Teaching, Initiation and Spirituality

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Teaching, Initiation and Spirituality

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 30 May 2017

Hi Learned Members

Teaching comes under the 9th house. I always knew teaching is good. But I can't pinpoint the reason why although I know it helps to mould our youngsters. Until I read the book on Karma Yoga.

Teaching actually teaches others to reap good karma for themselves on their own. In short to strike out a life for themselves in more ways than one like physical, spiritual, mental etc. And because you affecting so many lives, you invariably sow good karma for yourselves. It is magnified many times as compared to other professions.

Initiation comes under the 9th house. I use to think it was the 3rd house. But the 3rd actually only means the first step in moving away from your comfort zone to get started. On the other hand the 9th being the 7th of the 3rd, is the start of going into a NEW COMFORT ZONE.

But it may not be always the case that it will be a comfort zone. After all, there is no guarantee unless you seek God's assistance which also comes under the purview of the 9th house. Through rituals (9th), special remedies (5th) and playing with the Prashna chart (the 8th).

There are many routes to spirituality (paths of god). The older ones like the Vedic culture of which Hinduism is the main offshoot of course takes the cake. because more people are attuned to it via the mass consciousness.

So one lady told me who sells jewelry that spirituality depends on each individual unlike the fashion design of it which depends on the fashion trend at the moment (she did not exactly say this but she was showing me the various fashion design trends of jewelry) or the health benefits of each jewelry which is fixed - it is either true for a particular type of jewelry for fixing a certain ailment or not.

But what she fail to realise is that the sages of yesteryear of Vedic culture has given us a means to see the spiritual side behind each jewelry and as always, the jyotisha need to decipher via various components in Astrology and the puranic stories, to come up with a conclusion about the the spiritual aspect of each jewelry.

Jyotish being the eyes of the Vedas and the puranic stories being the written thoughts of the Vedic teachings, and the Vedic culture being the oldest, and thus we know the spiritual side of each piece of jewelry given the help of an astute Jyotisha.

Best Regards

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