Is Hatha Yoga Really Necessary to Reach the Abnode of Krishna?

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Is Hatha Yoga Really Necessary to Reach the Abnode of Krishna?

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 30 Apr 2017

Hi Learned Members

Previously we talked about the 6th paths to reach God (5 of the paths lead directly to Krishna) :

12th via expiation of life through withdrawal of the senses and organs (this lead to Brahman only)
8th via extraordinary grace of God
5th via knowledge and higher yoga techniques which may include some components of Hatha Yoga
4th via bhakti
6th via karma
1t0h itself by cultivating a direct relationship with Krishna

How about the 3rd, the main house of Hatha Yoga?

First let me say that although the 5th is the 3rd of the 3rd, like what Shilpa says, the bhavat bhavam of a house seldom fits like a glove to the house in which it is bhavat bhavam of.

The yoga techniques of the 5th is different (although similar in some points) from the hatha yoga of the 3rd, mostly if not all, physical in nature.

But 3rd is the 6th of the 10th house of Krishna ie. its expansion, so how does it help to reach Krishna?

You see in a Rasi Chart, the 6th house is the expansion of the Ascendant, and you need the 6th house to strive, to remove obstacles, to achieve etc. thereby gaining 11th house of gains in the short run and the 10th house of your comfort zone through making a mark on the world in the long run. So without the 6th house, unless you have a silver spoon in the mouth, you are unlikely to survived, short run for some and long run for others.

And 3rd happens to be the 6th house from the 10th house of Krishna.

So 3rd house is compulsory, notwithstanding what current people who practise the Vedic faith says (including ISKCON members).

At the most do some breathing techniques because breadth control is vitally important to clear up impurities of the body. 3rd being the 2nd of the 2nd so fasting is also vital and the food you eat too.

A rudraksha bead of 3 face can also help to purify the physical system since 3 represent the Trinity of God ie. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Aside from this topic, the Rudraksha bead of 4 face is also good for cultivating bhakti since the 4th house is directly opposite the 10th house of krishna. The Rudraksha bead of 8 face is also good to accelerate the means of reaching Krishna.

Best Regards

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