Tajaka OR Tithi Pravesha ??

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Tajaka OR Tithi Pravesha ??

Post by Kunal » 11 Sep 2012

Alright,I guess the title explains the question.

For those who may not know the concept of Tajaka and Tithi Pravesha,though I'm not proficient at explaining this but I believe this may give an idea of what it is;It's what can be termed as varshafal.Every year ,a new year of our life commences and this is on (or around) our birthday,astrologically speaking.So say ,for an individual born on 15th Feb,2000 ; a new year would begin on 15th Feb 2012 having completed 11 years.This is also called solar return (I guess this is so if we go by Tajaka) because Sun is at the same degrees that it was at the time of birth.

As far as I know:
Tajaka - Annual chart based on return of Sun

Tithi Pravesha - Annual Chart based on return of Sun and the angle between Sun and Moon (as it was at TOB)

Now,I know JHora is excellent at calculating both and both the systems are two techniques used in predictions,two different yet similar techniques if I may say.

What,however,confuses me is that even though Tithi Pravesha sounds (and probably is,in my honest opinion) more efficient as it is the solar-lunar return and not just the solar return unlike Tajaka ,can the date of commencement of new year about as much as 10-15 days prior to the birth day?? Unless I'm not calculating it correctly I get mine to be 20th August,2012 as for my details are:
Date:11th September,1991
TOB:13:54 PM

Presuming that the dates can actually fluctuate that much ,my question still is that which system do you prefer - Tajaka or Titihi Pravesha and why? Are there really any major pros and cons of either system over the other or do they both have similar trade-offs?

Considering the varied charts that I get using either system for the same year confuses me as to follow which one.I'll appreciate any suggestions regarding the same.It'd be great if anyone who has experience of using these techniques can share their knowledge on this.

I'm excited to do my annual return chart for this year,now that I've turned 21 today.Would like to know which months are encouraging studies (since I'll be appearing for board exams) and career (may get a placement through college) and if I get a job or do I continue to study since its my final year of under-graduate studies.

These two events (graduation and placements) should be broadly visible from either chart but shouldn't both the charts have a similar say then ? :| :roll:

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Re: Tajaka OR Tithi Pravesha ??

Post by sunscorpio » 08 Apr 2015

Hello Members!

I just ran into a problem I didn't even think about. In the yearly chart do you use daylight savings time if in effect or do you use standard time?

In the chart I am studying the person was born in April in standard time but this year on his birthday there is daylight saving time so I am confused as to the calculation. JHora did not automatically change to daylight saving time for the tithi pravesha.

Thanks for any replies - they will be much appreciated!

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