Rahu and Mental Instability

The transit of Rahu can represent an area of instability throughout the duration of its transit. Rahu’s influence through the ascendant, for instance, can indicate a period of time where we are more willing to explore new directions and experiment. It can cause us to make sometimes radical changes in our lives. We can feel a strong desire for foreign travel, or if that’s not possible, to chart new territory in one’s immediate environment. 

Natal Chart

If the dashas support it, a Rahu transit can also represent a time to explore new inner terrain as was the case of the following chart. This man was in a Ven-Ven-Sun period last September when he began to explore altered states of awareness. Both Venus and the Sun are located in his 12th house which is a house of meditation, isolation, and introspection. At the same Rahu was transiting directly over his ascendant degree and he began to have hallucinations and lose mental stability.

His ascendant is the sign of Pisces, which is a mystical sign to begin with, and Rahu’s influence took him even further into unusual mystical states of awareness. In October 2005, when the eclipse took place in his ascendant, it became so extreme that he had to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital, which the 12th house, and the sign of Pisces, the 12th sign, can represent. However, by the time Rahu’s transit was more than 10 degrees from his ascendant, after a few months, the instability was much less and he was released from the hospital.

Transits Sept 1, 2005

His transition into his Venus mahadasha about a year earlier marked a time when he began to focus more on his spiritual life, and has had less concern for his outer material life. Venus is in the 12th house from the ascendant and the 9th house from the Moon, which are both important houses for spiritual growth. After Rahu’s transit over his ascendant degree he has been able to pursue this in a more balanced manner. 

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