Steve Jobs: Innovative Visionary Leader

Almost like clockwork, my computer crashes with a virus every couple of years without warning. It just gets sick and dies, usually when I’m the busiest, throwing me into a mad scramble to get up and running again. So when it happened again last December, I decided to switch to a Mac, which is immune to viruses. Once I’d learned that I could still run my PC based software, there was nothing to lose, and a lot of peace of mind to gain. I honestly have never liked supporting the Microsoft empire anyway, so this was a welcome change of scenery. It’s now taken six months to get set up and comfortable with the new operating system, but I’ve not regretted it a bit.

In the process of my Mac conversion, I’ve become fascinated with Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple. Why? Because he is the visionary force behind Apple’s innovations in technology – the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. One of his pithy quotes is,“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Jobs certainly isn’t afraid to lead, and continually pioneers the industry in revolutionary new directions. Others just end up copying him, which has been going on for over 25 years. For instance, it’s no secret that the best features behind Windows originated in the Mac. In the 1980’s the Mac introduced a user-friendly graphic-based interface, like the use of icons, which is now the industry standard. It’s now happening in the cell phone industry, with others copying features of the iPhone. With the iPad, Apple’s again forging entirely new ground, just like it did with the iPod.

What are the key planetary combinations that show Steve Jobs’s innovative and visionary leadership? Let’s take a look at his chart.

First of all, his birth time of 7:15pm is from a birth certificate according to the astrodatabank website. This is important to note because you’ll see that his Leo lagna is right on the cusp at 29 degrees and 3 minutes. This means that if he was born 4 minutes and 38 seconds later, he would have Virgo lagna. Therefore, I took the time to verify one event. His daughter was born on June 17, 1978, during his Ketu-Rahu-Saturn dasha. Ketu is conjunct the 5th lord and the 5th house karaka Jupiter, Rahu is in the 5th house, and Saturn aspects the 5th house. By transit, Jupiter was in the sign of Gemini, where it simultaneously aspected his natal Ketu, Rahu, Saturn, and the 5th house. This event is very clearly seen.

Another student Sunil Dutt, emailed me that he had verified that his chart with Leo lagna supports the fact that he was an adopted child. Sunil wrote, “Sir, Since he is being adopted early I try to verify this in his chart. In D-1 9L Mars is in the 9H aspected by 6L and 7L Saturn but Sun the karka for father is aspected by the 8L Jupiter. In D-9 the 9L Sun is with Ketu at 2-8 axis.In D-12 9L Jupiter is with Rahu and the 9H is aspected by the 8L Saturn and the 12L Mercury. Again in D- 4 9L Saturn is aspected by the 8L Jupiter and 12L Mars, By lookind into all this and the dasha pattern at the time of birth is Saturn – Rahu-Sun.Saturn Rahu and Sun are aspected by 8L Jupiter is indicating towards the adoption. So his chart you have used with Leo lagna is correct.

But his character traits should also make sense from Leo ascendant. Let’s take a look at that now.

Steve Jobs’s Natal Chart

With Leo ascendant and the Sun aspecting the ascendant, he’s a natural leader. Jupiter also aspects the Sun adding a quality of broad-minded, far reaching and visionary leadership. Notice also that the Sun is in Aquarius, the sign of innovative, inventive, revolutionary technology. Jobs is considered a creative genius. Take a look at where his 10th lord, Venus, is placed. It’s in the 5th house of creativity aspected by the 5th lord, Jupiter. It’s conjunction with Rahu adds to the innovative and revolutionary qualities of his creative work, since Rahu is considered to be a secondary ruler of Aquarius, according to some classic texts. Rahu represents cutting edge technology and here it’s with the 10th lord, and in the 10th house from the Moon. Jobs’s is not a copier, he’s an innovator. He wants to create products that are entirely new, never been seen before, that change the world. One of his famous quotes is, “I want to put a dent in the universe.” 

Jobs’s innovative, unconventional, and unorthodox qualities can also be seen in his chart by the Moon’s placement in the 8th house, and Jupiter’s aspect, as the 8th lord, to the 10th lord, Venus, and 1st lord, Sun. He isn’t afraid to be different and out of step with current conventions. In fact, he loves it. What gives him this courage? Notice how strong his Mars is in the 9th house in its mulatrikona sign of Aries. In addition, his 3rd house is strong with an exalted Saturn placed there in an upachaya house, and the 3rd lord, Venus, strongly placed in the 5th house. 

Jobs’s is not exactly an easy guy to get a long with, however, with the mutual aspect of Mars and Saturn afflicting the 7th lord, Saturn. He’s commonly portrayed as a congenital control freak who hates to share power with anyone. Leo lagna also adds to this quality, being the sign of the king. Maybe if someone is so successful with his creative, innovative ideas he has the right to be the sole force in charge. It seems the world is watching, and his competitor’s are biting their nails to see what Jobs and Apple will come up with next. 

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