Serena Williams Wins The Australian Open

Serena Williams, the younger sister of Venus Williams, just won the Australian Open Tennis Championship on January 27th, in an impressive comeback. “I surprised even myself,” she said In an interview, after two years of injuries and minimal tournament play. In pro tennis, there are four big tournaments, called Grand Slams, and the Australian Open is one of them. However, Serena hadn’t even won a tournament, let alone a Grand Slam tournament, since January 2005 when she won the same one in Australia. This time she didn’t just win, she won in dramatic fashion, demolishing no. 1 seed Maria Sharapova in the finals, 6-1 6-2. 

In July 2005, I wrote an article entitled, Venus Williams’s Big Comeback, that described Venus’s unlikely win at Wimbledon, another Grand Slam tournament, after a similar story of two years of minimal tournament play, mostly due to injuries. Now it’s been Serena’s turn. 

Serena Williams’s Natal Char

Serena is currently in a Rahu-Rahu-Moon dasha. Why did she have the comeback now? She’s been in her 18 year Rahu mahadasha since September 4, 2004. Rahu is certainly very well placed in her chart. It is located in an angular house, aspected by a trinal lord, Mars. This forms a raja yoga according to sage Parashara (see Rahu and Ketu Giving Raja Yogas). Rahu is disposited or ruled by the Moon, who’s well placed in a friend’s sign in the benefic 5th house. Thus far, however, she’s been mostly plagued with injuries. This can be certainly explained by the fact that Saturn has been transiting through Cancer, where both the mahadasha lord, Rahu, and the ascendant lord, Mars, are located. From Cancer, Saturn has also aspect been aspecting the 1st house as well and the Sun, the significator of the 1st house. As soon as Saturn transited into Leo in November, Serena’s health improved.

The other shift that happened in November was that Serena started her sub sub period of the Moon, which extends until March 22nd of this year. Her Moon is in the dominating fire sign of Leo, and in the benefic 5th house, as mentioned. The Moon is hemmed in by malefic planets on either side, with Mars and Rahu in Cancer, and Saturn and the Sun in Virgo. However, these are also the lords of the 1st, 5th, and 10th houses, which are powerful house lords for success. Malefic planets can also be good for competition – they’re well placed in the house of competition, the 6th house, which is an upachaya house. The Moon is furthermore in the sign, and the nakshatra, of the Sun. The Sun is located in the 6th house of competition, and is involved in a powerful raja yoga involving the 5th, 9th, and 10th lords.

You may notice that Mars, her ascendant lord, is debilitated in the sign of Cancer. How can a debilitated Mars describe someone who’s such a successful athlete, and such a fighting spirit? This is because Mars forms a neecha bhanga raja yoga, or royal combination causing the cancellation of debility, because of at least two factors. One is that it is located in an angular house, and the other is that it is exalted in the navamsha chart. The fact that it is in a raja yoga with Rahu, as mentioned, greatly strengthens Mars as well. In addition, it’s dispositor, the Moon, is in a strong sign and house position. She has already finished her Mars mahadasha, which is when her tennis career took off. This certainly demonstrates Mars’s strength. Marc Boney talks about Serena’s Mars in his article, Serena Williams’s Deceptive Mars.

Serena Williams’s Navamsha Chart

If we look further at the Moon’s strength in the divisional charts, we’ll see that the Moon is located in the angular 7th house in the Navamsha chart, and aspected by the 9th and 10th lords, Saturn and Jupiter. In the dashamsha chart the pattern repeats. The Moon becomes the 1st lord located in the 10th house, aspected by the 5th and 10th lord, Mars, and the 9th lord, Jupiter. 

It’s the combined factors of Saturn’s transit moving away from conjunction with the dasha lord, Rahu, and ascendant lord, Mars; and the strength of the Moon’s sub sub period that gave her the lift to have a comeback, in my opinion. 

One more subtler point. Serena has always done well at the Australian Open – she’s won it three times. The tournament is always held in January, while the Sun is transiting through Capricorn, which is Serena’s 10th house of career. The Sun gets a high number of 4 binnashtakavarga points in Capricorn. Venus, on the other hand, has always done well at Wimbledon – she’s won it three times. Wimbledon is always played in late June/early July, while the Sun is in Gemini. This is Venus’s 10th house, where the Sun gets a very high number of 6 binnashtakavarga points. Just a little tidbit of astro-trivia.

Serena Williams’s Dashamsha Chart

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