The Downfall of Enron CEO Kenneth Lay

Former Enron CEO, Kenneth Lay, had become a symbol of corporate abuse and fraud in the USA following the Enron bankruptcy scandal in 2001. After about five years of court deliberations, Lay was finally found guilty on six counts of conspiracy, fraud and false statements about 6 weeks ago, in May, 2006.

Natal Chart of Kenneth Lay

In his natal chart, his 2nd lord, Venus, representing truthfulness of speech, is conjunct deceptive Ketu in the 6th house, and aspected by, and in an exchange of signs with Saturn. Looking at his financial prospects, his chart makes the most sense using Aries as his ascendant, where both alternate lagnas, Moon and Sun, reside. Notice from Aries how there are multiple dana yogas, or wealth producing yogas, in his chart. The 2nd lord Venus is in the 11th house of gains aspected by and in an exchange with the 11th lord, Saturn. In addition, Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in the 2nd house as the 9th and 11th lords, while the 5th lord, Sun, is also in the ascendant, exalted. These combinations certainly give him tremendous wealth and power. 

Lay died on July 5, 2006 of a heart attack about three months before his sentencing was to take place. He was expected to get a sentence of twenty to thirty years in prison. He has been in his Rahu mahadasha since 1988, which covers the majority of his time as CEO with Enron. He died in Rahu/Mars. Notice how Mars is the 8th lord, representing death, transformation, and change, from the ascendant, Moon, and Sun. Saturn, the 6th lord of court battles, has also been aspecting his Sun, Moon (10th aspect), and ascendant (3rd aspect) by transit, which shows the bind he was in, with judgements against him, and no way out. Lay met his day of karmic reckoning.

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Vaughn Paul Manley

Vedic Astrologer, teacher, and writer who lives in Maui, Hawaii.

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