Oppositions of Natural Benfics Involving with a Friend

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Oppositions of Natural Benfics Involving with a Friend

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 16 Jun 2017

Hi Learned Members

All scenarios involving a natural benefic with another planet which is its friend, means the natural benefic is very strong in its involvement of the affairs of its said friend, and if that planet happens to be the Sun or Moon which covers widely the affairs of men (Sun for Universal Purusha or Moon for Universal Prakriti) then the horoscope is lifted up considerably.

If the natural benefic is at the same time retrogade like Sun opposition Jupiter, then the magnified bad or good effects due to retrogading is also in evidenced. So Jupiter retrogading can be immensely good or immensely bad than the normal retrogade planets but not be so immensely bad by virtue of the fact that it is a natural benefic. If Juopiter is retrogade, placed in a sign or chasing the previous sign or the sign oppsite to its placement or the planets surrounding it is in harmony with the sign strongest in its placement and retrogade, evaluating the three previous factors aforesaid mentioned, then that Jupiter has great power.

Jupiter can only be retrogade when it is placed the further it is from the Sun like the opposition (I am talking about the Rasi Chart here, not the divisional charts).

Added to what it is said before, if the natural benefic is AT THE SAME TIME aspected by its dispositor, the goodness of the natural benefic is again upped several fold.

So Venus opposition Saturn, means Venus is a mighty natural benefic, all other factors remaining equal. If at the same time, Venus is in Cancer aspected by the Moon ups the goodness of Venus several notches.

Sun opposition Jupiter, means Jupiter is a mighty natural benefic, but here Jupiter is retrogade so the retrogade factors must be taken into account as mentioned just now. Generally Sun being a Prushusa means the person excels in spiritual matters and has an inherent ability to rule over men and takes charge in decision making.

Mars opposition Jupiter, means Jupiter is a mighty natural benefic, which addes to Mars auspiciousness.

Moon opposition Jupiter, means Jupiter is a mighty natural benefic where matters of Prakriti is concerned, meaning the person excels in affairs of men in day-to-day encounters and mundane matters.

Oppositions of natural benefics with friends must always be taken into account in a chart.

Best Regards

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