Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

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Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 26 Mar 2015

Let me evaluate the machine which was airborne from Prat airport, at coords of 41N 29, and 2 E 6, it took off from land at 0901UTC and was cruising in French aircorridor at 0931UTC, before took a rapid descent in French airspace, without sounding MAYDAY, and communication to nearby radar snapped at 0953 UTC, the French security apparatus now cordoned off the the illfated machine crash from air at French Alps, apprx 100 kms to Nice. Though, I would like to see a couple of passengers natal chart who were inside the crashed machine, May their Souls RIP

Ayanamsa used K.P. Materials used here, K.P Ephemeris, Raphaels Table of Houses, Reuters research and Published articles, accessed today in web.

As I was populating natal chart of this machine, aircraft, in the Heaven's map, today, Rising lagna Simha, Ravi, in nakshatra of Magham, in sub of Shukra and Chandra was in Rishabham, in nk of Rohini, in sub of Budha Today is Wednesday, Budha, and Rahu in Virgo's sign

Ruling planets are..Ravi Ketu Shukra Chandra, Budha, Rahu

When the aircraft tookoff from land at Barca, airstrip Lagna was in Taurus in nk of Rohini, in sub of Shani Taurus is Earthy sign Chandra is 4th lord in Taurus but in 12th bhava 12th bhava is Movable sign and Fiery sign Shukra is Karaka for Vehicle Chandra is karaka for movement, fluids that includes petrol, water etc Shani and Kuja connection denotes machines, and these connections with Ketu denotes smoke

Let's come back to Shukra's sign and starlord Chandra Chandra in 12th in Krittika nk, Ravi, 5th lord, upto cusp ending in Libra, apprx 03 degs


> Date:Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 10:19

Dears It is fragile and indiscreet mind will go for analysis, through mind- dependent Softwares of Astrology, to go for Mundane astrology for the astrological reason Of why was air crash.

Will folk go in for Mundane astrology for casting Independence country charts, three countries are involved

Spain. Germany France... will three Mundane charts be used?


the above events happened in Schangen countries.. so date of formation of Schangen, chart will be analyzed?


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Re: Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 27 Mar 2015

Gurubuyoh namah

We have seen, Lagna description... signifying connected with machine, movement, with sub Shanidev in Scorpio in Rasi but in Libra, 6th bhava Libra sign denotes Thula or scale, non living but movable sign, but not a bestial sign... so a non-living human but a machines involving transportation of living and non-living two-leeged/ four legged/ centi-legged creatures, as Shanidev in Scorpio but moves to earlier bhava. Since lagna rising in Rishabham, Long-body bird, Chandra in Taurus but in Aries, four-legged sign, Shani in Scorpio..denotes tail but goes to Libra, so a balanced body, since Shanidev involved as sub, the bird may be old in airbus category life-cycle.

Next two points , to establish, 1. Bird was flying, mishap occured, 2. Analysis of longevity, 3. Significators

Journey indicated 3 9, 9th will show whether its a short journey or a long, if it is connected to 12th..long jouney outside the country.

3rd cusp in Gemini in nk of Punarvasu in sub of Chandra Guru in retro 3rd bhava itself

9th cusp in Dhanur in nk of Uttarshada, in sub of Rahu Guru , lord of 8 and 9 The sub Rahu gets aspect of Ravi and Rahu is in Hastam, Chandra in 12th, Lords for Budha as sign but for Ravi, as discussed earlier for 5th cusp

12th cusp in movable sign, Mesha in nk of Ashwini and in sub of Ravi

It shows, The bird was in long voyage, over period, as movable and Common signs are involved in respective cusps subs.

Let's look at longevity of the bird at the time of take-off from Land Lagna sputa cusp sub Shani Shani itself badhaka, Shani is deposited in Anuraddha nk...significator Maraksastanas Gemini.. significator Guru, Rahu,Budha Rahu stronger than Budha Rahu deposited in sub of Shani Guru deposited in sub of Ketu, ketu is in Shani's bhava also in nk of Utiratathi

Scorpio Kuja, Ketu Ketu discussed above

Further, Budha marakalord is in as sub of 7th

Badakstana cusp sub signifyin 12th and 1st, 6th

.......longevity of the airborne bird is short


From:"Lex Date:Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 16:31


Now we have more reports on illfated Airbus disaster of Germanwing from Marseille Investigation agency, quoting co-pilot personally engaged in men/man/infant slaughter by activating descending button of the flying machine bird, by bringing down the bird from 33000 ft above the ground., to French Alp in a matter of 8 minutes.

Was He thought of flying a stealth jetfighter?

Will start the analysis capturing the events through airbus casted chart, which ascended at 901UTC, and started descending at a rapid acceleration with Gravitational support started at 0945UTC

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Re: Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 28 Mar 2015

The mishap of the bird occured during the journey, than it should reflect the same in the chart.
We have established already longevity of bird is short.

Let's see now, what are the indicators of the Airbus during airborne met with disaster

8th lord is Guru in 3rd
Karaka for Accident, Kuja aspects from 12th on 8th lord, in the movable sign in Karkata but in Common sign
Badhaka, 8th Lord Retro Guru aspects Badhaka, and also Ketu in Meena
Ketu is in nk of Uttirathi, Shani, Ketu in Meena but in Shani's bhava
Connection established, 3 9 12 8
Further Shani goes to 6th bhava
Shani is Bird's lagna sub in 6th, poor resistance, susceptile to enemy attack

8th cusp sub determines the course of Mishap during the conjoined periods /bhukti/antara of signlord, nk,and sub, and sub deposition in a nk, and/ or similarly where 8th lord got berthed.
8th cusp in Dhanur in Moolam, Ketu and in sub of Shani, Shani in Anuradha nk
We have discussed already Shani, above.
Let's see now Period, Chandra was deposited in Krittika nk, in sub of Shani
Shani Bhukti was Running.... Badaka joined for the Operation to invoke a mishap
Ravi is already in Utirati nk and in sub of Shukra
Ravi is 5th lord in Meena but in Shani's bhava
Now Ketu is closely associated with Ravi, Ketu will also give result as of Ravi
Ketu is signified by Kuja, and Ravi and Ketu signifies Shani, Ketu and Ravi under the dictum of Shani

Now we see second part 8th lord,
Lord of Sign..Budha, Nk, Punarvadu, Guru, and in sub of Chandra
Chandra in Kuja's bhava, 12th, though in Lagna sputa cusp in Rasi and also in the constellation of lagna sputa cusp..Kuja connected
Chandra in Krittika nk, Ravi
Ravi and Ketu we have discussed above in reference to above

...In the Heaven's map, destiny is pre-written for the Bird with occupants , there going to be mishap

8th cusp sub will tell where going to be
8th cusp sub Shani in 6th... Mishap or death or End in unknown place..
Significator of 8th and 9th same
Budha Ketu Ravi Shani, Ketu is stronger than Guru

Dasha running Ravi
Sookshma was Rahu

Any accident to happen, six lords are required
Day Lord, Badaka lord/ significator, 8th lord/ significator, Maraka lord, Karaka for accident( can be also 8th lord or even badaka or maraka), 12th lord/ significator( can be lagna lord/ rasi lord/ significator at the time of accident leading to on the spot of death)


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Re: Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 29 Mar 2015


From previous post significators, now, let's now look into timing of bird's forced crash in to the walls/ plasters of French Alp mountain, through astrologically and through mathematically, which had caused deaths of 150 people includes aircrews

As I looked now to determine, let me recalculate afresh ruling planets Today is Sunday The rising lagna in Thula in Swati nk and sub of Ravi Today Chandra in Cancer in nk of Aslesha and in sub of Ravi Shukra and Kuja aspects Rising lagna Kuja not only aspects rising Lagna but also Chandra and Guru Guru is retro..omitted R.P.s are Ravi Shukra Chandra Shani Kuja Rahu

The accident happened on 24th of this month.. Tuesday, Lord Kuja Day lord has come to the party to participate in the mission Wr have already seen Shani in previous posts, as badhaka also joined in mission to cause the mishap

Marakastanas are 2nd House, 7th house 7th house is Jala rasi, so Bird wouldn't have met disaster in Scorpio

2nd/ 3rd bhava are in Gemini Gemini..Marakastana Gemini is a common sign and known for Hills/ plaster/ mountain tops, open ground/learning area etc In Gemini, 2nd bhava starts from apprx 69 degs

So, at the time of Mrigasirsam cannot be in Lagna, when the accident occured, since Kuja is in eleventh bhava In Gemini, the other two nks are Arudra and Punarvasu, Punarvasu ruled out, as Guru is retro So Rahu would be in lagna, when accident took place, as Rahu is deposited in Hastam, Chandra in Ravi's bhava but in Virgo sign, Virgo sign of conflict

Let's move lagna to Gemini

lord Guru in 2nd but in gemini, Shukra and Chandra in 12th, Budha in 9th

The sub of lagna at the time of accident will be Either Rahu or Guru and subsub will be Shani or budha

Let's see mathematically Flight took from Barca at 901 UTC NICE distance ...air... apprx 475 kms Flight entered French airspace 0931UTC Flight lost contact at 0940 UTC Transponders of flight cut off????? French Mirage was despatched to trail or to intercept 0948UTC????? Flight was cruising at 850 km/ hr ,when entered French air-corridor It crashed into Alp mountain plasters, Prads- Hande- Alps Now Nice is apprx 100 kms to accident site Nice timezone and Barca timezone.... same Let's see longi/ lati ...difference of apprx 3 degs in latitude ...difference of apprx 3 degs 30 mins longi

Not much, but bhava will change and relative cusps subs/ subsubs

....continued.. manually erecting chart at Accident spot, to know about lagna transit and nk deposition and subs

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Re: Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 29 Mar 2015

Once timing of Bird's accident took place, timing will be determined through
Lagna transiting in a nk and deposition in a sub

I would analyze through Bird's chart following
Pilot tried to open cockpit door with an axe/crowbar
co-pilot's sickness..mind/intent/retina detachment reported by Marseilie Investigation


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Re: Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 30 Mar 2015


Before casting accident site Transiting lagna depositions
As I began to populate, today is Monday , Lord Chandra, Rising lagna was in Leo in poorvaphalguni in sub of Rahu, Chandra in Cancer in Aslesha in sub of Shukra. Kuja aspects Guru and Chandra, Guru is retro
Shukra Chandra Rahu Budha Ravi, Kuja
In Gemini, Budha ruling planet tallied, Rahu too,
Chandra was in Ravi's nk, I.e. in Krittika, Shukra's sign.... matched
NowKuja has also strong relationship, but with Chandra
On that day, Chandra was in Krittika but was in Kuja's bhava
So therefore, it is certain nakshatra/ sub deposition would be in Rahu's constellation in Budha's sign, as now further confirms, Rahu aspects Budha..very strong

Accident site was Prads-Hande-Alps, it falls in. 44 deg N 16 mins, 6 deg E 26 mins
With Rapheal's table of houses, conversion of Sayana to Niryana positions and bhavas with K.P. Ayanamsa correction,
At reported time of accident by, when bird was voluntarily dashed into plasters of Alpine area, it was 0953 UTC
The lagna was raising at the above latitude was at 67 degs 19 mins, in Gemini in Arudra nk, in sub of Rahu
It is tallying with the prognosis with astrology as well as with Reuters published article assessed in web few days back
Let's review, why Aircraft wasn't responding to Marseillie radar feeding inputs at 0940UTC, when communication was snapped to radar from the bird
Let's see 3rd cusp sub, 9th cusp sub and 11th cusp sub and relative significators, at 0940UTC at the above latitude
3rd cusp sub Rahu, 9th cusp sub Rahu, 11th cusp sub Shukra, all its signifying 12th house, I.e in Cockpit area only, Bird's receiver only, opposite party can communicate but response from aircraft willn't fall through.

Now we analyze Pilot and co-pilot's houses

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Re: Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 01 Apr 2015

For aircraft, 7th represents passengers
7th cusp falls in Vrischika in Jyesta nk in sub of Budha
Budha is 8th lord , Maraka lord in 9th, 9th is Budha's bhava too
Badakastana is Cancer, though Maraa in Rasi here but goes to Budha's bhava
Badhaka aspects 7th cusp, passengers bhava
Badaka signifies Ravi, who is closrly connected with Ketu, Ketu signifies Shani, in 6th, 12th to 7th, Shani is 3rd lord, Badaka aspects Shani in Rasi, further Ketu agent of retro Guru in 9th.
It is inevitable accident happening in journey , all been linked, to 7th
8th sub of 7th in 9th... death is by machine

Pilot of an aircraft is seen from 9th
9th of aircaft falls in Dhanur, common sign in nk of Ravi ( Ravi is connected with Ketu in common sign ,agent of Guru, deposited in Utiratathi)and in sub of Rahu, agent of Budha, in Ravi's bhava, aspects Ravi, Rahu in Hastam nk)
Let's see his 10th cusp, denoting air carreer
Falls in Thula in nk of Chitra and in sub of Shukra, 10th bhava has Shani has occupant
Thula is windmill sign, balance sign
Kuja is in Ashwini nk in Aries but goes to Meena common sign
Ashwini nk, Ketu ..Uniform Karaka
Shukra signifies Shukra in Mesha, a movable sign as well as bestial sign, also 1st ..Aircraft lagna and 6th.... his profession was related to flying donning uniform

3rd 9th 12th of 9th
3rd from Puratathi nk, and in sub of Shani, Shani in 11th but goes to 10th
9th from uthiraphalguni nk and in sub of Rahu, Rahu is in 9th itself
Rahu is deposited in sub of Shani, and Ravi signifies Shani
12th from 9th.. in Moolam nk and in sub of Shani
He was a complete flyer
Now 8th cusp, Marakastana badakstana
8th cusp in Cancer in Askesha in sub of Chandra
Chandra in Krittika nk, Ravi, Ravi connected with Ketu, Ketu connected Guru, both Ravi and Ketu signifies Shani, Maraka lord.
8th cusp falls in Kuja's bhava, I.e Chandra, which is also constellation lord of aircraft, for him it shows danger
Marakastana/ badakstana..Budha
Lagnalord in Marakastana and as well Badakstana
Another badaka aspecting Chandra, 8th lord in Rasi, also signifying Ravi Ketu and Badakstana itself, from Virgo, Rahu aspects Ravi, and Rahu deposited in Marakakstana sub and as well lording for another Marakalord, it indicates, during this long jouney, out of country accident will happen

His 12th bhava significator also Maraka and Badaka
It is apparent during this onward journey mishap will occur, leading to abrupt End

...contd...copilot's house

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Re: Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 01 Apr 2015


Co-pilot's house

7th from Pilot's house... Co-pilot's
In Gemini, in nk of Punarvasu, in sub of Chandra
Guru, badhaka and Maraka in lagna sputa bhava, but in second in Rasi
Lagna sputa cusp sub in 10th, a career bhava in movable, fiery, bestial sign, and deposited in another fiery planet, in 9th who is in strongly connected with badaka's and maraka's agent, further constellation lord gets aspect fromVirgo, a lagna lord's agent, and who signifies Lagna sputa cusp sub. Incidentially, Chandra is also maraka lord and its significators are well connected with cusp, indicates co-pilot's longevity was short.

Let's evaluate his career connected with Aviation
10th cusp falls in Mesha in Ashwini nk, Ketu in sub of Ravi
Ravi is in 9th, Ketu is Uniform karaka
...We have already discussed in Pilot's career cusp... similar configuration seen in co-pilot's career. Therefore well connected to Aviation career
3rd lord Ravi in 9th and 12th cusp in common sign in nk of Ardura, Rahu... Confirm he was complete flyer.

Marakstana significators.... Rahu, Ravi
Marakastana badakstana signif.... Budha
8th house signif..... Ravi Ketu Shani, Rahu Chandra
12th house signi..... Guru

The period running, Ravi, 3rdL in 9 in 8th and 9th L in 5th in 12th and 1st L in 9th in 6th and 7th L in 1
...3 9 8 5 12 1 9 6 7 1

3 9.... long journey
6.... effort/ enemy/ misery etc
5..... speculate
12.... connected with flying, outside, loss etc
1.... Gain for self
8th... sabotage/ mishap/ etc

Let's see ... Intent of co-pilot at the start of flight take off
3rd cusp sub signifies 4 8 9
What are outcomes...Nice deals on vehicles/ soft deal with opposite gender, Gains from transport, free movements with top people, heorism or heroic actions, honest/ generous, good dreams, travel service by overseas, makes long tours, intution will be very good, does religious works.

His mind during take-off of the flight looks good, though heroic actions are seen at that point.

Let's see illness
6th cusp in Dhanur in Moolam, Ketu in sub of Shani
Shani in Vrischika goes to Thula
Shani gets aspect from Guru
Shani and Chandra are having mutual aspects from Chandra
Though Shani, 8th lord and Chandra is Maraka lord and Guru is badaka/ maraka lord
Shani in Anuradha nk, Guru in Aslesha, Ketu in Uthiratathi,
..predominantly the illness noticed are towards
Chronic/ Rheumatic pain may be connected to private parts/ anus region
Lung disorder of chronic with kind of allergens like Asthma or Pulmonary fibrosis etc

His mental equilibrium was fine.

Let's see Eye disorder
12th shows ..left, 2nd shows Rt. Eye
No planets in 12th, 12th cusp in nk of Arudra, in sub of Guru
Any connection with Guru will show defects in left eye
2nd cusp in Karkata in Aslesha and in sub of Chandra
Any connection with Chandra and any afflictions of 12th connections and 2nd connection will throw the eye disorders


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Re: Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 04 Apr 2015

Let's see left Eye, 12th cusp sub is Guru Guru is 6th lord.. connected to 6th house Guru in constellation of Aslesha, Budha, and Budha in Kumbha who is in constellation of Puratathi, Guru in Lagna bhava Let's see diseases pertaining to Karkata.. so related to breathing, oesophagus, peristalsis movement etc.. it doesn't featuring eye Let's see diseases pertaining to Puratati, dystonia, swollen ankles, low blood pressure, nothing connected to eyes Let's see Guru's deposition in which sub, Shani, Shani is also 6th cusp sub . Shani in Anuradha Let's see Anuradha nk diseases part.. related to bleeding, piles, sore-throat, hip bone fractures etc So, left eye normal for co-pilot

Let's see Rt.Eye. No planet in 2nd bhava Let's see connection with Chandra Chandra in Nirayana Rasi in Rishabham but in Mesha bhava in Krittika nk, Ravi in watery sign connected closely with Ketu, both are in constellation of Utiratathi. Ravi gets asoect from Rahu from Virgo, in Ravi's bhava, though Rahu agent of Budha Ketu in Shani's bhava, agent of 6th lord Guru. Shani is also 6th cusp sub as well 8th lord

Let's see Krittika nk diseases pertaining...Reddish Eyes, Eyesore, knee trouble, throat issues, nose injury Let's see Utiratathi nk diseases .... rheumatic pain in feet, fractures in feet, tuberculosis

Now Rahu in Hastam, let's see diseases ....dyspnea, arms/ shoulders weak, neuralgia, fear complex, hysteria Rt eye disorder getting connected with 6th and 8th Ravi...Karaka for eyes There is connection of Annuradha... bleeding Chandra...Karaka for eyes Kuja signifies...Ketu Kuja is blood karaka Now Rahu in Hastam creating a neuralgia or a fear issue... addon Most vital karaka for Retina is Shukra and later Ravi, Budha karaka for Sharpness of vision

Let's see any afflictions to 2nd cusp sub Chandra Chandra in 10th bhava...Good bhava,..Rahu signifies Rahu in sub of Shani, who signifies Shani Ravi Ketu Shani in 4th bhava., 8th bhava from Ravi/ Ketu

Let's see any afflictions between Chandra Ravi Rahu Chandra Longitude...apprx 33.5 degs Rahu longi.........apprx 167 degs Ravi longi...339.5 degs

Bad aspect between Chandra- Rahu... 135 degs.... Similarly between Ravi-Rahu......180 degs Similarly between Shukra- Rahu...150 degs

Shukra is the 4th cusp sub and 8th cusp sub... Shukra is in Bharani nk, 10th bhava 10th house also negation to cure house, 11th, Shukra is significator

His Rt. Eye was compromised, may be bleeding inside Retina/ cornea?????, caused fear/ hysteria Chandra in Mesha..sets off suicidal tendencies

With the above interpretations, co-pilot his mind was triggered by Eye disorder, since 9th significator , negation to career, deposited as sub in Chandra and Rahu, 8th lord made him to take the decision on Tuesday.


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Re: Germanwings Air disaster at French Alps

Post by Lex » 05 Apr 2015

It is clear, six lords participate in an Longevity End. Day Lord for Passengers/ Pilot/ co-pilot/ Aircraft... Kuja
Kuja.. Karaka for accident
Kuja... Karaka for Suicide
Chandra was in Mesha Bhava.. sets of self boot
As always our Sages said, Hey Giri, Giri means astrologer, look in Rasi and Predict from Bhava

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