White Sapphire for Venus and Jupiter

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White Sapphire for Venus and Jupiter

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 16 May 2017

Hi Learned Members

One web site has indicated that White Sapphire can be used to propitiate both Venus and Jupiter.

One thing about White Sapphire which some astrologers criticise. They say White Sapphire does not have the sparkle like diamond and is less potent. They also mention that white sapphire has no mention in the scriptures.

Diamonds is made purely from carbon which is unlike sapphires so the sparkle and potency of diamond is there. But ladies are themselves Venus so for them to put on diamonds as mentioned in my earlier post is too strong and conduces to separation from their love ones to come into their life. The scriptures mentioning for the recommendation for gemstones has GUYS in mind rather than LADIES. But since Jupiter also govern ladies life (say 30%), the gems are also applicable to them to a limited extent.

And the scriptues do mention Blue and Yellow Sapphires. Since White Sapphire is also a sapphire, there is some common linkage of goodness in them. So happen that the scriptures have diamonds for men in mind.

Now since diamonds are 100% carbon, it means it is very potent (Venus and Saturn are best friends).

The white sapphire comes from its transparent colourless clarity which is more akin to Jupiter. (Jupiter rules the purity in something clear. Venus rules clarity per se - whether pure or not like in the case of diamonds, the purity may not be suited to everyone like for ladies, since its basis is carbon).

To see whether white sapphire truly emits the colours for Jupiter and Venus (Jupiter being blue if I remember correctly under the colour concept of jewelry) we leave it to a gemology expert, but I always state my point on the basis of facts (but not hard core logic but in general philosophical reasoning) so I believe I am correct.

How about jewels as a basis for activating chakras? That is not everyone's goal and to activate charkas you need even more powerful jewelry. So that dimension of discussion for this thread is not necessary.

Best Regards

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