakas.

Although I have Cancer Ascending in the natal chart, I have 3 divisional charts with Leo Ascending, all of which can be read as complete charts accoring to Parasara; the strength of these charts plus the natal chart D1 reading of freewill would show how reliable they can be relied on for complete chart readings as indicated in my earlier post; as well as corroborations from real life of the individual's looks, actions and behaviour (even the D12 of parents' genes passing on to you, its corroboratuon can be done by noting the similarity between yourself and your parents in terms of looks, actions and behaviour).

They are my Navamsa, D12 and D60 taking Moon as the Ascendant for past life karma.

All my Leo Ascendant charts above has Venus, the 10th lord, having some connection with Mars, the 9th lord, which is good as 9th is the highest trine and 10th is the highest kendra. It enhances the chart concerned.

In Navamsa, Venus aspects 9th and Mars aspect 10th, both via 7th aspects.

In D12, Venus is situated in Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars.

In D60 with Moon as the Ascendant, Mars from the 9th, casts a 4th aspect to Venus in the 12th.

My experience with Leo as the Ascending sign?

It gives me bliss, a permanent kind of happiness as all of us know from Vedic vulture. With it comes compassion and understanding of others. I like movies that are made with great sensitivity and with multiple perspectives like Sophie's Choice starring Meryl Streep (her perspective as a mother, a lover and a Nazi war-time prisoner) or Schindler's List made by Steven Spielberg (perspective from the holocaust victims and Oscar Schindler's perspective who decide who dhould go into his list to survive the holocaust or Shawshank Redemption (the perspective of life in chains and the exhiliration of being free when the inmate actor Tim Robbins was free by digging a tunnrl through).

Spirituality requires one to have a multiple dimension perspective. Perseverance also comes into the picture.

Leo Ascendants also like to live in style but they can give up everything if they think the cause is justified, like they need to look after someone close in their family.

They like bright colours and they prefer to sleep at night rather than during the day.

They have a mane of hair, sometimes untidy.

They think big and they have big dreams of how to make the world a better place - 5th house is Leo's natural rulership and 8th to the 10th house of career and contribution to society meaning an inspirstion to our constructive energy of the 10th. 5th is also 11th (gains) to our world in general by the creative ideas hatched up. And 5th is the 4th to 2nd of mundane living, meaning analysing the bolts and screws of mundane life so that one can support every individual that is close to us better.

The Sun in general shines its rays even where darkness reigns supreme in the deepest recesses of every nook and corner.

Best Rgds
Mac Khoo Hock Leong

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