Prasna Chart: Prognostication based on nadi and Prasna Marg

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Prasna Chart: Prognostication based on nadi and Prasna Marg

Post by element5 » 11 Jul 2014

Date: 24th oct 2012
Time: 13:50
Place: Jaipur
Arudha: Mesha. Swarnaroodha is not taken. It is taken as per normal Rishi Jamini method. This methodology is been adopted from several scholars of Prasna sastra.
Udaya Lagna: Capricorn or Makara
Hora: Venus debilitated in Virgo.
The direction of the sign is South-west.
Gulika: : 08:01:34
Trisphuta: 03:24:47
Chatursphuta: 10:02:05
Panchasphuta: 05:04:22
Pranasphuta: 08:05:07
Dehasphuta: 05:07:41
Mrityoosphuta: 02:18:16
Suksham Sphuta: 04:01:06
(Please note that first are signs and next are degrees crossed after that sign. Old method of writing.)
Lakshan Vichara: The lady was having a hair growth on her upper lip. This was similar to the growth of moustache of a young boy of 13 to 14th years of age. According to Sariraka Sastram a lady having such formations may carry male qualities and if there are other bad Lakshans then she may become a widow.
Swara Vichara: Dakshin swara coinciding with Wednesday is not considered good.
Prasna Vichara: As prasna lord is Venus it is easy to understand that the question pertains to Marriage. Arudha falls in Mesha or Aries. As such the lord of the sign is placed with Rahu and Mercury in rear. Mars is fair colour so the Jatika was fair coloured. Venus is a female.
Mercury with Rahu and Mars indicates anger and agitated mind. This was foreseen during consultation.
Arudha has Sun in debilitation in seventh house with Saturn in Front. According to Prasna Marg it indicates that groom’s father is dead or due to some pressings reasons he will not attend the function. As Sun is behind Venus I presumed the first option was more correct. On enquiry the first assertion was found correct. The father of the groom was not alive at the time of question.
Venus is debilitated and in dual sign. Moon is not combined with Jupiter and Jupiter is retrograde. Gulika occupies the sign of Jupiter.Hence the groom in question will be rejected or there will be some hindrances in completion of the proposal. As the arudha lord is strong in its own sign it is sure that marriage will take place in near future. As hora lord was debilitated so the proposal in question will be dropped. The seventh from aroodha has Saturn and it has Mars Mercury and Rahu in front. This indicates technical profession of the groom in question. The groom was a civil engineer.
Trisphuta is in third charan of Ashlesha . Though not the last, it speaks of something bad for the Jatika within a span of one year. It is not full gandanta but trispootha should not fall in rashi or tithi gandanta. As this question pertains to marriage I hereby close the further probe in other areas.
“I may have mistaken in interpretations. I seek forgiveness from Gurujans”

Alok Jagawat

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